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Triplesense reply gets a real winning hand at mediastars.

Mediastars XXI edition was full of satisfaction for Triplesense Reply. Several awards for its four different projects.

03.11.2015 - 05.11.2015 / Milan


Sicurezza 2015

Discovery Reply participates in Sicurezza 2015, the leading international event in Italy focussing on anti-intrusion, fire prevention and detection, passive defence systems, home and building automation, cyber security, intelligence and anti-terrorism, products and services for public law enforcement agencies and private security companies.


News & Communication

Canon, in partnership with Discovery Reply, announces a Business Imaging Intelligence solution

Developed in collaboration with Discovery Reply, this new solution pairs the characteristics of Canon security cameras with those of a data collection and analysis tool.

Broadcast Solutions

Case Study


RAI Digiteca has been completely redesigned by Discovery Reply using a SOA driven architecture.
An automated Tape Library Oracle StorageTek and the Discovery Storage Manager solution, integrated with the Discovery Multimedia Asset Management allows RAI to evolve from an audio preservation archive to a multi-content production hub.

Broadcast Solutions

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The increasing need of long life storage space for the audio-video archive leaded RSI to plan a capacity upgrade with the forthcoming years in mind. Discovery Storage Manager solution from Discovery Reply provided the unparalleled capability of a direct stream tape-to-consumer with partial restore on MXF HD Video.

Digital Asset Management


"Every company is a Media Company"

Discovery Reply has targeted the digital media market, providing solutions to manage the entire life cycle of digital media by making an important contribution toward the vision that many companies have of their future: multimedia tools as the ideal means to orient one’s own business and as a corporate motivational and performance optimization tool in a context of Corporate Communication.

Digital Asset Management

Case Study


For the Parts & Service division at CNH Industrial, Reply has created P&S Channel, an internal-communications initiative developed with the contribution of two Reply mainstays, in TamTamy™ and Discovery Reply Multimedia™, supplied in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) guise.

DAM for Corporate Communication

Best Practice

Visual Communication

Discovery Reply creates systems dedicated to the management, distribution, and visualization of audio-visual content and multimedia communications, making important contributions towards helping businesses realize their objectives for the future: multimedia technologies as business motivational tools and performance incentives in a context of Corporate Communication and as a means of communications with their own external network and with the media.

DAM for Marketing Campaigns


Advertising & Marketing Product Placement

An integrated Workflow Manager and Digital Repository is Discovery Reply’s solution to support production processes linked to digital media, like marketing initiatives and advertising campaigns. It is based on a Digital Asset Management platform and provides a collaborative and centralized workspace for the management of multimedia content that can be accessed from multiple devices.

DAM for Web TV


Corporate Web TV

Discovery Reply creates systems dedicated to the management, distribution, and visualization of company audio-visual content, thus making an important contribution towards helping businesses realize their dreams for the future: Multimedia Communication as a motivational and performance improvement tool for the group.

DAM and Cloud Computing


DAM as a Service

The Discovery Reply DAM solution is available as a Service. The Cloud Computing architecture guarantees scalability as user needs increase. This enables quick set-up and personalized configuration for the client. Sizing is adapted to current usage conditions, resulting in notable savings on infrastructure, operating, and management costs.


Best Practice

Over-The-Top TV

Following up on the activities already carried out in 2010 in European Telco & Media companies, Reply succeeded in confirming its acquired expertise and implementing what was to become, in the near future, the first Italian mobile application for streaming use of television contents.

Digital Preservation


Safeguarding the cultural and historical heritage of digital contents

Discovery Reply combines cutting-edge technological systems with concepts like digital preservation of the historic-cultural heritage, especially in the information and broadcasting sectors.

Digital Brand Integration


Digital Product Placement

Digital Brand Integration enables the insertion of brand or product presences (three-dimensional, bi-dimensional, or screen based) in any audio-visual support prepared, edited, and already finalized for broadcast on television.

Crowdsourced Video Production

Best Practice

Video Production gets Social

By creating concepts and videos through collaborative approaches, Brands are able not only to include end consumers in the creative process, thus improving message effectiveness, but also to build attachment to the product among those who see themselves as its champions.


Case Study

Crowdsourced Video Production

4 videos were made for Banca Sella. Although corporate in nature, they were also used later for commercial purposes, to present the latest products created for corporate clients.

Brand Engagement

Case Study

It’s kick-off time, with Nivea Men and Bitmama

Nivea Men has relaunched its brand with an integrated digital campaign by Bitmama to maximise engagement through the new slogan “Every day begins with you”. Bitmama has used different social networks in an integrated approach to generate a potentially infinite ripple of engagement across the web.

It’s kick-off time, with Nivea Men and Bitmama 0

Television meets Internet

Case Study

Lancia InteracTV, the first Italian case of second screen communication

The App that rewards those who watch TV. The App 'Lancia InteracTV' combines the 'Digital Product Placement' with the interactive features offered by new technologies revolutionizing in one fell swoop both the concept of television viewing that the receipt of the message.

Lancia InteracTV, the first Italian case of second screen communication 0

Social Networking


Nivea For Men Bar Sport

Bitmama created the project Nivea Bar Sport. The Bitmama project recalls the idea of Bar Sport as a container for memorable characters and stereotypes, and particularly as the chosen place for the talk about football, men’s national passion par excellence, updating it to the evolutionary path of the digital homo tifosus, who is not satisfied with small talk and demands involvement and participation.