Intelligent Process Automation Survey

The Status of Intelligent Automation

Reply is a front runner in the Intelligent Process Automation market and has been delivering excellence since 2015.

As the IPA market is predicted to continue to grow, Reply has decided to launch a survey to assess the state of IPA within the European market.

All the participants will receive the full report of the results of this survey.

IPA, a strategic enabler

In 2021, Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) is predicted to be a key strategic technological enabler for the second year in a row. Also known as Hyperautomation, IPA is a blend of different Artificial Intelligent technologies, from Robotic Process Automation to Optical Character Recognition, from Natural Language Processing to Business Process Management, from Chatbots to Speech-to-Text, complex programmed and automated end-to-end processes or even simple tasks.

The adoption of IPA has been massive in the recent years, thanks to the significant business value it can deliver. Cost reduction being the most sought benefit, IPA has been deployed to cut throughput times, improve business resiliency during the Covid-19 pandemic, strengthen compliance and significantly reduce human error.

At the rate IPA is currently spreading across all industries and business functions, it is set to trigger the biggest revolution into the modern way of working since the introduction of the personal computer.


By taking part to this survey you will contribute to draw a clear picture about the main drivers, objectives, setbacks and technologies involved in IPA initiatives across Europe.

Within each country (Italy, Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, United Kingdom) , three participants will be drawn and will be offered an "IPA Assessment" for their company free of charge from Reply.

Intelligent Automation Survey

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Status of the automation programme
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Core Processes
Which business function has never been involved in automation initiatives?

How satisfied are you about the automation programme?

Which RPA technology is being used within the company?

Other RPA technology
Does your company focuses more on Attended or Unattended automation?

How satisfied are you about the automation technology in use?

Are Artificial Intelligence technologies being used within the automation programme?

If yes, which ones AI technologies?

Other AI technologies
Other Automation Initiatives
Are Process Mining technologies being used in the company?

If yes, which ones Process Mining technology?

Other Process Mining technology
Are Intelligent OCR technologies being used in the company?

If yes, which ones OCR technology?

Other OCR technologies
Do you combine OCR with RPA?

Are Low Code Application Development technologies being used in the company?

If yes, which Low Code Application Development technology?

Other Low Code Application Development technologies
Do you combine Low Code with RPA for end-to-end process automation and human-in-the-loop?

Are Analytics Process Automation or Data Science and Machine Learning platforms being used in the company?

If yes, which ones Analytics Process Automation or Data Science and Machine Learning platforms?

Other Analytics Process Automation or Data Science and Machine Learning platforms
What is the biggest challenge for IPA / Machine Learning?

RPA Strategy
Which organisation has the ownership of the RPA Center of Excellence?
Other organization
Which drivers are considered for deciding whether to automate a process?
FTE Reduction
Improve Compliance
Improve customer experience
Minimise error and risk
Operational efficiency
Optimise Workforce productivity
Outsourcing costs reduction
Strategic initiative
Tactical solution
Which are the limiting factors to the growth of the Automation Programme?

Other limiting factor
What are the reasons that have prevented an automation program from being implemented?
How do you plan the budget for your process automation pipeline?
Who pays for the processes that are automated? The CoE or the business?

How much do you think is the efficiency gain when adding Intelligence to RPA?
How do you measure the effective benefits introduced by the automations deployed? Do you keep track of FTE staffing or outsourcer costs with HR and Finance?
Do you plan to build or increase professional skills internally to eventually develop automations autonomously?

How do you plan to do so?

Are you planning to introduce a Citizen Developer programme to extend the development capacity beyond the existing professional developer team?

Future of the automation programme
In 2021 your company will spend more or less on intelligent automation (RPA / IPA) initiatives?
Which other technologies will be adopted within the automation programme?

Other technologies will be adopted within the automation program
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