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5G Technology

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5G: The Network Technology of tomorrow

5G is the latest mobile network which is currently being deployed worldwide, stimulating many interesting discussions about the technology and its use cases. It has promised an increase in wealth creation opportunities due to its ability to provide wider network coverage, reliable network connections and faster data transfer.

5G technology


5G security for mobile networks

5G creates completely new use cases for consumers and industries and is intended to improve quality and usability. The networking and interaction of billions of devices will become a reality in the near future. On the basis of this, the security requirements for end users, devices and 5G infrastructure will increase massively.


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How 5G will shake up the gaming world

The growing diffusion of the 5G network promises to lead to the development of new business models, as well as new ways to use these models. Reply wanted to concretely test the potential of Cloud Gaming and, above all, the promises of the network that is expected to forever revolutionise our way of life, not just of game play.

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Low latency: what makes 5G different

In the common perception, the most important benefit brought by the new 5G technology is the higher data speed. However, many ignore that 5G can be exploited to address a much more critical challenge, that is the reduction of the network latency.

Latency specifies the end to end communication delay, measuring the time between the sending of a given information and the corresponding response.

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5G Technology


Network Slicing, paving the way towards 5G technology

Network Slicing promises to transform what was a ‘best effort’ network to one which holds more reliability. The basic concept is the ability to build logical (virtual) networks, called “Network Slices”, on top of shared physical resources by providing them as a service to support diverse use cases with distinctive characteristics and requirements.

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Coronavirus: the unexpected catalyst for digitisation

Reply leverages Data and Analytics to gain insights into the development of the Coronavirus pandemic and how it impacts society, consumers and industries. This report focusses on the changes in the Telecommunications sector.

UPDATED AS AT 28 April 2020

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5G Technology


Understanding 5G Spectrum Frequency

Over the last few years, there has been an increase in connected devices and a growing trend towards interactive media. High-band spectrum provides the anticipated leap in data speed, capacity, quality and low latency promised by 5G.

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5G Technology


5G and Smart Cities: Smarter solutions for a hyperconnected future

Diffusion and availability of new technologies are required to transform a city in a smart city, contributing to reach high level of urban sustainable development and improved quality of life for its citizens. The adoption of 5G will provide the performance boost required to integrate a massive number of devices in a cost-effective way and move from research to commercial services.

5G and Smart Cities
Smarter solutions for a hyperconnected future  

5G Technology


5G Broadband: challenges and opportunities for the Telco & Media industry

One of the core features of 5G services is the Enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB) which focuses on the high speed of end user data and system capacity.

5G Broadband challenges and opportunities for the
Telco & Media industry


5G technology


5G Technology: mastering the magic triangle

5G technology, in combination with other technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), IoT, 3D printing and more will change the way consumers live today in industries as well as societies overall.

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Data Science

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Data streams: In the right place at the right time

To make it possible for all departments of a large telecommunications provider to efficiently use the multitude of data that reaches, travels through or leaves the organisation every day, the company has been using the data streaming approach for some time now.

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Recommendation Engine

Case Study

Omnichannel Marketing for personalised Customer Experiences

Every year, the portfolio of the omnichannel retailer HSE24 includes more than 20,000 articles from the fashion, jewelry, cosmetics, wellness, household and home & living segments. Given this product variety, the company has been using SAP Marketing Recommendation since 2018 in order to offer its customers the best possible customer journey through all channels and at all touchpoints.

Shopping Experience

Telco Customer

Case Study

Oracle Communication: the evolution of the signaling network

The program of divesting legacy networks leads to the new paradigm of Network Function Virtualization and in particular towards the innovation of the vSTP network devices of Oracle Communication.

Google Cloud Platform

Case Study

Google Cloud Platform is the solution for Sky Italia

Sky Italia has teamed up with the Go Reply cloud partner to develop a hybrid transcoder on the Google Cloud Platform.

Data Broker

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Telco Data Monetization

Target Reply transforms Telco companies into Data Brokers, supporting them in the analysis and processing of collected data in order to extract business value.

30.06.2017 / Total Telecom

Press Article

Twice Reply: Milestones of a Successful Transformation

What is critical for a successful digitization of complex companies? Volker Glaeser, Twice Reply, explains on Total Telecom how a clearly-defined strategy and well managed, already simplified processes lead a company's digital transformation to success.


Case Study

Vodafone's Journey to SharePoint

Although Vodafone had invested to maintain their Oracle based Intranet, they were still having difficulty providing their 160,000 people with up-to-date and relevant information. WM Reply replaced one of the world’s largest telecommunication company's 8-year-old Intranet in just 3 months.

20.06.2016 /

Press Article

The role of interoperability in future networks

The rise of programmable networks​ is transforming the way telcos operate. Alexander Seyf, Partner at Sytel Reply, looks at some successful SDN implementations and stresses the importance of open source.

Unified Communications

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Unifying your communications in practice

Unified Communications​ adoption is a key objective in enterprise’s priorities. Unifying communications within an enterprise can show savings both in financial terms but also improve ways of working through simplification of the infrastructure by increased collaboration within the workforce.

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28.02.2016 / Cointelegraph

Press Article

How Bitcoin Disrupts Telecommunications?

The Blockchain has begun to disrupt not only the financial sector, but also the telecommunications sector. Using Reply’s expertise in the Blockchain technology and Software Defined Networking, Sytel Reply has created a brand new and powerful system, Securechain,​ to provide security, scalability and auditability to future networks.​

Business Fragmentation

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How to win the battle of business fragmentation

By providing a guide on where business fragmentation​ exists and its effects, this paper proposes a simple and effective approach to incorporate into your business improvement / transformation plan.

Virtual Customer Premises Equipment

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SDN and NFV are set to change the networking industry and, as part of that change, virtual Customer Premises Equipment (CPE)​ is an upcoming technology paradigm that promises to be beneficial for both customers and service providers.