Natural Language Processing across the Automotive Value Chain

A multi-threaded text analytics service, Natural Language Processing methods and hierarchic clustering of documents.

Text Analytics Service/ Document Classification


The global automotive industry is highly competitive, with automakers all keenly focused on delivering the highest quality product at the lowest cost possible. Meanwhile, the explosion of third parties across the supply chain, global parts sourcing, and distributed manufacturing and assembly operations are compounding the associated risks, and also inviting greater regulatory oversight.

Taken together, these factors are motivating automakers to rethink and reassess their existing programs, with many turning to the enabling role of technology to promote greater cost savings and efficiencies.

A big German automaker approached Data Reply to develop a solution to automate the customer enquiries management.


With millions of enquiries about their products, manually analysing these enquiries and clustering them was almost impossible.

So, the client’s main goal was to analyse and cluster the enquiries effectively, with the consequent need of fast and highly precise clustering models.

In addition, the results should be visualized for business analysts.


In order to analyse and cluster documents Data Reply developed a multi-threaded text analytics service that takes the stream of text documents, applies NLP (Natural Language Processing) methods to retrieve significant entities and keywords, clusters the documents hierarchically and generates intuitive labels. The system can sense the new updates in the data and incrementally update the output.

The system is tailored for high precision clustering, intuitive-meaningful cluster labels and performance.
It can cluster millions of documents less than a minute. The output is stored in Elastic-search for easy querying and retrieval.

Interactive visualizations are built to bring the insights and valuable data reports to the customer.
The result is a fast online text analytics service with interactive visualizations.