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CyberSecurity Control

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Stay on top of your Cybersecurity

Risk-Based Threat and Vulnerability Management is the combination of methods and tools to check your security control effectiveness and your risk posture. Discover new methods and tools to check your security control effectiveness.

Stay on top of your Cybersecurity

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Cybersecurity in the age of Quantum Supremacy

Quantum Cybersecurity is an emerging market and there are few specialist technology players capable of carrying out quantum-resilient data integration. Reply's added value comes from the quantum skills developed in recent years, and from our experiential approach and extensive experience in the fields of networking, security, and integration.

Cybersecurity in the age of Quantum Supremacy 0

09.10.2020 / Online



Reply Cyber Security Challenge is a team competition open to both students and professionals created by the “Keen Minds Team”, Reply’s group of Cyber Security experts.



28.09.2020 / IT Pro

Press Article

The New World of Cyber Security

Cyber crime has been steadily growing over the last few years. As new and advancing technologies increase the number of ways and amount of time we spend online, the opportunities for cyber criminals to take advantage of these connections also grows. Read more about the challenge cyber security experts face in Reply's latest article in IT Pro.

Do you have trust in iot?

In a IoT context, Reply mission is to proactively detect and thwart cyber-attacks and incidents against customers’ IoT solutions adopting a 5-building blocks approach: Concept Sketching, Security Requirements and Design, Secure Coding, Advanced Security Testing, Security Product Sustainment.

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Case Study

Web 2.0 services security: Matrix and VIRGILIO.IT

Matrix S.p.A., a company of the Telecom Italia Group specialized in the creation of Web 2.0 services and in marketing on web and mobile channels, developed and implemented, in cooperation with Spike Reply, an innovative management process of all aspects concerning the functional and technology security of its products.

04.11.2009 - 06.11.2009


Vordel World Forum

Spike Reply participated at Vordel World Forum, dedicated to uses cases on Cloud and Soa. Marco Graia, Senior Consultant Spike Reply, attended on 5th November at 12.15pm.


News & Communication

Vordel appoints Spike Reply as partner to further strengthen position in Italian SOA security market

Leading Italian Security Systems Integrator and Security Consultancy, Spike Reply, selected by Vordel as go-to-market partner for SOA implementations.

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Fraud Management

Reply can face the criminal activity aimed at stealing the user identity and its mimicking in order to steal information or defraud both the user and the company.

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Fraud Management. How to detect frauds and act against them before they occur

Reply provides innovative solutions for Fraud Management based on Business Rules Management Systems (BRMS). With a BRMS-based approach, organizations can analyze their own data in order to prevent and fight against fraud, ensuring the business profitability.

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Security Assessment

Spike Reply –through the application of advanced methodologies (e.g. OWASP)- carries out some activities of Application Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test with the aim of checking the security level of company applications and to define a detailed countermeasure plan in order to minimize the vulnerabilities.

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Identity and Access Management

Spike Reply develops Identity and Access Management projects using a proprietary methodology able to adapt to the Client’s specific requirements and checked using the best-of-breed technology solutions available on the market.

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Spike Application Security: security directly within the software life cycle

The web application security moves to a more complex level with Web 2.0. An application penetration test is no longer enough. That is why Spike Reply –with its “Spike Application Security”- offers a modular solution to bring security into the software life cycle.

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Identity and access management: defining a procedure and organization model which, supported by the infrastructure, is able to create, manage and use digital identities according to business policies and regulations

Spike Reply develops Identity and Access Management projects using a proprietary methodology able to adapt to the Client’s specific requirements and checked using the best-of-breed technology solutions available on the market.

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Vulnerability assessment and penetration test

A correct security management is based first of all on an appropriate knowledge of the present protection level of the systems. Starting from here, Spike Reply has consolidated its experience in the application of internationally known Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing methodologies.

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Spike Application Security

Through consolidated methodologies, like those offered by Owasp or by Microsoft, Spike Reply is able to support the Client’s software lifecycle offering the best options available on the market.

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Spike Reply approach for PCI DSS compliance, an innovation spin for Enterprise security

Spike Reply, through specific skills acquired also through targeted certifications (GPCI of SANS), successfully provides its customers with methodological, organizational and technological support, to carry out enterprise projects for standard compliance.

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G.R.C. - Governance, Risk & Compliance

Spike Reply can support the companies which want to create a Security Governance System and that – in more general terms - need to define and implement appropriate solutions for an effective and efficient management of Business Security processes.

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Reply’s offer for business security

Reply has an integrated, consistent and complete offer to support its Clients in the development of suitable strategies and in the implementation of adequate solutions for the effective management of Business Security & Data Protection.



Security Day: journey to the center of the SOC - Security Operations Center

Spike Reply and Communication Valley organized the "Security Day - Journey to the Center of the SOC - Security Operations Center", an occasion for experts to share opinions on the importance of Informatics Security in the companies.

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Security Information and Event Management

The present strategic value and the increasing complexity of data networks imply the need for tools to be used for management and control of the involved human and technological resources.

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Fraud Management. The Reply’s approach

The Communication Valley response to online frauds is carried out on two main aspects: anti-phishing to minimize the identity theft risk; transaction monitoring to block fraudulent activities with identity data obtained in an illegal way.

24.03.2009 - 26.03.2009


Security Summit

Spike Reply participated at the Security Summit, a new appointment dedicated to the security of both the net and information, that was in Milan from 24 to 26 March 2009.

Communication Valley Reply

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Security Operation Center (SOC)

The Security Operation Center is the place where the trust relationship between Communication Valley Reply and Customer takes place. It is characterized by competences, updates, continuous training and experience.

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Information monitoring

Monitoring is a fundamental stage in the security life cycle since it allows for a verification of the efficacy of the protection technologies used, the check of their correct functioning and the indication of the improvement interventions which could further strengthen security.



SOC Experience

Communication Valley S.p.A. organized, in cooperation with RSA - The Security Division of EMC, the workshop entitled "SOC Experience - skills and technologies exhibition". The meeting was held in Parma on 20 November 2008.



OWASP Day II: "The State of the Art of the Web Application Security and the OWASP guidelines in the Companies"

Paolo Perego and Carlo Pelliccioni, both Spike Reply Senior Consultants, participated at OWASP Day - "The State of the Art of the Web Application Security and the OWASP guidelines in the Companies". The event took place on 31 March 2008 in the Congress Center of "La Sapienza" University in Rome.


News & Communication

Reply signed the acquisition of Communication Valley Spa from UniCredit group. Leading Italian Security Operation Centre will enhance Reply’s worldwide offering in the "Business Security & Data Protection" area

Reply S.p.A. - a company listed on the STAR segment of Borsa Italiana [REY.MI] - has acquired from Kyneste S.p.A., a technology infrastructure company of UniCredit group, 100% of the share capital of Communication Valley S.p.A., a company focused on consultancy, integration and management of Information Security Systems (ICT Security).



Oracle Security Technology Day 2008

Technology Reply participated also this year to the event that Oracle dedicated to Security. It took place on 13 February 2008 in Milan at Enterprise Hotel. The event was a concrete opportunity to retieve key information on important topics related to security themes, such as identity management (IdM), database security, security of SOAs and the protection of unstructured documents.