26.11.2013 - 27.11.2013


Telecoms Tech World

Sytel Reply participated in Telecoms Tech World, a conference and exhibition aimed at building partnerships for the next generation focussing on Machine to Machine (M2M), OTT and VAS, LTE and Mobile Payments & Billing. The event was held from 26 to 27 November 2013 in London.

Best Practice

The Mobile TV project

The extensive competence of Live Reply in the mobile field is the feather in the cap of the company, and mobile TV is no exception.

Best Practice

Multichannel Social Networking

In order to make their offer competitive, companies operating in the telco, media and broadcasting sector, have to integrate 2.0 services into their user channels: Web Community, Mobile Telephony and Interactive TV. Live Reply developed strong skills for the integration of the most popular Web services and supports clients in the creation of meta-communities, able to offer integrated services based on 2.0 content mash-up, available on Web, Mobile and Interactive TV channels.

Best Practice

Certification as a Service

Certification As A Service is a Reply proposition that allows the Client to outsource terminal certification and testing activities, featuring a complete set of functions, from process and project management down to the deeper technological facets related to terminal certification.


Value Added Services (VAS) - Enablers Business Cases

Reply has been working on E2E Telco & Media solutions for 10 years. Uses cases vary from high complex device management solutions to IPTV MAM applications.


Value Added Services (VAS) - Mobile Applications Business Cases

Reply can offer a factory approach to application development needs: more than 1.000 mobile applications developed, idea generation from concept through to development, aggressive time to market, competitive solutions using a nearshore approach, experience on all major platforms and stores.


Value Added Services (VAS) Service Offering

Information and communication technology is becoming smarter; smaller and faster; and, at the same time, society is progressively becoming more densely connected. As a result, Internet supported services are entering a new phase of mass deployment which brings on a huge number of new opportunities but also new challenges in terms of scalability, capacity, throughput, mobility and trust.

Case Study

The search service on mobile devices

Thanks to the cooperation with one of the most important global telephone operator, Live Reply had the opportunity to test and develop technology solutions enabling the use of the search service in the VAS domain.


Reply Terminal/Application Testing & Certification

Reply is pursuing the role of Certification Authority for the whole E2E chain and as a service provider for the related operational activities. The overall scope includes certification and management activities related to fixed and mobile terminals, STBs and their evolutions.


News & Communication

Reply: Web+Mobile+TV. Live Reply established

Reply has established Live Reply, a new company committed to providing advanced services and digital contents for Mobile, Web and TV.

Best Practice

End-To-End Service Quality. Quality culture, from resource monitoring to customer satisfaction

Within a Telecommunication market increasingly geared towards the reduction of management rates and costs, service quality may constitute a distinctive feature and generate ROI, as long as the objectives and the pathway chosen to reach them are defined in an optimum way. Live Reply helps operators in this direction.

Best Practice

Location Based Service and Advertising

It is a widespread opinion that Location Based Services (LBS) are one of the upcoming and extremely fascinating challenges. The recent release of  Latitude, a Google project, surely represented a step in this direction. But LBSs alone are not enough to turn a brilliant intuition into a successful idea.

Best Practice

The Telecommunication and Media Market

Positioned as one of the major players in the convergence process of Telco, Media and Consumer Electronics, Reply is addressing its focus to components of new mobile platforms, different types of digital TV (DTT, IPTV, WEB TV, DVBH), the Web and, last but not least, integration and communication processes of these environments.

Best Practice


Thanks to its strong skills acquired during numerous experiences in the development, planning and creation of mobile solutions for the most popular mobile platforms (Symbian, J2ME, Windows Mobile, Iphone), Live Reply is ready to provide customers with its services also for the Android platform.

Case Study

Mobile Portal Management

Over the past years, Live Reply has been taking care of the publication of contents on the wap portal of an important mobile telephone operator. The key role played by Live Reply consists in offering the Client the possibility to focus his resources on sales and space management activities, and delegate the operational aspects of editorial planning to an external company.

Case Study

MDP: Message Delivery Platform

Live Reply developed the MDP Platform (Message Delivery Platform), constituting the Single Point of Access to network components for synchronous services, for a leading mobile telephone operator, in the field of the Application to Person (A2P)messaging services centralization process.

Best Practice

Mobile VAS: technologies for multi-channel business development

Thanks to its reliable knowledge on the main needed technologies, Reply supports companies in market analysis and marketing campaigns. It realizes innovative business scenarios that are based on mobile channels and are able to integrate the architectures for the delivery of value added services.