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A strategic approach to Yammer collaboration

When you’re working within a global organisation with a diverse workforce, ensuring your people have an outlet to work together, share their views and collaborate is essential to the growth and success of your company. But how do you bring your people together in a way that allows them to work together openly? You take a strategic approach with WM Reply.

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Case Study

Driving Adoption of Digital Collaboration Tools: The Coca-Cola Enterprises Project

With the support of Avvio Reply, Coca-Cola Enterprises has successfully communicated the benefits of its new digital collaboration tools. As digital becomes an increasingly important sales driver for CCE, it’s vital that their employees’ own understanding and knowledge of the power of digital keeps pace.

Driving Adoption of Digital Collaboration Tools The Coca-Cola Enterprises Project 0


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Social media command center opened in Munich

Arlanis Reply has opened the first social media command center in continental Europe, offering companies an opportunity to listen in on relevant global online discussions of their brands.

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Arlanis Reply Social Media Command Center

Social Media plays a powerful role in growing your business. It is effectively now an additional customer communication channel, alongside call centres, stores and phones. With the opening of the first Social Media Command Center in Continental Europe running on technology, Arlanis Reply is enabling companies to listen to global communications across the social web in real-time and in a completely new way.


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Arlanis Reply opens the first Social Media Command Center in Germany powered by Salesforce Radian6™

Arlanis Reply, the Reply Group’s company specialising in Salesforce solutions, opens in Munich its first Social Media Command Center powered by Salesforce Radian6. The Center is a dedicated area where brands can listen and engage in social conversations.


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Cluster Reply wins Microsoft best Windows 8 Partner award

Cluster Reply, a Reply Group company specialising in consulting and systems integration services on Microsoft technologies, has won the Microsoft best Partner award for the skills and abilities demonstrated in the implementation of Desktop Deployment projects on Windows 8.

behavioural finance

Case Study test your understanding before you invest

"Investimente" is an initiative created using TamTamy, the Reply Group solution for developing Enterprise Social Networks and Communities, for Schroders, one of the world’s leading asset-management groups. The project is based on the science of behavioural finance, it turns theory into practice, offering financial advisers and promoters a useful and innovative tool that is accessible on the move and easy to use in their everyday work.


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Microsoft and Cluster Reply back Hybrid Cloud to support flexible growth

A strategic partnership to guide Italian companies through a process of innovation in line with business priorities. At the Italian launch of Windows Server 2012, Microsoft and Cluster Reply announced an international partnership for Hybrid Cloud, so extending the existing relationship, which has seen the companies collaborate over many years to offer strategic consultancy and advanced technology solutions that meet the business needs of companies of all sizes and in all sectors.



Growth and new market challenges: ’Social Enterprise’ as a successful model fot the competitive company

4cust Reply took part in the Workshop "Growth and new market challenges: ’Social Enterprise’ as a successful model fot the competitive company". The conference was held in Altavilla Vicentina (VI) on 18 October 2012.


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Starbytes, Reply’s crowdsourcing platform, is now available to Italian companies

Reply has made its Starbytes™ ( crowdsourcing platform available to Italian companies looking to make use of this new way of developing projects, digital products and services.

04.06.2012 - 05.06.2012


Social Business Forum 2012

4cust Reply attended the fifth edition of Social Business Forum 2012, the leading European event on employee empowerment, customer engagement and collaborative innovation.The event was held in Milan from 4 to 5 June 2012.


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Reply develops Facebook app to make the news even more ‘social’

Reply [MTA, STAR: REY], a leader in the design and implementation of solutions based on the new communication channels and digital media, has been chosen by Corriere della Sera to develop a native Facebook app bringing a new way of reading and sharing news based on personal reading preferences.

Best Practice

TamTamy - Brochure

TamTamy™ - the Social Network platform developed by Reply – responds to companies’ ever-increasing requirements involving the facilitating and sharing of individual knowledge, collaboration and new forms of communication.

Case Study

Reply realizes Appsquare, 3 Italia’s new community

Reply realizes Appsquare, 3 Italia’s new community for designers and developers of mobile applications.


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Reply realizes Appsquare, 3 Italia’s new community for designers and developers of mobile applications

The Crowdsourcing model, the flexibility of Cloud Computing, the engagement and sharing of Social Networking are the three components Reply has brought into play for Appsquare.

Best Practice

Social Media in UK Financial Services in 2011

The findings in this report are based on a preliminary online survey conducted by Glue Reply across a range of UK-based financial services institutions from credit card companies, to banks and insurance companies. The objective of this survey is to cast light on the ‘state of thinking’ about social media in UK financial services.

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Social Media as a Service

Together with solutions based on the leading technologies, Reply also provides the proprietary solutions TamTamy™ in SaaS mode, allowing clients to create business communities and specific multimedia content management while only paying for what they actually use (pay-per-use).

Best Practice

TamTamy. Customers, Staff, Partners and Stakeholders: Your most Valuable Corporate assets

TamTamy is a software solution for the creation and development of corporate and community social networks. Available as a service (on-demand mode, based on cloud computing architecture) or as software to be installed at the company’s data center, TamTamy helps develop networks of colleagues, meeting places for customers and communities to support online events.

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Multichannel Social Networking

In order to make their offer competitive, companies operating in the telco, media and broadcasting sector, have to integrate 2.0 services into their user channels: Web Community, Mobile Telephony and Interactive TV. Live Reply developed strong skills for the integration of the most popular Web services and supports clients in the creation of meta-communities, able to offer integrated services based on 2.0 content mash-up, available on Web, Mobile and Interactive TV channels.

Case Study

Comes to life on TamTamy the first Italian community dedicated to 40,000 tied financial advisors and independent consultants

TamTamy™, the Reply Company dedicated to social media, and e*finance consulting Reply, the Group’s management consulting Company focusing on the Banking and Financial Institutions sector, come together to support the birth of Advisor Professional™ (, the first community entirely dedicated to Italian tied financial advisors and independent consultants.


TamTamy in the Cloud

TamTamy is a software solution for creating and developing Enterprise Social Networks and Communities. TamTamy builds social relationships within and outside the enterprise among employees, stakeholders, partners and customers. TamTamy is delivered as a service, remotely managed and accessed online.


TamTamy - Special edition dedicated to SharePoint 2010

TamTamy™is the Reply’s software solution for creating and developing Enterprise Social Networks and Communities. Microsoft SharePoint is a collaboration software that helps simplify business intelligence, content management, search, and sharing for intranet and internet sites. Reply leverages the strengths of both Platforms: TamTamy’s specific focus on Social Media is blended with SharePoint 2010 to build the best solution for Collaboration and Productivity with a Unified Infrastructure tailored to suit business needs.