Reply integrates the airline's feedback and sales system into the Cloud infrastructure

Relocation of a business-critical application

Lufthansa has decided to move its global complaint management and B2B sales activities to the cloud.

Reply's targeted consulting enabled Lufthansa to continue using a mission-critical application for its global passenger complaint management as well as all B2B sales activities that has been in use for many years and now had to be migrated to a future-proof platform.

With this migration, Reply was able to retain the multi-million investments made in the past in the on-premise solution.

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The migration process

Reply supports Lufthansa in handling the complex lift-and-reshape migration process in the shortest possible time and ensures that several TB of data are fully transferred between the on-premise data centre and the Cloud Infrastructure.


2.5 Million

(Service Requests)

11 Million

Attached files

AROUND 1,500

CRM desktop
synchronization per day

AROUND 400,000

Online and batch
transactions per day


The reasons why Lufthansa chose to move its infrastructure to the cloud are the significantly improved scalability of the environments with all related services, such as database, SOA and business intelligence, with a total of seven different Siebel Enterprises, which enables the customer to use and pay for Enterprises only when they are actually needed.

An important financial aspect is the reduction of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for Lufthansa. Using PaaS and DBaaS services while returning on-premise licenses and eliminating maintenance costs, the TCO can be reduced by 16 percent. Furthermore, it is very important for the customer to secure the added value of such a powerful application for the next few years.