Internet of Things


HI Reply

Hi Reply is the Reply innovative platform which incorporates services, devices and middleware for the Internet of Things. HI Reply creates an ecosystem of people, objects and services that communicate via the network. Using configurable modules, Hi Reply provides all the elements necessary for the creation of secure, scalable and flexible vertical solutions based on the interaction and cooperation of connected objects.

IoT Contextual Marketing platform 0

IoT Contextual Marketing platform

Hi engage is a Contextual Marketing solution that allows, using your smartphone and tablet, to experience an innovative shopping journey. It enables brands and companies to open a new, direct and personal channel of communication with their customers. Hi engage technology sends text, audio and video messages in multiple languages, manages barcodes and QR Codes.


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enabling servitization strategies via iot

Hi connect offers a complete end-to-end IoT solution which allows appliance makers to leverage smart connectivity in order to diversify their traditional business model through combined Product + Services strategies control. Hi connect allows manufacturers to update the appliance’s capabilities over time and to build evolving use cases by augmenting the appliance with cloud-based intelligence.


Best Practice

Digital Twin: your digital companion for manufacturing

Concept Reply created the DTWIN framework to support the rapid development of Digital Twin solutions connected to the physical world. This is thanks to Edge IoT devices from which the Digital Twins extract process information, interfacing directly with machine tools and production systems.

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Smart test automation

Smart Test Automation is an innovative platform which tests services that are already being used on a company’s system. It is able to report any failure or disruption to allow a timely correction. Smart Test Automation uses Artificial Intelligence on the statistical and predictive basis of the collected data.


5G Technology


5G and Smart Cities: Smarter solutions for a hyperconnected future

Diffusion and availability of new technologies are required to transform a city in a smart city, contributing to reach high level of urban sustainable development and improved quality of life for its citizens. The adoption of 5G will provide the performance boost required to integrate a massive number of devices in a cost-effective way and move from research to commercial services.

5G and Smart Cities
Smarter solutions for a hyperconnected future  

Voice Interaction


Voice Interaction Gets Contextual

Voice experiences are radically changing the way we interact with technology. Connect Reply joins the physical and digital world, crafting amazing IoT technology. Connect Reply is experiencing the true beginning of the Internet of Things era, in which the physical and digital world talk to each other and empower people and businesses.

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Marco Loro


A new way to manage payments through smart objects

It will no longer be the consumer to initiate a payment using digital devices, but the object that will understand the context and pay for the service, then deliver it directly. Pay Reply, with a team of payment architects, is designing and planning digital payment solutions in which it is no longer people who do the buying, but “smart” objects.

Digital Twin

Best Practice

Digital Twins for the Intelligent Factory

Manufacturers must leverage the potential of technological developments such as IoT, cloud computing and machine learning to stay competitive. One possibility: the concept of the Digital Twin.


Case Study

XME Dindi Intesa Sanpaolo

The new electronic piggy bank to teach children the value of money and savings. In the educational toy culture, XME dindi offers a game-based experience to actively inspire children’s education. Three Reply Group companies partnered with Quercetti, a leading manufacturer of Made in Turin educational toys, to design XME dindi.

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Internet of Energy

The Internet of Things represents an essential building block for the energy & utility sector transformation. Sense Reply is the Reply Group specialist in IoT end-to-end solutions enabling new energy services, business process and business model transformation in any section of the energy & utility value chain.

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Reply: Leading IoT Provider

Crisp Research distinguishes Reply as a leading provider of IoT Development Services.

Learn more about the strengths that make Reply the perfect partner for your IoT projects in the complete report. Reply's various strengths helped it to achieve top grades: Crisp emphasises in its report the high agility of the group of companies, which is made possible by the small sized teams of the closely cooperating Reply companies.


Best Practice


For today’s companies, Test Automation is no longer an option, it's a necessity.
Reply’s new Centre is focused on the Automated Monitoring and Testing of the quality of products and services. Concept Reply has designed an effective Test Automation solution that is scalable and flexible, based on a technological and methodological Framework.



Embedded Devices

Best Practice

Always up to date with FOTA updates

The Firmware Over the Air Update (FOTA update) is one of the most important features for the vast majority of modern embedded devices. Concept Reply has developed its own solution with three partition sets for a customer in the automotive industry, making the customer's system more fault tolerant and robust than comparable solutions.

IOT for Banks

Best Practice

Back from The brink: Smart Beacons in Banks III

This third paper on Smart Beacons presents Reply's expertise in this domain, as well as two projects the Group has worked on which involve the use of Smart Beacon technologies.

IOT for Banks

Best Practice

Back from the Brink: Smart Beacons in Banks II

This second paper provides detailed examples of how Smart Beacons are currently used and have the potential to be used in banks.


News & Communication

CNH's Industrial Village offers innovative and customised experiences for visitors thanks to Hi engage

The Industrial Village selected Hi engage, Reply’s proximity and contextual marketing solution, to develop innovative and customisable visitor experiences to the Historical Gallery.

IOT for Banks

Best Practice

Back from the Brink: Smart Beacons in Banks

This first paper introduces the use of Smart Beacons within the Banking Sector. It posits that ‘Smart Beacons’ can help bank branches to transform customer experience and offer more personalised services.


News & Communication

Banco Popolare chooses Hi Credits and launches ’Youpay Mobile’

Banco Popolare chose Reply for setting up an application that allows the purchase of services on the move. The application, named "Youpay Mobile" is based on Hi credits, the mobile payments solution from Reply which enables innovative Remote and Proximity Payment services.

Smart City

Best Practice

Better cities for smarter people

No longer does a city’s competitiveness depend solely on the infrastructure. It is also increasingly about the availability and quality of its communication and social-participation resources. The HI Reply platform equips individual citizens, public bodies, and service providers with a personalised real-time view of communities’ activities and the city’s needs.

Security for IoT

Best Practice

The new security paradigms for the Internet of Things

To address security for the Internet of Things (IoT), many of the current methods will have to be revisited and adapted for a connected world with an ever-greater need to enable third parties to develop smart-device applications.


Case Study

TBike: a smart box for intelligent bicycles

TBike (Telematic Box for Bike) by Reply makes it possible to connect any kind of bicycle to the internet and to enable a range of “social” features and customer-care, safety and user-profiling services.


Best Practice

Innovative solutions for a cashless society

Advanced countries must make the transition to a "cashless society" to keep pace with the new demand for services from businesses and the public. Pay Reply creates and supplies innovative mobile-payment solutions for Banks, Financial Institutions, Telecoms companies, Utilities and Retailers.

Smart Grid

Best Practice

Intelligent management of energy consumption and generation from renewable sources

The electricity grid is no longer just a channel for transmitting and distributing energy. It is becoming an intelligent network where producers and consumers can interact to help dovetail electricity supply and demand.


Best Practice

Put your Data at Work: Do cars dream of Big Data?

Big Data presents a huge opportunity for automotive companies to meet the demands of their more challenging and educated customers. Major firms have recognised the importance of data along the entire value chain.

Innovative solutions

Best Practice

One test factory for all types of device

In the Internet of Things, objects have intelligence of their own and can communicate with other machines independently of the specific connection method; information is accessible in different ways and by different types of user, especially via devices of different kinds and specifications. In such a fast-moving scene, it is vital to adopt a reliable, structured approach to testing, to anticipate and promptly tackle the challenges that the market throws up.

Contextual Marketing


Hi engage

Hi engage is Reply commercial Contextual Marketing solution. It enables brands to open a new, digital and personal channel of communication with their customers. Hi engage accompanies the customer in its purchasing journey from first advertising stimulus to the In-Store Experience.

Mobile Payments


Pay Reply

The increasing use of smartphones and mobile commerce services has led to exceptional growth in the demand for remote and proximity payment services. Pay Reply is Reply's centre of expertise, specialising in consultancy services and technology platforms for mobile payments. ​


Hi Reply


Proximity Commerce

Proximity Commerce is the vision of Reply of how purchases will be made in the future, with a solution that supports a personalized and innovative purchasing experience: from contextualized marketing communications and the ability to ‘virtualize’ and manage loyalty cards, to mobile payments, using networked devices and objects; this is the full deal.



Mobile Payment & Commerce: a bridge between the physical and digital world

Pay Reply will join the convention for the presentation of the results of the Mobile Payment & Commerce Observatory’s research which will be held in Milan on February 20, 2014

04.12.2013 - 05.12.2013


CARTE 2013

Reply joined CARTE 2013, the fourteenth edition of the Conference&Expo organised by the Associazione Bancaria Italiana (ABI) and the BANCOMAT Consortium devoted to payment cards, Mobile payments and other electronic payment systems and services. The event was held in Milan from 4 to 5 December 2013.

26.11.2013 - 27.11.2013


Telecoms Tech World

Sytel Reply participated in Telecoms Tech World, a conference and exhibition aimed at building partnerships for the next generation focussing on Machine to Machine (M2M), OTT and VAS, LTE and Mobile Payments & Billing. The event was held from 26 to 27 November 2013 in London.

07.11.2013 - 12.11.2013


Oracle Days 2013

Riverland Reply takes part in the Oracle Days 2013, on November 7 in Frankfurt and November 12 in Munich and will demonstrate its competencies in the areas of Convergence of Cloud, Mobile, Social, BI, Big Data and Internet of Things.


Mobile for Retail: the digital couponing solution

Mobile couponing is a bargain shopping strategy that engages customers while innovating the brick and mortar store. Together with mobile shopping and mobile payments, it opens the doors to Omni Channel Retailing.


Press Article

Creating the Internet of the future - This article features an interview with Luigi Cicchese, Partner at Concept Reply, on the Internet of Things.


News & Communication

HI Shop wins ’Best in Show’ at the POPAI Awards 2013 for the most innovative and effective proximity-marketing solution

HI Shop, the Contextual Marketing solution devised and developed by Concept Reply (the Reply research centre for the Internet of Things), has received ’Best in Show’ for its outstanding entry at the Italian POPAI Awards 2013. This is a prestigious award from POPAI, the world’s only not-for-profit trade association for retail marketing.

Best Practice

HI Shop - Brochure

HI Shop is a Contextual Marketing solution that allows, using your smartphone and tablet, to experience an innovative shopping journey.

13.03.2013 - 14.03.2013


Promotion Expo 2013

Concept Reply took part in Promotion Expo 2013, the event showcasing products and services in the promotional industry, which will be held in Milan from 13 to 14 March 2013.


Press Article

The smart choice for digital marketing - This article features an interview with Luigi Cicchese, Partner at Concept Reply, and presents Concept Reply and its solutions. In particular HI Shop, a new proximity marketing application.


News & Communication

’i-Kandinsky’ is a new smartphone solution that creates an innovative and personalized experience for visitors to the Pisa Wassily Kandinsky exhibition

i-Kandinsky the solution developed by Reply for Giunti Arte in partnership with the Fondazione Palazzo Blu that allows who downloades it free of charge from Apple Store and Android Market, to have on his own smartphone the companion to the show that is much more than an ordinary guide. With i-Kandinsky, Giunti Arte has opened up a compelling new dimension to the exhibition and enabled visitors to ’customise’ their experience.


News & Communication

Let your smartphone pay for lunch

Edenred, Rim BlackBerry, Ingenico and Reply team up to start testing Ticket Restaurant Mobile to dematerialize traditional meal vouchers. Paying for lunch with a mobile phone became true today with the launch of the first Italian project for the dematerialization of paper-based meal vouchers through NFC technology.


News & Communication

Reply S.p.A. launches Pay Reply, a company specialising in mobile payments consultancy services and platforms

Reply [MTA, STAR: REY], a leader in the planning and implementation of solutions based on new channels of communication and digital media, has launched Pay Reply, a company specialising in consultancy services and technology platforms for remote and proximity payments.

15.11.2012 - 16.11.2012


CARTE 2012

Reply joined Carte 2012, the thirteenth edition of the Conference&Expo organized by ABI, Consorzio BANCOMAT and ABIEventi dedicated to the world of Payment Cards and innovative and electronic payment methods. The event was held in Rome from 15 to 16 November 2012.


News & Communication

Olivetti has chosen HI Credits, the Reply app for remote mobile payments, to take its cash register solutions a step further

Olivetti has chosen HI Credits, the Reply remote mobile payment solution for cash registers. In particular, the new solution will be implemented on the integrated systems Nettun@ 3000 and Explor@ to provide flexible answers to the needs of shops, stores and restaurants.

24.10.2012 - 26.10.2012


Media Days Munich 2012

Reply will be at the Media Days in Munich, from 24 to 26 October 2012. The event will be filled with decision makers, experts and evangelists of the media and communications industry.



Payments Technology Conference 2012

Glue Reply took part in the second FStech/Retail Systems Payments Technology Conference dedicated to retailers, IT professionals and consultants. The event was held in London on 1st November 2012.


Press Article

Reply Group launches proximity marketing app HI Shop

Techworld  UK - Reply has launched a proximity marketing application based on the group’s proprietary Internet of Things platform, HI Reply. Marketing app will complement Reply’s mobile payments technology. Known as HI Shop, the app allows consumers to sign up to receive mobile marketing alerts relevant to their location.


News & Communication

“HI SHOP” is the new contextual marketing application developed by Concept Reply, Reply’s research and development centre for the Internet of Things

HI SHOP is based on the technologies and components made available by HI REPLY, Reply’s platform for the Internet of Things. It delivers new multichannel shopping solutions via smartphones.



M2M Forum 2012

Concept Reply joined the 11th edition of M2M Forum, the leading event for the world of communication between machine and the first Italian event dedicated entirely to the Internet of Things world. The event was held in Rho on 3 May 2012.



Conference for the presentation of the Observatory NFC & Mobile Payment research 2011

e*finance consulting Reply participated in the Conference for the presentation of the results of the Observatory NFC & Mobile Payment "Mobile Payment: if not now, when?". The event was promoted by the School of Management of the Milan Polytechnic and was held on 9 February 2012 in Milan.

03.12.2011 - 11.12.2011


Opening conference of Bologne Motor Show

Lem Reply and Concept Reply participated in the opening conference of the 36th Motor Show, the expo dedicated to the international automotive market, held from 3 to 11 December 2011 in Bologne. Lem Reply introduced the opening conference "Innovation, networks and smart cities: the mobility of the future".


News & Communication

"HI CREDITS": the Reply solution for remote mobile phone payments integrated with the banking payments network

Reply introduces a new remote payment platform based on the scan of QR codes via mobile devices: HI CREDITS. HI CREDITS is based on Reply’s proprietary Internet of Things platform, HI REPLY, and is designed to make the buy experience simple and ‘smart’. Thanks to HI CREDITS, users can pay for goods and services by mobile phone in a simple, smart and secure way, as the system is integrated with the banking payment gateway.

15.11.2011 - 17.11.2011


AICA National Congress 2011

Concept Reply and Blue Reply joined the annual congress organized by AICA, dedicated to "Smart Tech & Smart Innovation - How to build the future". The event was in Turin from 15 to 17 November 2011.

Best Practice

HI Reply - Brochure

HI Reply is an innovative platform created by Reply, which incorporates services, devices and middleware for the Internet of Things. HI Reply creates an ecosystem of people, objects and services that communicate via the network. HI Reply uses sectional, configurable modules to provide all the elements necessary for the creation of vertical solutions that are secure, scalable and flexible, and based on the interaction and cooperation of connected objects.

Best Practice

HI Car - Brochure

HI Car is a Telematics solution that enables users to connect one of the most common objects in our cities, the car, to the network.

Best Practice

HI Credits - Brochure

HI Credits is a solution that enables users to make Context Aware remote Mobile Payments.

Best Practice

HI Life - Brochure

HI Life is a Wellness solution that allows the user to connect a mirror to a wide range of services in the network and to data generated by sensors.

Best Practice

HI Toy - Brochure

HI Toy uses a Games context like that of radio-controlled models to demonstrate the concepts on which the Internet of Things (IoT) is based.


News & Communication

"HI REPLY" is the new Internet of Things platform by Concept Reply, the research and development centre of Reply

Reply unveiled HI REPLY, a services, devices and middleware platform for vertical applications such as info-mobility, advanced logistics, environmental safety, contactless payment and product track-and-trace. HI REPLY was designed and built by Concept Reply, the research and development centre of Reply for the Internet of Things (a collection of hardware and software technologies for exchanging information between networked devices for automation of mission-critical processes) which opened early in 2009, following Reply’s acquisition of the Motorola research centre in Turin.


News & Communication

Reply is the partner of 3 Italia, Fastweb, Poste Mobile, Tim, Vodafone Italia and Wind for the development of the new unique platform for mobile payments

Reply has been chosen by 3 Italia, Fastweb, Poste Mobile, Tim, Vodafone Italia and Wind as its technology partner for the development the platform for mobile payments using credit left on the SIM (mPayment), announced today.



M2M Forum 2011

Concept Reply participated at M2M Forum, the leading event for the world of communication between machine and the first Italian event dedicated entirely to the Internet of Things world, held in Milan on 5th May 2011.

Case Study

People Flow Management to access to the Holy Shroud assigned to Concept Reply

Over 2 million pilgrims were expected to arrive in Turin for the Ostension of the Holy Shroud. To manage such a volume of visitors, the event organising Committee assigned the control over access to Reply, specifically Concept Reply, the research and development centre for Machine to Machine (M2M) solutions.

Best Practice

Machine to Machine (M2M)

An extremely important network for spreading new technology, both in the business world and in ordinary daily life, Machine to Machine, or the Internet of Things, is a solution whereby devices on a given network can interact and communicate with each other.