Smart home?
Smarthome in a Box!

Take advantage of the diffusion of the Internet of Things within the home thanks to the Reply's platform Smarthome in a Box.

The challenge

By 2020, every home in the Western world will count on average 500 connected devices, which will progressively replace the traditional consumer electronics items used in our homes. This new “software-based” infrastructure represents a challenge, but also a great opportunity, both for the prospective manufacturers of connected devices, as well as for utility companies, which will be able to take advantage of the new “home-platform” to create a wide range of next generation products and services.

The challenge is substantial for companies with highly integrated production and services cycles, whose products are conceived as part of a walled garden logic, designed for a closed ecosystem. These companies must in fact review their productive models within a network logic perspective, integrating software development components in the supply chain and rethinking the product value proposition, to allow the latter to be part of a new ecosystem.

The benefits

This challenge is associated with significant benefits in terms of an enrichment of the product experience, insights on how end consumers use the products, new go-to-market channels in collaboration with leaders of the new connected ecosystems, expansion of the product use cases through collaboration with the community of developers, interoperability with third-party devices thanks to onboarding within new IOT marketplaces, the commerce of things, objects capable of serving as enabling platforms to the transactions.

Reply accompanies enterprises in the challenges delivered by the new Industry 4.0 revolution, offering solutions designed for producers of goods and services in the home sector. Reply’s Smarthome in a Box platform provides customer companies with 5 business capabilities that facilitate the development of next generation connected products and services.


To whom it is addressed

This solution is primarily suitable for two types of customers: OEMs and Home appliances and companies operating in the services sector.
OEMs and Home appliances and Consumer electronics producers interested in developing a portfolio of next-generation products starting from the current offer, integrating connected technologies within the value proposition of their products.
Companies operating in the services sector, such as Telco & Media, Energy Utilities, Banks and Insurance companies, Health and Safety providers, for which the objective is to innovate their services offer by leveraging the new “home-platform”.