Lifestyle App for Pamela Reif

The new Pam Experience

As one of the biggest German influencers in the field of fitness, health and beauty, Pamela Reif wants to make contact with her fans as genuinely and intimately as possible – and independently from the algorithms of the social media feeds. In collaboration with Open Reply she has found the right way to achieve this: with a dedicated app that allows fans and followers to interact with Pamela exclusively.

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Case Study


With the support of Triplesense Reply, Skrill and AC Milan decided to run the campaign on TikTok, the leading destination for short-form mobile videos.
TikTok, the social media phenomenon of the past year, includes challenges as one of its top trends, and Triplesense chose to launch a challenge using the funny and easy-to-follow hashtag #TapAndMove.

Mobile app

Case Study

APPETIE: Corporate catering in an App

CIRFOOD, one of the leading Italian companies in collective and commercial catering and welfare services, with the support of Technology Reply, has made the strategic decision to enhance its digital services dedicated to corporate catering by adopting Appetie.

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The Power of Conversation

Best Practice

Dive into the world of conversational interfaces

Chatbots, virtual and voice assistants, and robots are a powerful communication asset, an expression of the brand’s personality and a tool to create emotional bonds with customers and employees. The Reply conversational-first approach would allow for a holistic, top-down perspective of a customer's entire digital landscape, embracing the next digital revolution, enhancing brand safety and dramatically boosting efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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Case Study

An unprecedented digital customer journey

Reply developed Costa App, the new smartphone app of Costa Crociere, that combines the magic of Costa Crociere’s cruises, with an unprecedented digital customer journey. The launch of the new app is part of a comprehensive omnichannel strategy, which includes a re-evaluation of all Costa Crociere digital touchpoints.

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Mobile Living Framework

Gaia Reply™ is a flexible, scalable and inexpensive framework which provides optimized contents and services to more than 7,000 devices ranging from the most popular mobile devices, to smartphones, tablets and Internet TV in order to implement best in class Mobile Sites, Client Applications and HTML5 Web Apps. ​


Mobile App

Case Study


Miles & More is Europe’s leading frequent flyer and rewards programme. Open Reply has transformed the Miles & More app into a fully-fledge digital channel for the brand that strengthens user engagement in the long term via mobile touch points and continually improves the service to members.


Human machine interfaces

Best Practice

Assessing car damage with the use of Image Recognition

Data Reply has developed a framework based on Deep Learning techniques, Data Mining and Natural Language Processing capable of classifying input data, such as the photos taken by appraisers and the repair data recorded by car repair shops.

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Human machine interfaces

Best Practice

Smart Retail, take a photo and buy

Using AI and Machine Learning, Portaltech Reply has created a mobile app that brings the physical and digital worlds closer together, simplifying the purchase and increasing customer engagement.

Mobile App

Case Study

Mobile Loyalty and innovative brands: the case of the Duty Free 4.0 app

Open Reply supported Gebr. Heinemann by developing a mobile app that serves as a digital companion for consumers to help them benefit from the loyalty programme Heinemann & Me: via the app, consumers receive exclusive offers, redeem vouchers and use their digital membership card at Heinemann stores worldwide to collect loyalty points.

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Best Practice


For today’s companies, Test Automation is no longer an option, it's a necessity.
Reply’s new Centre is focused on the Automated Monitoring and Testing of the quality of products and services. Concept Reply has designed an effective Test Automation solution that is scalable and flexible, based on a technological and methodological Framework.


Customer Engagement

Video Reference

Sky Over the Top Entertainment

Live Customer Engagement at Sky. Reply developed for Sky Italy a voting platform as-a-service for TV programs such as X-Factor. This solution increases the "active" participation of the viewer using multiple communication channels, from more 'traditional' ones to the more innovative and social ones.

Human Centered Design The biggest obstacle to customer centricity is your organizational culture 0

Conversational Systems

Best Practice

Human Centered Design: The biggest obstacle to customer centricity is your organizational culture

With the current hype on customer centricity going strong, a lot of companies are asking Reply to help them turn their product and service development towards a more human centered one.


News & Communication

The Sky Sport App wins the 2010 Kress Award for the best application of the year in the “Digi:media - Web/Mobile” category

On 30 November in Hamburg, in occasion of the 2010 Kress Awards, the Sky Sport App, which was developed by Reply by order of Sky Deutschland, won the prize for the best application of 2010 in the Web/Mobile category.

Best Practice

GAIA Reply™: the mobile sector enters web 2.0

GAIA Reply™ is a flexible, scalable and economic framework that allows the distribution of content and services on different mobile devices. Features like the Data Management and Content and Services Adaptation allow for the leveraging of all data and services available in the enterprise ecosystem while expanding the range of reachable devices and users.



MicroStrategy Business Intelligence Symposium 2010

Target Reply took part at MicroStrategy Business Intelligence Symposium 2010, with a dedicated stand to show their own offer.The event was held at the Sheraton Hotel in Rome, the 25th of November.



Mobile Content & Internet: new business models

The eighth edition of  "Mobile Content & Internet",Observatory allowed to define the main ongoing changes and business opportunities, eassessing dynamics of Mobile content, Internet and Mobile Application Store markets. Open Reply was present with a speech during the session titled Mobile Internet: evolution o revolution in the Online world?

Best Practice

GAIA Reply™: the mobile sector enters the web 2.0

GAIA Reply™ is a flexible, scalable and economic framework that allows the distribution of content and services on different mobile devices. Features like the Data Management and Content and Services Adaptation allow for the leveraging of all data and services available in the enterprise ecosystem while expanding the range of reachable devices and users.

Case Study

Fixed Mobile Convergence

Glue Reply were retained by a leading global telecommunications provider to design and develop the webMethods business rules engine, supporting interfaces and integrations for a provisioning platform for Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC). FMC provides the ability for organisations to use mobile telephony both inside and outside the office location. This benefits the organisation in a single handset for all calls, increased productivity and reduced mobile costs.


News & Communication

GAIA Reply™ for the mobile portals of la Repubblica and Radio DeeJay

Through GAIA Reply™ the mobile area of Gruppo Espresso optimises the display and use of the mobile sites of la Repubblica and Radio DeeJay on all new and old generation mobile phones.

Best Practice

Live Reply: Web+Mobile+TV

Over the last few years Web 2.0 solutions have attracted a growing number of users. The impact of 2.0 services is not limited to the Internet and the Web but also affects Mobile channels and TV.

Best Practice

Record label ingest, i-Phone and mobile applications for Entriq users

discovery sysko has currently presented an add on for entriq platforms: Entriq clients can now use the entriq solution on their iPhone or for other mobile devices. In cooperation with entriq discovery sysko is enlarging entriq’s portfolio with additional applications.

Case Study

The search service on mobile devices

Thanks to the cooperation with one of the most important global telephone operator, Live Reply had the opportunity to test and develop technology solutions enabling the use of the search service in the VAS domain.

Best Practice

Click Reply RFID Layer module for the real time management of Supply Chain Execution

Click ReplyTM, Reply’s platform for Supply Chain Execution, has been enhanced with the addition of a new proprietary module, named "Click Reply RFID Layer", making it easier to integrate and manage a wide range of tag reading and writing devices based on RFID technology.


Reply Terminal/Application Testing & Certification

Reply is pursuing the role of Certification Authority for the whole E2E chain and as a service provider for the related operational activities. The overall scope includes certification and management activities related to fixed and mobile terminals, STBs and their evolutions.


News & Communication

Reply: Web+Mobile+TV. Live Reply established

Reply has established Live Reply, a new company committed to providing advanced services and digital contents for Mobile, Web and TV.

Case Study

Mobile service provider comparator - data mashup with Denodo

With the help of Open Reply, an important Italian telephone operator started developing a service for the monitoring of application and mobile service suppliers. A Data Mashup supporting a monitoring and alerting dashboard was developed starting from heterogeneous information.

Best Practice

End-To-End Service Quality. Quality culture, from resource monitoring to customer satisfaction

Within a Telecommunication market increasingly geared towards the reduction of management rates and costs, service quality may constitute a distinctive feature and generate ROI, as long as the objectives and the pathway chosen to reach them are defined in an optimum way. Live Reply helps operators in this direction.

Case Study

Carabinieri Department Cultural Heritage Supervision: the Leonardo Project

To meet the complex needs of the Carabinieri Department Cultural Heritage Supervision, Technology Reply proposed a solution with a logical and software architecture based on a new computer system called "Leonardo", which introduces new emerging technologies to allow real-time interaction with the database through cutting-edge equipment.

Best Practice

Location Based Service and Advertising

It is a widespread opinion that Location Based Services (LBS) are one of the upcoming and extremely fascinating challenges. The recent release of  Latitude, a Google project, surely represented a step in this direction. But LBSs alone are not enough to turn a brilliant intuition into a successful idea.

Best Practice

The Telecommunication and Media Market

Positioned as one of the major players in the convergence process of Telco, Media and Consumer Electronics, Reply is addressing its focus to components of new mobile platforms, different types of digital TV (DTT, IPTV, WEB TV, DVBH), the Web and, last but not least, integration and communication processes of these environments.

Best Practice

Click Reply™

The new frontier of the Supply Chain is to integrate end-to-end solutions, capable of bringing down barriers among suppliers, companies and end-customers, transforming the current models into real Collaborative Networks, where a correct design and implementation of Execution components is becoming more and more important.

Best Practice


Thanks to its strong skills acquired during numerous experiences in the development, planning and creation of mobile solutions for the most popular mobile platforms (Symbian, J2ME, Windows Mobile, Iphone), Live Reply is ready to provide customers with its services also for the Android platform.



M2M Forum 2009

Santer Reply participated with a speech at the M2M Forum 2009, the first Italian event that presented itself as a benchmark for the world of communication between machines.

Best Practice

Software Above the Level of a Single Device

Social Communities, wikies, blogs go beyond the frontiers of the network and expand towards the Mobile universe: hundreds of currently available mobile browsers, ultimately separating application logics from presentation modes.

Case Study

Mobile Portal Management

Over the past years, Live Reply has been taking care of the publication of contents on the wap portal of an important mobile telephone operator. The key role played by Live Reply consists in offering the Client the possibility to focus his resources on sales and space management activities, and delegate the operational aspects of editorial planning to an external company.


Live Reply: web + mobile+ TV

Case Study

Leonardo project

With Technology Reply’s help, the General Command of the Italian Carabineer Force launched a process to upgrade, potentiate and enhance the information systems used by Carabinieri Department Cultural Heritage Supervision (Leonardo system), to support processes of investigation and planning of interventions and safeguarding works of art.

Case Study

MDP: Message Delivery Platform

Live Reply developed the MDP Platform (Message Delivery Platform), constituting the Single Point of Access to network components for synchronous services, for a leading mobile telephone operator, in the field of the Application to Person (A2P)messaging services centralization process.


RNM - Reply Network Manager

RNM is the enterprise solution aimed at ensuring the monitoring and status analysis of a telecommunication network through the control of traffic parameters and resource availability as required in order to guarantee network efficiency and a high service quality.


Video Reference

Unigrà S.p.A.: warehouse and transportation management systems

Always attentive to the most advanced developments and applications of technology, Unigrà has for some time been engaged in the reorganization of its manufacturing processes and warehousing systems with the assistance of Logistics Reply’s valuable experience.

Case Study

Oracle Customer Snapshot

Implemented a system supported by Oracle Partner @Logistics Reply, permitting synchronization of data between terminals used by delivery operators, integrating Oracle Lite with the company’s information system in the Oracle environmet.


Mobile Direct Upload

MDU is a new mobile service that allows users to publish, store and share media contents directly from their mobile devices.

Best Practice

Mobile VAS: technologies for multi-channel business development

Thanks to its reliable knowledge on the main needed technologies, Reply supports companies in market analysis and marketing campaigns. It realizes innovative business scenarios that are based on mobile channels and are able to integrate the architectures for the delivery of value added services.

10.03.2008 - 11.03.2008


Forum ABI Lab 2008

Reply took part to the event with a presentation in the breakout session Integration, held by Andrea Fasanella, e-Finance Consulting Reply Partner, on 11 March 2008, in Milan.


News & Communication

Supported by Reply, Seat Pagine Gialle implements an innovative distribution system of multimedia contents targeted at Customers of the 89.24.24 voice service

Seat Pagine Gialle, European leader and one of the main operators at world level in the sector of multimedia profiled advertising and of high-tech products for Internet, chose Reply, a company specialized in the planning and implementation of solutions based on new communication channels and digital media, in order to enhance and make even more innovative its already advanced voice service ? 89.24.24 Pronto PagineGialle.


News & Communication

Reply fosters and strengthens Mobile Services developer and user communities releasing the first Open Source GAIA component

Reply strongly believes developer and user communities play a very important role for the growth and the development of Mobile Services. In order to create a Mobile Services offer ecosystem, Reply has planned a release roadmap to open its proprietary Mobile Service Platform - GAIA Mobile|Living|Framework - to aggregate developers, content providers, device manufacturers, system integrators and end users.


News & Communication

Technology Reply wins the Oracle Partner Network (OPN) Innovation Award with its "Leonardo" project

Technology Reply, the Reply Group’s company specialized in Oracle technology, has received the prestigious OPN (Oracle Partner Network) Innovation Awards EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) in Dubai for its "Leonardo" project, developed for the Carabinieri Department Cultural Heritage Supervision (Comando Carabinieri Tutela Patrimonio Culturale, CCTPC).


News & Communication

Reply launches the GAIA Mobile|Living|Framework for Mobile Content Delivery

GAIA Mobile|Living|Framework is the new platform launched by Reply in these past days as part of the Mobility and Multimedia offering, an area for which companies are discovering a renewed interest. NetConsulting expects annual sector growth rates to average 18% for the three years from 2006 to 2008.

Best Practice

Infrastructure Virtualization

The capabilities of new generation servers are experiencing rapid growth. Current bandwidth enables us to efficiently confront server consolidation, while reducing management costs and the overall "Total Cost of Ownership? (TCO) for systems.

Best Practice

Mobility in the enterprise

Network infrastructures and applications currently available allow creating a new generation of converging services, available for customers anywhere and at all times.

Best Practice

Business Wireless Security Issues: Scenarios and Solutions

The main and mostly widespread protocol for Wireless communications is defined by the 802.11 standard, ratifyed by IEEE in 1997, and imediately extended from 802.11 to /b/g.


News & Communication

Reply awards the tender for the development of the information system used by the Comando Carabinieri Tutela del Patrimonio Culturale

Reply awarded contract for the updating of the information system currently used by the Comando Carabinieri Tutela Patrimonio Culturale (Italian military police’s cultural heritage protection unit) during investigations and planning of activities to safeguard works of art

Case Study

Mobile Solutions for Utility Companies

The need of AEM Torino was to keep the company assistance staff in touch with the company informative systems, in order to reduce the time they spend in intervening and increase efficiency in accounting activities.

Case Study

Enterprise Application Integration for Telecom Operators

Fulfilling an EAI project to support Telecom Operators core processes have the main objective to define a reference and integrate structure, by creating a middleware infrastructure that integrates custom application systems (make) and market application systems (buy) with a technical solution, that is congruent with the technology and architecture choices, that by now are mostly made at central level and then applied across all the international subsidiaries.