The new PAM experience

An interactive app built to keep fans close

As one of the biggest German influencers in the field of fitness, health and beauty, Pamela Reif wants to make contact with her fans as genuinely and intimately as possible – and independently from the algorithms of the social media feeds.

In collaboration with Open Reply she has found the right way to achieve this: with a dedicated app that allows fans and followers to interact with Pamela exclusively.

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PAM App Screen Summary
The concept
Interactive content on workouts, recipes and lifestyle topics

In the first phase of the cooperation with Open Reply, the concept idea was born: Pamela inspires her fans via Social Media, presenting content relevant to the target group in high-quality production.

Users should be able to integrate Pamela's lifestyle tips into their daily routines more easily and directly than ever before via app features such as customisable push notifications. For this, content such as recipes, workouts and beauty topics should not only be presented in a first-class technical performance, but also in an appropriate design.

The technical base
A Headless CMS with Storyblok

In addition to the branding and UX/UI solutions, Open Reply also coordinated the technical management of the content and the scalability of the environments with the influencer.


The technical base was formed by integrating the headless CMS Storyblok into the infrastructure. This increases clarity and usability for the editorial support of the content.

The design
100 % Pam - down to the smallest detail

Pamela's bestseller "You deserve this" was integrated into the app's design system in terms of both, content and form. In addition to the static decorative elements from the book, Open Reply developed custom microinteractions and animations to give the new "Pam Experience" the finishing touch.


A so-called PayGate provides the corresponding subscription options: Pam is also available via subscription - in various payment models. Whatever the decision, users get an app with a lot of content and attention to detail.

The next level Pam Experience
Straight to the top of the download charts right after release

With the interactive app "Pam", Open Reply supported the influencer in taking the Pam Experience to a new level. Immediately after its launch in the App Store, the development shot to the top of the download charts, which not only confirms the successful implementation of the concept and design, but also a high-quality technical implementation.


Pamela Reif is one of the most famous German influencers. She rose to popularity with fitness content on the social web. As a fitness coach, health expert and beauty icon she reached a fanbase of 6,7 million followers in december 2020 – only on instagram, and continuously growing.

“thanks for the smooth launch! Never in my life have I experienced something so easy-going 😂😂😂”

Pamela Reif, January 2021

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