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Pills for a successful content strategy

  • Video is a powerful marketing and digital medium: quick and readily available, it can increase the conversion rate up to 300 per cent compared with any other digital content. YouTube, the most used platform for video sharing, is the world's second-leading search engine. According to Nielsen data, more than 60% of marketers regard video marketing as decisive for their present and future commercial and communication strategies.

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    Triplesense Reply’s mission is to improve the interactions between people and Brands through creativity, user-centred design and digital communication. In a world more and more oriented towards pure technology, there will be more and more video content for mobile platforms. Each medium’s evolution carries a new potential value and challenges can always arise. In this mobile-first video scenario, similarly creative agencies must adjust their way of thinking. On the other hand the video in itself is not enough without a structured and effective content strategy to match.


There is no video that can stand alone without a content strategy. Triplesense Reply envisions this concept with a metaphorical image: content strategy is a funnel. Through the content marketing strategy, the prospective customers are accompanied on a journey through the Brand and its story, getting near to the company right up until purchase.

At the top of the funnel, there’s a variety of video contents with the goal to educate or entertain leads and make them familiar with the brand: exciting promotional videos to get the brand’s values across, educational videos to solve the problems that the prospective customers might have, video documentaries rich with storytelling and emotion.
In the middle of the funnel, video content that drives the potential customers to focus on the options that solve their problems or fulfill their needs: product videos, to give viewers a comprehensive understanding of how each product looks and functions, and case study videos, to build authenticity and greater trust with powerful success stories and testimonials.
At the bottom of the funnel, there are FAQ Videos, to give detailed answers to the final questions that customers commonly ask before a sale.


Triplesense Reply uses the funnel technique to create successful content strategies, as the one developed for Lancia Ypsilon, #ypsilonyourbestfriend.

At the top of the funnel, five videos to show that Lancia Ypsilon is not only a car or a status symbol: most of all, it’s a friend that makes women feel special and always puts them at ease. A friend who listens to them when no one else does, that is by their side on every occasion but knows when it's better to leave them alone.
In the middle, a landing page on Lancia website to introduce the perfect friend; a social campaign to start a conversation with the users; a banner ad campaign on female webzines, to reach every woman in the target audience.
At the bottom of the funnel, a female chatbot launched on Facebook Messenger: AMY, the first car configurator that understands women and talks like them.

The campaign got tangible results, reaching great numbers in just over 2 months:

  • more than 3 million people reached;
  • more than 13K interactions;
  • more than 2 million views;
  • more than 80K messages to the chatbot.