Omni-channel commerce solution for enterprises and retailers

Reply is a leader in eCommerce and omni-channel solutions delivery for the world’s biggest retailers and producers of goods. Reply covers all retailer and wholesaler needs, utilising its skill set in strategy planning, technology architectures and implementation. For these customers, Reply has built successful ecommerce solutions and effective omni-channel strategies to blend and synchronise the digital and physical experiences for the end consumer.

Reply’s solutions implement both B2B and B2C scenarios and let retailers and producers define an end-to-end strategy from the digital to the physical: starting with marketing, promotions, digital couponing and consumers’ social engagement, underpinned by strong and effective management of products, orders and catalogues, Reply enables clients to offer their customers a unique shopping experience and to do business the way they expect to. In order to realise a true omni-channel retail environment, our strategy allows retailers to put customers at the centre, ensuring a personalised and contextualised experience across all the channels.

Reply will help you to define and implement the most suitable omni-channel commerce approach for your business.

Capri Group

Case Study

Here and everywhere. Now or never.

The Capri Group, owner of the well-known fast fashion brands characterised by high growth potential - Alcott and Gutteridge - is taking on, with Retail Reply’s support, an innovative digital transformation process. This process puts Artificial Intelligence at the service of the Retail world and integrates the gradual nature of a scalable approach to the vision of a multi-channel oriented future.


Case Study

Adding cheers to your cart

The Sazerac House in New Orleans is an interactive destination that tells history of the famous cocktail with tours, tastings, and, of course, shopping. To provide an ecommerce destination, a Magento website was created by Sagepath Reply to be just as spirited as the home of the first cocktail.

CRM & Customer Experience

Best Practice

CRM and CX with Reply

Reply's approach to the CX journey is based on a “symphony orchestra” which ensures that every element is connected and optimised – from the CX architecture, to digital design and UX. This approach allows Reply to understand, design and implement complex CRM and Customer Experience solutions.

Reply is a Leader in 2021 Magic Quadrant for CRM and Customer Experience Implementation Services Worldwide

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Digital Commerce


The next generation of Digital Commerce

Reply is permanently carrying out studies to anticipate trends and explore key-strategies. Emerging technologies and techniques can unlock the potential of digital commerce, turning shopping applications into emotional shopping experiences.


The next generation of Digital Commerce 0


Case Study

Linde Material Handling: Innovation for Aftersales

Industrial forklift trucks are complex vehicles. In addition to the standard equipment, each model is delivered with optional additional features. Concept Reply and Linde Material Handling support new business models in this traditional field automating the customization process as an aftersales service for customers.

Multi-brand design system

Case Study

A "headless" CMS and PIM-system for Xella

Xella is one of the leading international solution providers of building and insulation materials with renowned brands such as Ytong, Silka, Hebel, Multipor or Ursa. Based on the SAP Commerce Cloud (SCC) Syskoplan Reply has created a solution, which supports so-called "headless" system architecture. This permits the presentation of product data on many channels.


Case Study


To expand their market position, Keimling converted their shop system to Shopware 6. Portaltech Reply developed an optimised digital customer journey that brings customers and partners closer to the premium products.



Case Study

Igniting ecommerce

Though BIC products are easily found on store shelves around the globe, they needed a way to increase sales online. Sagepath Reply responded with designing and developing a new ecommerce site to serve as BIC's premier online destination in the U.S.

Igniting ecommerce 0

Headless CMS / Shop

Case Study

Payone: Connecting on-site and online payment worlds

Connecting payment worlds on-site and online: The market leader Payone wants to strategically place this trend in its web presence. Portaltech Reply supported with future technologies such as headless CMS, cloud solution as well as SPA.

Reply Voice Commerce

Best Practice

Conversational Commerce Extension for SAP Customer Experience

Customers are looking for new, interactive buying experiences and offers geared to their needs. At the same time they want to make the replenishment process as efficient as possible, especially when it comes to every day products. With Reply Voice Commerce, Syskoplan Reply has developed an extension for SAP Customer Experience that precisely addresses this need for simplification, and with which language can be used as a natural communication medium.

Agile processes

Case Study


METRO Digital, the IT unit of Metro AG, had the goal to evolve a data-driven and user-centered product development process for its international platforms and online shops. In order to ensure decisions within the newly introduced agile product development and to accelerate innovation processes, an experimentation approach was successfully established with the support of Portaltech Reply.



Best Practice


To provide omni-channel commerce implementation and meet the specific needs of different industries, Portaltech Reply, the Reply group company dedicated to eCommerce, has built customized Accelerators on SAP Hybris.


Accelerate time to market with the COMMERCE APPROACH most suitable FOR YOUR business.

Digital Commerce


Tools and Techniques for Omnichannel Marketing

Companies wishing to attract prospective customers, retain existing customers and successfully market their products and services must cater to different channels as seamlessly as possible while taking all channels into consideration. It is thus important to know the specifics of each channel and to employ the right tools and techniques. Susanne Zander, Partner at Syskoplan Reply and Reply Practice Leader Commerce explains how this works in practice and how far companies have come.

Digital Commerce

Best Practice

The next Business Transformation

Data-driven experimentation is the key to more
growth in digital commerce. Portaltech Reply
knows why testing in the digital age is so

Experimentation The next Business Transformation 0

Best Practice

’The role of mobile in retail commerce’

The research carried out by Portaltech Reply in conjunction with eDigitalResearch, highlights how online purchases made on mobile devices have quadrupled over the past two years. The wide use of smartphones, combined with the increasing number of mobile applications, has accelerated mobile commerce (m-commerce), confirming a real revolution in the way that consumers are buying and surfing the net.

Best Practice

M-commerce: the role of mobile in the retail sector

The latest research results from eDigitalResearch and Portaltech Reply shows that 64% of smartphone owners are now using their mobile devices to shop online, a number that has quadrupled since June 2010.


News & Communication

mCommerce quadruples in just two years

The latest research results from eDigitalResearch and Portaltech Reply shows that 64% of smartphone owners are now using their mobile devices to shop online, a number that has quadrupled since June 2010. The study also found that an impressive 84% of smartphone owners have used their devices to browse websites, with one third (33%) doing so on a daily basis, whilst three quarters (77%) are using their smartphones to research products.

Customer Experience

Case Study

TUI - Travel commerce solution with SAP Hybris

Travel customers are moving to online channels and wanting a more personalised buying experience. TUI was looking for an ecommerce solution that would deliver a revolutionary customer experience while enabling an integrated, scalable architecture. The project was developed by Portaltech Reply and was one of the most complex implementations of SAP Hybris in Europe.

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Best Practice

The Role of Mobile in Retail Commerce

The latest research results from eDigitalResearch and Portaltech Reply shows that 64% of smartphone owners are now using their mobile devices to shop online, a number that has quadrupled since June 2010.



Reply Xchange 2012

Reply organised the first Reply Xchange UK in London. The event was addressed to Reply’s customers and held on 5th July.


News & Communication

Multichannel is dead. Long live ‘Proximity Commerce™’!

The evolution of channels for traditional retailers has resulted in fragmented operations leading to a poor user experience. Glue Reply has coined a new term “Proximity Commerce” which better describes how retailers should approach Multichannel. The new term ‘Proximity Commerce’ seeks to encapsulate where retail is heading and fit with how customers and technology are driving the agenda for retailers.


News & Communication

hybris awards Portaltech Reply “EMEA Partner of the Year”

Portaltech Reply becomes the first and only partner in the world to reach the hybris Platinum Elite partner level.

Case Study

Thompson & Morgan hybris Platform Solution

Thompson & Morgan selected Portaltech Reply’s hybris platform solution which provides a much more versatile, agile and reactive approach to ecommerce and trading for the business, along with considerable cost reduction.

Case Study

The Royal Mail Group Project

The Royal Mail Group and Lockheed Martin choose Portaltech Reply to modernise and automate the entire delivery network.

Case Study

Premier Farnell Express Checkout System

Premier Farnell implemented the Portaltech Reply’s Express Checkout System reducing abandonment rates and increase sales and creating a competitive advantage.

Case Study

Long Tall Sally eCommerce Project

Long Tall Sally implement Portaltech Reply’s hybris platform which enables the company to launch and manage multiple sites with relative ease.

Best Practice

eCommerce & Multi-Channel Clients

A selection of Reply’s eCommerce and multi channel clients.

Best Practice

The hybris Partnership

With more than 20 hybris implementations and more than 50 hybris web and mobile sites to its credit, Portaltech Reply is one of the world’s most experienced and respected hybris implementation partners.

Best Practice

eCommerce & Multi-Channel Services

Reply offers several eCommerce and multi-channel services


Financial News

Reply S.p.A. acquires Portaltech, a UK company specialising in multichannel e-commerce strategies and solutions

Reply S.p.A. – listed on the STAR segment of the Italian Stock Exchange [MTA, STAR: REY] – strengthens its presence in Europe through the acquisition of 80% Portaltech shares, a UK company specialising in consulting and implementation of multichannel e-commerce strategies and solutions. Portaltech’s chosen technology platform is hybris, a global leader in e-commerce and multichannel software.