Case Study

Multichannel solutions for Findomestic: BPM and SOA

Blue Reply introduced a thorough evolution of the existing information systems within Findomestic, by developing a multi-channel architectural solution, based on the SOA model, which gives the business process a central role.

Best Practice

SOA: Service Oriented Architecture with standardized interfaces

A SOA in four words: agility, reuse, interoperability, decoupling.

Best Practice

SOA’s risks

This is a non-comprehensive list of elements that, according to Reply’s experience, acquired over the years supporting its customers during this type of projects, must be given particular attention.

Best Practice

SOA: deliverables management model

The Blue Reply working model provides an approach based on the core components of a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA): processes, functions and services.

Best Practice

SOA in the Telco sector

Sytel Reply is able to provide a complete offer, which is the result of its in-depth knowledge of products, technologies, standards and experiences acquired in the Telco sector.

Best Practice

EAI Architecture software and business integration: methodologies and tools

SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) is an architectural approach that makes it possible to “encapsulate” business functionality at a high level in a discrete set of technologically and topologically independent (loosely-coupled) software component, accessible using defined standard interfaces and standard communication protocols.


SOA At Work - Fiat Sava

The reuse of business services can reduce the effort for the design and development of new applications in a consistent functional domain.

Case Study

The adoption of a SOA model for SAVA's services

The primary finance holding for car purchase in Italy belongs to the Fidis Retail Group and is present also in Europe -France, Germany, Holland, England, Spain, Greece, Polland, Denmark, Austria and Switzerland-.

Best Practice

Web Services in the field of Consumer Credit

For banks, a primary goal is optimizing the reuse of the existing IT resources, aiming to turn them into competitive advantage.