A glimpse of
the meetings’ future

The Flagship Microsoft Store in New York
uses HoloBeam to showcase meetings of the future


When Patrick Kretzler, the HoloLens Expert at the Flagship Microsoft Store in New York, first started showcasing the HoloLens, was limited by demos, so the store relied on web videos to give customers a quick look of the technology: “One of our go to videos was the HoloBeam video because it was so unique and customers were stunned by the potential it can bring in the future.” Because of this Patrick decided to get the actual demo at the Flagship Microsoft Store to wow the customers and show the importance of holographic technology.


The flagship Microsoft Store in New York is focused on building relationships with customers and is a destination where everyday customers, business customers and partners, can experience HoloLens. Through Holobeam, Valorem's holographic telepresence technology, clients can see in practice how impactful Mixed Reality can be used in teamwork and collaboration. In fact, using 3D depth motion, full color volumetric video and a standard internet connection (5 MBit), HoloBeam removes geographic barriers to team collaboration and real-time communication.