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Rethinking customer engagement

Social distancing and our new purchasing habits, constraints on travel and on travel times and costs are driving companies to reconsider the methods of engagement and online purchasing, both in the B2C and the B2B channels. In particular, in the Fashion and Luxury world, brands must quickly redesign their approach to the presentation of collections and sales, by trying to involve and satisfy their customers.


Protocube Reply believes that the value of the technological solution lies, above all, in the digital experience it is able to provide, where emotion and engagement play a central role, together with usability and technical innovation. In order to engage the customer, transmitting the differentiating values of the brand and ensuring the typical e-commerce functionality, it is necessary to imagine new ways of interacting and navigating, by exploiting the full potential of 3D technologies for the creation and virtualisation of environments and products.

Development of virtual environments

Protocube Reply specialises in the creation of virtual environments, both in terms of photographic-based reproduction and three-dimensional modelling. The environments are directly accessible from browsers for autonomous navigation or assisted by remotely-connected sales experts, who accompany users in their experience. The environment allows users to fully explore the product, which is presented together with the associated information and media and implemented by a “digital twin”, navigable in real time or viewable thanks to the AR technology.


Virtual 3D or photographic environment

Navigation from a mobile or desktop browser

Video chat feature with a co-browsing option

Real Time and AR 3D product support

Access management

Appointment Diary management

Product wish list


Virtual Showroom

B2B Channel

The shopping experience in the showroom for a buyer or retailer must be available as part of a virtual solution that enables users to view the collection, select products and manage their product wish list or orders remotely.

Virtual Store

B2B Channel

The online shopping experience, unlike that in a physical store, is currently “flattened” by an unengaging and standardised navigation paradigm on digital catalogues, which often offer very little when it comes to interaction.

Virtual Tour

Fairs and events - B2B and B2C

The availability of large exhibition spaces, including virtually, with the possibility of presenting several entities in the same place. The use of these virtual spaces, either free or guided, retraces the real experience in the “new normal” reality.

BSAMPLY and Protocube Reply

The partnership between BSAMPLY and Protocube Reply enabled the development of the world’s first virtual textiles fair making use of a Virtual Interactive Showroom – BSAMPLY Online Tradeshow. Move around the corridors, take a close look of fabrics and other featured products, find details about the producers and read the event brochure – that is what textile companies will be able to do online until September 15 without having to leave their premisses. There will be over 60 participants presenting their products to sector buyers in this 100% digital event.

Protocube Reply’s virtual showrooms are capable of engaging and moving customers, characteristics transmitted through the simplicity of the platform. All environments are accessible via browser and navigation can be performed autonomously or guided by remotely sales operators.

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Protocube Reply specialises in creating and managing 3D resources, offering specialised products and services in 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing. Using some of the most advanced technologies available, Protocube Reply develops 3D content and applications designed to optimise the product development stages and exploit the advantages of 3D visualisation in the communication and marketing of its customers.