A Chatbot
for lead generation

Chatting with a bot as if it were a service agent

A paradigm shift in communicating with your customers With, firstly, the advent of mobile phones, followed by the introduction of mobile data connections, our day-to-day use of telecommunications has changed significantly. Instead of traditional telephone calls, people tend to favour text messages, emails or the many chat apps and platforms currently available. This approach is evident both in communication between individuals and interaction with brands.

This is precisely why our partner, supported by Open Reply, decided to create a genuine virtual assistant designed to assist business customers with their choices, while making it natural and straightforward for users to leave their contact details for subsequent follow-up.

Closing the gap between the customer and the brand

The aim is to bring the user closer to the brand by creating an experience that is as rewarding as possible, thanks to the personalised style enabled by the use of a chatbot. Open Reply has therefore tried to stabilise the virtual assistant’s voice, creating a solution that can handle conversations in a fluent and natural way with regard to all relevant topics. With this aim in mind, a conversation engine was created that is able to handle a natural conversation with the user. This involves the use of NLP (Natural Language Processing) algorithms implemented through Python and Java libraries, trained as necessary based on the client’s specific situation, along with the deployment of certain functionalities that emulate a human’s cognitive abilities.

Four rules for emulating a natural conversation

The conversation memory enables the bot to infer, on the basis of previous conversations, any information omitted from a request, thereby avoiding unnecessary questions.

An ability to listen, so that the bot, in the first instance, has to follow the user in terms of his or her curiosity, questions and reactions.

Avoiding silence, by proactively suggesting new topics that bring the user closer to the desired objective (offers and lead-gathering).

Transmitting style and elegance in the bot’s responses in line with the image that the brand wants to convey.

Objective achieved Thanks to Open Reply’s expertise in the field of omnichannel architectures and open source solutions, the final result consists of a fluent, efficient and flexible conversation engine that is able to provide both the user and the client with a satisfying experience on all relevant issues, while avoiding IVR-type approaches. The chatbot has thus completely fulfilled its aim of bringing both SMEs and large corporate users closer to the brand. This is confirmed by the fact that the virtual assistant has enabled contact requests to be collected at a rate five times higher than that achieved by other communication channels.

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