The teknowlogy PAC INNOVATION RADAR shows Reply at the top of AI-related Services in Germany 2020

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The Survey

The teknowlogy PAC INNOVATION RADAR for AI-related Services in Germany 2020 is a tool for evaluation and visual positioning of AI-service providers in Germany. Companies are ranked according to performance in seven different segments focusing on specific industry requirements. The evaluation is based on the score achieved in the two main criteria, competence and market strength. The results of the analysis determine the position of each supplier on the PAC INNOVATION RADAR as either “Best in Class”, “Excellent” or “Strong”.


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Visible and Invisible AI-based solutions are on the rise

Of all digitization topics, artificial intelligence is the most highly charged, with growing expectations. Without exception companies from all industries are evaluating the potential of AI for business process automation or improvement of customer service. Many companies are already using AI-based solutions.

Visible results are chatbots using semantic text analysis which are already in use in many companies. AI solutions that are not immediately recognizable can be found in back-end processes, where, for example, insurance companies automatically evaluate damage patterns, analyze risks on the basis of AI, and enhance decision-support systems with neural capabilities.

Reply is placed first in three categories

In 2020 Reply ranks three times as “Best in Class”. This means being the leading supplier in three different segments with references to Artificial Intelligence. The segments are AI-related Services for Sales, Service, Marketing, for Logistic/SCM and for Production & IoT.


Sales / Service / Marketing

Business processes for sales, service, and marketing, which are summarized with the term ‘customer experience (CX)’, are processes where companies expect the greatest benefits from the use of AI. CX installations claim to holistically support the customer and improve the points of contact through excellent communication.

These improvements are often based on data and its analysis in order to identify opinions and moods, but also to be able to make forecasts for buying behavior and customer needs. AI can play a major role in this process because the technology is about the evaluation of plenty of structured and unstructured data as well as the combination of historical and current data in order to make suggestions and forecasts, but also to detect fraud or customer dissatisfaction.

Reply, with a score of 1.60 (Segment Average 2.10) is positioned as "Best in Class" in this highly competitive category with the largest number of competitors.

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Logistics / SCM

Any company involved in the production, transport and sale of physical goods, regards logistics and Supply Chain Management (SCM) as central and critical business processes. Savings, improvements, and efficiency gains in this area have an immediate positive impact on agility and the responsiveness to changing trends and customer requirements - and thus directly on business success.

The Covid-19 crisis will further push AI deployments in companies’ logistics and supply chains. The lockdown in many countries disrupted supply chains and revealed the vulnerability of these complex systems. Today, projects to reinforce supply chains with the help of AI are already being launched, making potential difficulties and challenges more predictable and transparent.

Reply knows how to support important business processes in logistics and SCM with Artificial Intelligence and how to use it to solve problems.

This is why Reply was able to prove itself as "Best in Class" in this segment, with a score of 1.89 (Segment Average 2.20).

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IoT / Production

Production and IoT are of major significance to the manufacturing industry. However, possible applications go beyond this, because IoT can also be deployed for networked products of daily use, which is why industries other than manufacturing are also interested in the topic of IoT. Almost every company could find a use for IoT as long as their business models involve physical goods and where it is worthwhile to digitally complement these products with, for example: chips, sensors, and RFID tags in order to gain better insights into the condition and use of the products.

Overall, the evaluation has shown that the majority of AI projects focus on predictive maintenance. The use of AI is obvious here as well in order to achieve better prediction models for possible failures. In many companies, automation of manufacturing processes is already very advanced. Further automation is being sought in areas such as quality assurance, back office, and logistics processes.

With a score of 1.81 (Segment Average 2.16) Reply achieved "Best in Class" in the IoT and Production category.

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teknowlogy Group is an independent European research and consulting firm in the fields of digital transformation, software, and IT services. It brings together the expertise of two research and advisory firms, each with a strong history and local presence in the fragmented markets of Europe: CXP and PAC (Pierre Audoin Consultants).

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