Public Sector

Innovation for Citizens and Government

Companies’ technological and consulting capability represents a key-factor for the attainment of the modernization and evolution strategic objectives of Public Administrations.

The desire to increase the quality of public services and trends governing public spending to the national territory, necessitates the re-engineering of front and back office processes and instruments on behalf of the Public Administration.

Reply promotes the evolution of the Public Sector and Healthcare with avant-garde services and solutions. Coherently with the contents of a public demand more and more focused on key-objectives such as digitalization and simplification, Bureaucracy streamlining and improvement of services to users being them citizens or companies, Cost and quality assessment, Reply supports the Central and Local Public Administration with solutions for e-government and e-health.

Reply benefits from experience gained in the more advanced on-line services by verticalising applications and skills to generate specific solutions to manage the digitalization process for the Central and Local Government and Health sectors.

Remote Healthcare


The new frontier in telemedicine

Reply has created a platform to improve the quality of life of chronic patients, by managing continuous out-of-hospital care, using innovative technological systems for taking charge of patients and remote monitoring.


The new frontier in telemedicine 0


Best Practice

Reply Healthcare Suite

To develop in standard means to achieve a truly efficient interoperability. Santer Reply organizes and is increasingly able to leverage the integration capabilities by using communication standards such as DICOM, HL7 W3C and security standards.​

Health Governance Solution

Best Practice


The entirety of the data, supported by appropriate tools, is the key to realize innovative systems for backing the decision processes in all phases and activities of Health governance.

Document dematerialisation

Best Practice

Document management for Healthcare

Cost control, financial statements certification and electronic invoicing (document dematerialisation) are the three main points of the administrative and accounting management of Healthcare.

Public Sector and Automotive

Case Study

Reti Amiche on the Job “Worker-Friendly Networks on the Job”

With the signing of the Memorandum of Intent with the Ministry of Public Administration, FIAT now offers its employees the opportunity to use services offered by the Piemonte Region and the City of Turin through the company’s own network, with the solution “Reti Amiche on the Job” (“Worker-Friendly Networks on the Job”), developed in collaboration with Cluster Reply.

10.04.2014 - 11.04.2014 / Vicenza


Medit 2014

Santer Reply joined Medit 2014, an event dedicated to innovation and technological development in healthcare, with a focus on continuously evolving topics as eHealth, Telemedicine and ICT. The event was held in Vicenza from 10 to 11 April 2014.

18.03.2014 - 19.03.2014


ABI Lab Forum 2014

Reply took part in the 10th edition of the ABI Lab Forum, an opportunity for banks and companies to meet and discuss the role of ICT in the banking sector. The event was held from 18 to 19 March 2014 in Milan.



eHealth Conference

Santer Reply took part in the fifth edition of eHealth Conference, an annual event aiming at discussing all issues concerning the informatisation and the technologies for managing the hospital from an IT point of view. The event was held in Rome on 28 May 2013.

27.03.2013 - 28.03.2013


ABI Lab Forum 2013

Reply took part in the 9th edition of the ABI Lab Forum, the event where banks and companies received detailed information on the role of ICT in the banking sector, that was held in from 27 to 28 March 2013 in Milan.



SAS Forum Italy 2012

Target Reply and Santer Reply took part in the SAS Forum Italia 2012, the Italian forum on Business Intelligence and Business Analytics, which was held in Milan on 17 April 2012.

18.04.2012 - 19.04.2012


Defence IT 2012

Glue Reply joined the discussion panel at Defence IT 2012, from 18 to 19 April 2012 in Bristol. The conference was the fifth in this series of highly interactive events, using panels of seniors and experts to raise and debate problems and opportunities.

28.03.2012 - 29.03.2012


ABI Lab Forum 2012

e*finance consulting Reply took part in the 8th edition of the ABI Lab Forum, the event where banks and companies received detailed information on the role of ICT in the banking sector. The conference was held in Milan from 28 to 29 March 2012.


Press Article

Enabling Defence Transformation

Experiencing strong demand for its technology and architecture services, Glue Reply is continuing to innovate to meet the needs of defence sector companies that are seeking to transform. Glue Reply empowers the CIO by enabling improved management and control over operations, a more effective portfolio planning capability and the flexibility needed to react to change quickly.

03.12.2011 - 11.12.2011


Opening conference of Bologne Motor Show

Lem Reply and Concept Reply participated in the opening conference of the 36th Motor Show, the expo dedicated to the international automotive market, held from 3 to 11 December 2011 in Bologne. Lem Reply introduced the opening conference "Innovation, networks and smart cities: the mobility of the future".

21.11.2011 - 23.11.2011


Matching 2011

Santer Reply participated in the seventh edition of Matching, the B2B event organized by Compagnia delle Opere and meant to increase the entrepreneurial relashionsips in highly innovative sectors. The event was held in Rho (Milan) from 21 to 23 November 2011.


Press Article

Cloud Control

Defense Management Journal, Issue 54



SAS Forum Italia 2011

Reply participated in the SAS Forum Italia 2011, the Italian forum on Business Intelligence and Business Analytics, which was held in Milan on 17 May 2011.

13.04.2011 - 14.04.2011


Defence IT 2011

Glue Reply spoke and joined the discussion panel at the Defence IT 2011, the 13th and 14th of April in Bristol. The event focussed on the progress made towards delivering solutions that help the defence enterprise make the most effective use of information including the ways in which we share and protect that information.


Press Article

Driving Improvements in Defence Logistics

The UK MoD has embarked on a new approach to the delivery of end-to-end logistics information and processes across defence. The Logistics Network Enabled Capability Programme (Log NEC) is based on the assumption that in the future all elements of the military, together with the industrial and other partners upon which it relies, will be connected to a single coherent communications network.

Case Study

Vienna International Airport: Master data optimisation and process simplification in property and facility management

Vienna International Airport implemented the Syskoplan Reply solution iFMS. iFMS (integrated Facility Management System) is a graphical complementary system to SAP for SAP RE-FX and SAP PM/CS.


News & Communication

How to push ahead with Green IT amid the cuts

Glue Reply provides advice to influencers and decision makers in the Public Sector on how to push ahead with Green IT amid budget restraints. The article suggests some New Year’s resolutions that should be considered when planning and managing the IT estate in 2011.



Central Government - Business and Technology 2010

Glue Reply attended the Central Government Business & Technology 2010, that was in London on the 18th of November at the Immarsat Conference Centre, as keynote speakers with a client representative from the MoD.

16.07.2010 - 16.07.2010


UKCeB Supportability Engineering Seminar

Glue Reply joined the event as a leading IT consultancy provider for the UK Ministry of Defence.