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Enterprise Architecture Blueprint

It’s clear that the world of technology is becoming critical to nearly all organisations, whilst it is changing at a pace never seen before. Should the CIO invest in sophisticated infrastructure when consumers are now carrying it around in their pockets, employees would prefer to use their own device and there is connectivity all around us?

Architecture Design

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Enterprise Architecture & Solution Design

Reply enterprise architecture has been created and continually developed to create a best practice capability based planning. Reply offers a range of solution architecture, IT system design and delivery services which will help you to ensure that all new projects and programmes remain in alignment with your business, IT, and Enterprise Architecture (EA) strategy.

Cloud Computing for Integration

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Enterprise Cloud Integration: why best practice integration is more important than ever

SaaS, PaaS, and Cloud. Well done! You have lowered the cost of your infrastructure and application landscape... BUT! Is your data secure..? And, can you get at it when you need it..? The adoption of Cloud defence is just beginning.

Enterprise Architecture

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Capability Architecture: Connecting the Dots!

A capability based planning approach to driving IT delivery from business goals. It is not difficult to find instances of business and IT projects failing to achieve their goals. The reason (or is it excuse?) frequently cited is misalignment or disconnection to organisational strategy.

Financial Services

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Enterprise Architecture for Financial Institutions

The explosive impact of Mobile, Social, Big Data and the Cloud as they pervade our daily lives is prompting a rethink of enterprise architectures. In the finance world, too, concepts like Digital Banking and Mobile Payments have been around for some time. But what does rethinking enterprise architectures for financial institutions mean?

13.05.2014 / London


The Public Sector Show 2014

Glue Reply will take part in The Public Sector Show 2014, the only event of its kind dedicated to showcasing how to improve service delivery, efficiency and value for money in the public sector, which will be held in London on 13 May 2014. This event is the best opportunity this year to discover and explore public sector innovation and best practice initiatives across key areas including, among others, ICT & Digital.

10.04.2014 / Businesscomputingworld

Press Article

Agility Is Capability Architecture

This article, by Daren Ward, partner at Glue Reply explores how IT teams can better provide solutions to business requirements, where there is often a gap between what the business wants and what the business actually gets. The approach, known as capability-led architecture is all about identifying where existing business and technology systems could be exploited.

08.04.2014 - 09.04.2014 / Shrivenham


Defence Information 2014 (UKCeB)

Glue Reply joined Defence Information 2014 (UKCeB), an event jointly presented by the UKCeB and Cranfield University. The event was held in Shrivenham on the 9 - 10 April 2014. Glue Reply took part in the Interactive workshops and demonstrations organising a workshop titled "Business Driven Decision Making for Information Enablement".


Case Study

Activity Tracking for increased business efficiency

Activity Tracking is the application designed by Fiat Group Automobiles (FGA) and developed by Cluster Reply in order to manage events tracking mostly concerning requests for evolutive, corrective and support activities between the IT departments and the Client and/or the Help Desk teams managed by third parties.

Case Study

A procurement hub for Basf from Reply Consulting

Reply Consulting has been engaged to support Basf Italy in designing the organizational and operating model of the Procurement Hub Italy. The project, that was divided into 3 phases - As-Is Assessment, To-Be Model Design and Definition of the Roadmap - allowed Basf to design and implement the Procurement Hub Italy in accordance with the Company’s Group guidelines.

25.02.2014 - 26.02.2014


Integrated EA Conference 2014

Glue Reply will participate in Integrated EA Conference 2014, which will take place on 25 - 26th February at One Great George Street, London.
Now in its 7th year, Integrated EA is a conference on enterprise architecture in government, defence and the industries that support them. It is aimed at enterprise architects, systems engineers, CTOs and CIOs who want discuss ideas and stay up to date with progress on EA issues.

26.03.2014 - 27.03.2014


Macrossing Days 2014

The Macrossing Days take place in Munich on March 26 and 27. Within two days, you will get to know the innovative success concept of the process from incoming documents to document output in an exciting way.


News & Communication

Macros Reply acquires new client in Bavaria’s State Office for Finance (LfF)

Macros Reply prevailed over prestigious competitors in the “Paperless processing in the benefits system” call for tender and has won Bavaria’s State Office for Finance (LfF) as a new customer together with Insiders Technologies.

17.04.2013 - 18.04.2013


Defence Information 2013 (UKCeB)

Glue Reply joined Defence Information 2013 (UKCeB), an event jointly presented by the UKCeB and Cranfield University at the Defence Academy. The event was held in Shrivenham on the 17 - 18 April 2013.

Glue Reply took part in the conferences of day 1, joining a panel that discussed "The Value and Coherence of Information".

Best Practice

SMART SELLER: Reply’s solution for negotiated offers

Reply has developed SMART SELLER, a software solution based on Oracle and Java technologies designed to support sales campaigns for both gas and electricity suppliers, with a single or dualoffer approach. Energy suppliers can integrate this solution into their existing systems easily so providing their internal sales force or external sales agents with a powerful and secure tool that supports sales campaign planning and tracking.

Best Practice

Reply Smart Grid

Over the last hundred years, utility companies have had to send workers out to gather much of the data needed by them to provide electricity. These workers would read meters, look for broken equipment and measure voltage. Most of the devices used to deliver electricity have not yet been automated and computerised. Today, thanks to ‘smart grids’, utilities can use computer-based remote control and automation to carry out tasks from the power plants and wind farms right through to the electricity consumers in homes and businesses.



Public Cloud Solutions with Amazon Web Services

Storm Reply, in collaboration with Amazon Web Services, organised the event Public Cloud Solutions with Amazon Web Services. The event was held on 20 November 2012 in Milan. Storm Reply together with Amazon Web Services shared the experience and expertise they have developed in the application of the Cloud Computing paradigm.

Best Practice

Retail in the heart, Technology in the head

Glue Reply is passionate about retail and its solutions are driven by three simple principles: Keep it simple, drive value, and execute well. Three principles that are at the heart of Retail... We are at the beginning of a Retail revolution, where the customer is driving the service they want, the provenance they expect, the products they like and how they want to engage with us.