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Reply is the German Market Leader

Crisp Vendor Universe Report 2017


Reply, a leading Accelerator

Crisp Research nominates Reply as the leading Managed Public Cloud provider in the German market

For the second year in a row, Crisp Research has attested Reply’s role as a market-leading “Accelerator” in the Crisp Vendor Universe Report 2017 focussing on Managed Public Cloud Providers. The nomination honours Reply’s extensive knowledge of virtualisation, the entire enterprise IT, project management skills on an enterprise level, and, in particular, its cloud integration expertise.


Reply has been honoured as the leading Managed Public Cloud Provider in the „Crisp Vendor Universe - Cloud Computing”. Crisp Research, the independent IT research and consulting firm stressed that Reply accompany businesses throughout the entire value chain of the managed public cloud lifecycles.

Managed Public Cloud Providers
Furthermore, Crisp Research emphasised Reply’s huge portfolio of supported cloud providers, including AWS, Microsoft, Google, Salesforce, Oracle, IBM and SAP. In this category, the Reply Group was rated as agile overall, highly innovative with a very strong expertise from successful reference projects and custom developed solutions and add-on services.

Reply - leading Public Managed Cloud Provider

The Reply Group is a leading, international partner for public cloud services and is among the all-rounders in the German MPCP market.

The 2017 report provides a relevant overview of Managed Public Cloud Providers (MPCP) in Germany. The businesses were assessed in two key categories: “Service Value Creation” and “Vendor Performance”.

Service Value Creation is about the provider’s market maturity, and includes an assessment of the service portfolio and experience, as well as integration services. Subcategories of the Vendor Performance include strategy, ecosystem or agility. The results are ranked in four quadrants of “Emerging Player”, "Challenger", "Innovator" or "Accelerator", which is the highest award.

In this provider comparison, Reply scored top marks. Furthermore Reply was ranked by Crisp under the top five “Managed Hybrid Cloud Providers” in Germany.

The Crisp Vendor Universe Report 2017 concludes:
“With an extensive service portfolio and a broad partner landscape, the Reply Group is a successful all-round service provider in the area of managed cloud. The Reply Group is a sought-after partner for the implementation of complex cloud projects, not only as a public cloud partner but also in the area of hybrid cloud scenarios.“

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