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Welcome to Reply’s AWS DeepRacer Competition, an autonomous racing competition live in Munich, Turin and Milan.

The Turin race is open to anyone!

If you are new to machine learning join us at a workshop starting from 9.00 am, we will help you prepare for the race by building and training a Reinforcement Learning model. If you are familiar with machine learning, AWS DeepRacer 3D Simulator and Amazon SageMaker, register online on the AWS Console, create and train your model at home and join us at 1.30 pm. You will have the chance to put your model to the test and compete on the track.

Build your autonomous driving model and raceAWS DeepRacer is a 1/18th scale race car which gives you an interesting and fun way to get started with Reinforcement Learning (RL), an advanced machine learning technique that learns very complex behaviors without requiring any labeled training data, and can make short term decisions while optimizing for a longer term goal.

Get hands-on with RL, experiment, and learn through autonomous driving.

First race

7th June
Reply Xchange 2019
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Second race

27th June
Italian Tech Week
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Final race

3rd July
Reply Xchange 2019
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Get on the track

your Reinforcement
Learning model

Sign in to the AWS Console to build and train your model. Whether you are new to machine learning or ready to build on your existing skills, get started by taking the e-learning class - AWS DeepRacer: Driven by Reinforcement Learning - and in around 90 mins you will get the basics of Reinforcement Learning (RL) and AWS DeepRacer.

in a living

Bring one of your autonomous driving model, load it into an AWS DeepRacer and compete on the track.


The Reply’s AWS DeepRacer Competition allows you to meet fellow machine learning enthusiasts. You can share ideas and insights and compete in a real-word race, showcasing your skills.


Get your AWS DeepRacer around the track as quickly and accurately as possible. Top the leaderboard to win amazing prizes. Be eligible for the final race at Reply Xchange in Milan, 3 July 2019. See the official Reply’s AWS DeepRacer Competition T&Cs for full details.

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