Security Consulting

Case Study

Web 2.0 services security: Matrix and VIRGILIO.IT

Matrix S.p.A., a company of the Telecom Italia Group specialized in the creation of Web 2.0 services and in marketing on web and mobile channels, developed and implemented, in cooperation with Spike Reply, an innovative management process of all aspects concerning the functional and technology security of its products.

Best Practice

Spike Reply approach for PCI DSS compliance, an innovation spin for Enterprise security

Spike Reply, through specific skills acquired also through targeted certifications (GPCI of SANS), successfully provides its customers with methodological, organizational and technological support, to carry out enterprise projects for standard compliance.

Best Practice

Governance, risk and compliance in corporate data protection

Spike Reply can support the companies which want to create a Security Governance System and that – in more general terms - need to define and implement appropriate solutions for an effective and efficient management of Business Security processes.