The digital transformation of D.B. Group’s Human Resources

Business Reply led the integration and harmonisation of the Oracle Human Capital Management
Suite with the D.B. Group’s systems

The objective: the standardisation and digitalisation of HR processes

D.B. Group, a leader in integrated logistics, international shipping and supply chain management solutions, with 49 branches in 19 countries around the world, has undertaken – alongside Business Reply – a comprehensive digital transformation of its business processes, with a strong focus on the Human Resources (HR) department. D.B. Group’s aim was to create a stimulating and inclusive workplace that would encourage social activities, while at the same time boosting productivity, leveraging on:

  • The improvement and digitalisation of recruitment and selection processes, facilitating the onboarding of new employees and focusing on virtual interviews as well as the retention of long-standing employees
  • The adoption of data analysis tools for the development of targeted behavioural studies and predictive models to help support selection processes
  • The simplification and optimisation of internal communication communication through the use of innovative digital channels and tools

Project challenges

The main challenge of the project consisted of the comprehensive digital transformation of all the HR processes: Recruiting and Onboarding, Performance Management, Development and Training, Compensation Management, all while ensuring international scalability, to progressively align processes in 49 branches located in 19 countries worldwide. With the aim of establishing a digital culture within the HR department and, more generally, within the company, the D.B. Group wanted to define a Digital Rewards and Performance Management programme that would be structured and valid for the entire Group.

The solution: the Oracle Human Capital Management Suite

To achieve its goals, D.B. Group embarked on a complex process of transformation and standardisation of its HR processes alongside Business Reply which, thanks to the adoption of the innovative, cloud-based Oracle Human Capital Management Suite, has enabled the Group to implement a system capable of:

Business Reply’s Product-Driven Approach

The process, led by Business Reply, has enabled the integration and harmonisation of the HR suite with D.B. Group’s existing systems: Oracle ERP Finance, Help Desk, Local Payroll, Identity Management and Time.

In order to manage such a complex project, several streams of activities were defined – one for each process being transformed. This would enable D.B. Group to implement the changes gradually, while steadily taking charge of the new system.

Moreover, the Product-Driven approach adopted by Business Reply made it possible not only to identify the key aspects associated with each process and to align these effectively with the best practices offered by the product, but also to identify areas for the improvement or modification of the process and to fine-tune the configuration progressively, based on requirements. This approach – based on a series of interactive workshops (short videos) – subsequently allowed users to familiarise themselves with the solution and the new user experience progressively, until they gained complete knowledge of the system.

The roll-out phase will gradually involve all the branches, thus enriching the customer journey, thanks to the features offered by the new application, and guiding D.B. Group’s change management with on-site training.

«With the HCM project, D.B. Group’s intent was not to digitise the human but, on the contrary, to humanise the digital, by fostering new leadership capabilities, attracting and promoting talent, and incorporating diversity and inclusiveness. D.B. Group wanted to focus on its people and their needs, so that it could cultivate relationships and help disseminate the corporate culture».

Donatella Gallina
Head of HR &
Corporate Shared Services

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