The new electronic piggy bank to teach children the value of money and savings

A child-friendly
piggy bank

In the educational toy culture, XME dindi offers a game-based experience to actively inspire children’s education. Interaction with the physical piggy bank is based on a digital display, the functions of which are connected to the services offered by the app: the XME Conto Up current account, controlled by a parent with the interesting XME Piggy Bank function. The latter allows children to set a number of personal goals, like buying a toy rather than a ticket for a football match, to be achieved thanks to the savings accumulated.

To teach children the value of savings by playing

XME dindi interacts with the child and, using coin and/or banknote icons and a series of lighting effects, transforms their first approach to saving into a playful experience. If the XME Piggy Bank is connected to the Intesa Sanpaolo app, it allows you to view the account balance and the achievement of the savings objectives set.

«Combining experimentation and financial education is one of the main objectives that we set ourselves with XME dindi. Offering children an education when it comes to savings has always been close to parents’ hearts. Today, we can offer an innovative, digital and multi-channel piggy bank in step with the times. The art of saving allows us to increase our opportunities for choice, from a very young age, making us more autonomous and more self-aware».

Andrea Lecce, Director of Sales & Marketing for Individuals and Retail Companies, Intesa Sanpaolo

Design and Innovation

Three Reply Group companies partnered with Quercetti, a leading manufacturer of Made in Turin educational toys, to design XME dindi. The process saw them starting from the creative concept and working their way through product engineering, electronic design, creating the application interface, all the way to the production of the piggy bank and order management, integrated with Intesa Sanpaolo’s systems.
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