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How to generate insights from data in a fast and automated way?

Nowadays, data analytics is a strategic need to generate value in most businesses. However, as data volume and complexity increase, it becomes increasingly hard to interact with the data in order to generate insights and make decisions based on that data. Although analytics tools for ‘Big Data’ have become easier to use, users are still involved in many manual and time-consuming processes. In this context, how can business users without a deep data science background get answers to complex questions related to their organisation, function or role without the intervention of a data analyst? A potential solution is Augmented Analytics, which can provide decisive support. It defines a new approach to data analytics, using ML and AI techniques to automate every single step of the data analytics workflow including data preparation, insight generation and findings explanation.

IDA: providing valuable information for business decisions

Whitehall Reply developed IDA solution (Intelligent Data Analyst): an augmented analytics assistant based on an advanced artificial intelligence engine and accessible through a simple, intuitive and innovative interface.

The solution is able to understand customer requests in natural language, analyse different data sources, and then formulate answers enriched with useful information, providing additional value for the customer's business decisions.

IDA is also able to incorporate the feedback provided by the user: through retraining sessions, it is possible to increasingly adapt the result produced to the user's needs.

IDA’s activity


This ensures no domain experts are needed in the request phase nor in the interpretation of the answer. IDA takes in a question and replies in natural language not only by showing the required values, but by saying them.


IDA does not only find the answer the user is looking for, but it adds other useful information correlated with the main query. In this way, IDA is able to find hidden relationships between data and present them to the user. The insights found are shown to the user as charts and tables with text that explain useful information.

Adapting to different domains to provide real-time answers

Whitehall Reply experts can easily configure IDA to connect it to different domains, possibly retraining the machine learning models in order to make them work on other datasets.

Thanks to transfer learning, the machine learning models are trained in such a way as to reuse previous knowledge, so as to achieve fast retraining on specific domains. This also enables the development of multilingual models: in fact, IDA is able to understand and provide answers both in Italian and English, but is potentially trainable to understand many other languages as well.

The core added value of IDA materialises in the production of a complete and enriched report that responds to a need in real time: this saves the customer time related to defining requirements with the analyst team as well as reducing development time, which can amount to weeks or months.

Leveraging a tool such as IDA boosts then data democratisation in an organization, making the value of data easily accessible to everyone through an AI-assisted self-service analytics solution with an easy-to-understand interface.

Whitehall Reply is the Reply Group company specialising in the evolution of public administration through highly innovative technology solutions. Using the experience gained in the implementation of vertical solutions aimed at both citizens and application & service management services, Whitehall Reply combines consultancy, development and management of large application projects with excellent technological skills. Whitehall Reply is among the most qualified partners to support central public administrations in the transition towards the innovation process, achieving strategic objectives of modernisation and evolution. Its main areas of in-depth technological expertise are: big data & open data; artificial intelligence & machine learning; blockchain; cloud and public data services.