Reply supports clients on their way into the age of Industrie 4.0 by effectively employing cloud technology, both in form of a full-fledged ready to use Manufacturing Operations platform, and through agile Software development based on cloud processes, that speed up time to market for new digital products, diminish downtimes (Blue-Green deployment) while upholding a solid governance with ITIL based processes.

Reply covers all 3 dimensions of Industrie 4.0 applications: IoT, Data and Cloud. From device connectivity, data collection & validation, advanced analytics, agile development and automated operations. Reply offers a unique combination of skills and experience to support companies as they move to the next phase in the digitization of the manufacturing sector.

Cloud Benefits

The adoption of cloud technology offers some central benefits to industrial enterprises:

  • Cost reduction: Cloud technology is significantly more cost-effective compared to on-premise models due to reduced Hardware and maintenance costs. Pay-per-use models lower entry hurdles for Industrie 4.0 scenarios eliminating large investments upfront.
  • Central data access for planning and control: central and mobile access to the data e.g. from ongoing production processes allows for improved planning and control and supports workers in their operations. By integrating Machine Learning models based on the cloud data, advanced predictive maintenance scenarios become reality.
  • Speed: Employing Cloud technology speeds up not only data exchange and communication, but it also helps to increase the speed of development shortening the time-to-market.

Cloud Platform for Industrie 4.0

Based on comprehensive experience, Reply has successfully developed their own industry specific solution: Brick Reply.

Brick Reply is an Industrie 4.0 Manufacturing Operations Management platform. Brick Reply supports IoT protocols and integrates a factory’s legacy equipment via a Hub Connector. The use of cloud technology facilitates the normalization of data from various sources, offers the required flexibility to scale with increased demands and eliminates the need for cost intensive IT hardware.

Cloud accelerated application development for Industrie 4.0

Industrial enterprises developing specific applications or new digital products and services, benefit from cloud strengths also on another level. Reply brings in extensive know-how about cloud based software development and state of the art IT project management.
Discover examples of how clients can leverage Reply's expertise.

DEV, TEST and PROD Environments as a Service:

Reply combines application know-how with cloud expertise and implements automated provisioning and operations for non-production environments. With industry standard SLAs, developers improve their productivity and gain maximum control over cost via a Self Service Portal. Pricing models include subscription, ‘pay per use’ and ‘pay as you go’ with zero residual cost after decommissioning.

Benefits include cost reduction of approx. 50% compared to traditional on-premise or hosting options, fast implementation, low switching costs and improved performance.

Managed DevOps-Layer:

Bridging the gap between agile development teams and ITIL-based IT operations. We enable agile teams to focus on business requirements and deploy new features as fast as possible.

Automated delivery pipelines build, test, and deploy code leveraging concepts like collective code ownership, infrastructure as code, continuous monitoring / testing / integration / and delivery.

Cloud Industrie 4.0