Oracle Commerce Cloud & Technology Reply Back Office Commerce

Integrated full cloud solution for end-to-end eCommerce process management

With the entry of new international competitors within the Italian Retail and Mass Retail sectors, for which integration between the digital and physical channels has been a reality for years, new opportunities have emerged within the market related to the introduction and use of eCommerce components as part of the shopping experience.

However, quite often eCommerce solutions do not live up to the buyers’ expectations, not so much during the buying process itself, but rather in what happens immediately after payment. A slow and unintuitive post-purchase process has a negative outcome on the relationship between the customer and the brand, as it not only undermines the perceived quality of the product and the customer’s confidence in the service, but also removes the possibility of taking advantage of the relationship through upselling and cross-selling actions. How is it possible to overcome this gap?

Technology Reply and Oracle introduce the full cloud Oracle Commerce Cloud solution, natively integrated with Technology Reply Back Office Commerce: the two most advanced eCommerce and Back Office solutions deliver the first full cloud platform designed to provide the end-to-end management of all eCommerce processes for the retail and large retail markets, thus rendering the overall shopping experience seamless and transparent, while also making the distinction between the virtual world and the physical store imperceptible.

Oracle Commerce Cloud

Oracle Commerce Cloud (OCC) is Oracle’s new eCommerce cloud enterprise solution, developed by capitalising on ATG and Endeca’s more than twenty years of expertise in the sector.

Oracle has not merely limited itself to bringing an application to the cloud, but has engineered a new solution for the cloud that provides the full range of functionality required by an online business:

  • Management of the product catalogue, pricing, guided searches, promotions and orders;
  • Design, layout and drag-and-drop development of storefront pages and A/B Testing;
  • Purchasing and updating of purchase orders and returns/withdrawals;
  • Secure and scalable Data Centres with the highest standards of availability;
  • Certification for the latest PCI (Payment Card Industry) standards.

Technology Reply Back Office Commerce

Technology Reply Back Office Commerce (TRBC), natively integrated with Oracle Cloud Commerce (OCC), is the multi-channel and full cloud solution that makes it possible to decouple the sales and presentation logic associated with online stores, from those of the management and integration of back-end processes. The platform is therefore an enterprise solution that integrates OCC with company systems and heterogeneous third-party systems, providing the end-to-end management of all eCommerce processes: order fulfilment, online purchasing, “Pick up in Store”, product catalogue feed, management of price lists and inventory from stores and warehouses, deliveries using multiple carriers, payments via different providers, etc.

TRBC provides a back office application for Business and Customer Care users to facilitate the management of all types of orders (sales and after-sales), regardless of the sales channel involved (e-shops or marketplace), and of the relative life cycle and shipments, in addition to the management of the Product Catalogue articles and data related to customers, stores and warehouses.

TRBC is also a solution based on an application accelerator that makes it possible to design customised features and end-to-end eCommerce processes based on specific business requirements, which can therefore be adapted to suit the possible scenarios associated with different companies.

In addition to the Order Fulfillment process and the Product Catalogue management process for the transmission of catalogue feeds to all sales channels (e-shops and marketplace) or to Recommendation and Web Analytics engines, thanks to the flexibility of its heterogeneous mechanisms designed to integrate with different company and third-party systems, TRBC is also able to manage all core eCommerce business processes, including:

  • Standardisation and the transmission of customer data to CRM systems;
  • Release of active/passive invoicing to Billing;
  • Generation and export of data for Business Intelligence;
  • Updating and transmission of customer data for newsletters to E-mail Marketing platforms.

The main benefits of this solution include:
  • Decoupling between the eCommerce platform and the Back Office components

  • Management of the multi-channel nature of orders (e-shops and marketplaces)

  • The centralisation of the product catalogue management logic

  • The centralisation of inventory logic (warehouses/stores)

  • The flexibility of integration with any other systems that may be introduced over time