Digital Workplace

Case Study

A strategic approach to Yammer collaboration

When you’re working within a global organisation with a diverse workforce, ensuring your people have an outlet to work together, share their views and collaborate is essential to the growth and success of your company. But how do you bring your people together in a way that allows them to work together openly? You take a strategic approach with WM Reply.

Engagement & Adoption

Case Study

'It's all about connections' at the Arts Council

Arts Council England commissioned WM Reply to help them to encourage user adoption of their new SharePoint and Yammer business solution.

'It's all about connections' at the Arts Council 0


Digital Workplaces

The world is now digital. So at WM Reply we believe your workplace should be too. The digital workplace is considered to be the virtual equivalent to today’s physical workplace; and proven to be an essential element in maintaining optimum productivity and engagement, across an enterprise business.

24.09.2014 / Beilngries


23rd CRM/BI Forum

Cluster Reply participates in the 23rd CRM/BI Symposium on 24 September 2014 in Hirschberg Castle, Beilngries.



Manufacturing Innovation Summit 2014

Cluster Reply attends the Manufacturing Innovation Summit in Stuttgart on February 26, 2014. The Manufacturing Innovation Summit 2014 focuses on the interaction of customers of the high-tech, automobile and manufacturing industry.

Best Practice

Cloud adoption, development & management

Storm Reply, with the experience and abilities it has cultivated regarding the new paradigms of Cloud Computing, can assist its customers in the assessment, adoption and management of Cloud solutions.


Transactional Content Management

The Transactional Content Management offered by Square Reply is a set of solutions optimized for business agility, that enables organizations to deliver highly adaptive and proactive customer-centric applications.

Best Practice

Knowledge Management

In the age of knowledge, corporate decisions are increasingly aimed at maximizing value creation. Knowledge and information are businesses’ most important assets.

Best Practice

Collaboration & Communication

The integration of communication channels and the development of individual productivity systems enable companies to extend their collaboration methods form using classic collaboration tools (documents, workflow management and email) to instant messaging and video communication tools to enable real time "meetings" on line.