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enhancing security, interoperability and transparency

Blockchain technology can be extremely effective in the healthcare sector, to enhance security, interoperability and transparency in relations among stakeholders in the healthcare landscape. Blockchain-based solutions can help steer the sector towards a Connected Care model based on personalisation and collaboration, enabled by hybrid care delivery systems and the introduction of digital therapies in the National Health System.

Indeed, blockchain technology performs particularly well in contexts – like healthcare – where the secure sharing of intact and validated data by third parties is necessary. This approach ensures that back-office services, as well as information and processes, are made more efficient and transparent for the patient, thus guaranteeing greater levels of participation and control of their personal data.

Adopting blockchain technology

Adopting blockchain-based solutions therefore means ensuring patients that their sensitive data is managed in full compliance with the latest requirements of privacy and confidentiality, while allowing pharmaceutical companies, National Health Services, pharmacies and insurance companies to automate and optimise their processes, with a view to the continuous growth of Digital Health.

Unlock the potential of Blockchain technology in the Healthcare sector

Through the analysis of a number of key use-cases involving different stakeholders, it is possible to analyse the current scenario and the development potential of the healthcare sector enabled by the support and adoption of the blockchain technology.

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