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Insurance And Digital Channels - Where Are We?

Physical networks represent the reference channel for the insurance industry. However, digital channels are an integral and complementary part of the customer experience. e*finance consulting Reply provides a comprehensive view of the current situation, monitoring the public channels used by 21 insurance companies, from the traditional to the bancassurance and the direct insurance sector.

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Largest Data Cube in Europe

Case Study

Reply implements Web Analytics for Otto with Microsoft

OTTO is redefining the idea of web analytics with the introduction of a high-performance, Microsoft-based BI solution. Cluster Reply is supporting the project by the OTTO divisions in the form of Europe’s greatest cube for the analysis of online purchasing behaviour and the optimisation of the range and campaigns. For the very first time, up-to-the-minute information can react to the high-volume online business.

Pay-per-View System

Case Study

Reply realizes the Pay-per-View management systems for Mediaset Premium’s Digital Terrestrial

Reply worked with Mediaset’s Systems Management to develop the application processes, to create the Pay-per-View systems and the integration architectures on the Digital Terrestrial platform.

CRM for Broadcasters

Case Study

Mediaset Premium: the evolution toward a customer-centric model

Reply is one of the the main IT partners of Mediaset for the Premium initiative and is accompanying the growth of new business by contributing to the definition and fulfillment of the plan for the implementation and development of systems to support business.

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31.03.2014 / Parcel2Go

Press Article

Retailers must offer consistent customer experience

This article explores the latest consumer study from eDigitalResearch and Portaltech Reply.

31.03.2014 / Retail Times

Press Article

Two thirds of retailers now operate four or more customer touch points, survey reveals

This article features the last survey by eDigitalResearch and Portaltech Reply about Multichannel Shopping.

17.03.2014 / Internet Retailing

Press Article

Big challenges, small steps

Daren Ward, Partner at Glue Reply, speaks about omnichannel as way to refocus on customers.


Press Article

Retail in 2014: Omnichannel shopping

Internet Retailing - Mark Adams, Partner at Portaltech Reply, speaks about 2014 trends in Multichannel Shopping.


Press Article

Changing Trends in Multichannel Shopping

Mobile Payments World - This article features the annual survey by eDigitalResearch and Portaltech Reply about changing trends in Multichannel Shopping.


Press Article

Study underlines evolving multichannel habits of smartphone users

New Media Knowledge - This article explores the latest consumer study from eDigitalResearch and Portaltech Reply on changing trends in Multichannel Shopping.


Press Article

Bringing the Customer Conversation to life

Internet Retailing - Daren Ward, Partner at Glue Reply, examines seamless integration, mixed reality in store and how technology can move the intrusion line.



Forum Banca 2013

Blue Reply and Iriscube Reply took part in Forum Banca 2013, an event dedicated to presenting systems, solutions and technologies for Banks and Financial Institutions. The event was held on 24 September 2013 in Milan.



Retail Systems Multi-Channel Conference

Portaltech Reply participated in the 6th edition of Retail Systems Multi-Channel Conference, an event for key decision makers and opinion formers in the UK retail industry, that was held in London on 25 September 2013.


News & Communication

hybris awards Portaltech Reply "Global Partner of the Year"

Portaltech Reply, the Reply group company specialising in the provision of eCommerce implementation and multichannel consulting services, was recognised as Global Partner of the Year for the second year running, by hybris, a leading provider of omni-channel commerce software, during the Partner Meeting hybris, held in Munich on the 24th January 2013.

Best Practice

Retail in the heart, Technology in the head

Glue Reply is passionate about retail and its solutions are driven by three simple principles: Keep it simple, drive value, and execute well. Three principles that are at the heart of Retail... We are at the beginning of a Retail revolution, where the customer is driving the service they want, the provenance they expect, the products they like and how they want to engage with us.



Retail Systems Multi-Channel Conference

Portaltech Reply was present at the 5th annual Retail Systems Multi-Channel Conference in London on 20 September 2012.

Best Practice

Multichannel Social Networking

In order to make their offer competitive, companies operating in the telco, media and broadcasting sector, have to integrate 2.0 services into their user channels: Web Community, Mobile Telephony and Interactive TV. Live Reply developed strong skills for the integration of the most popular Web services and supports clients in the creation of meta-communities, able to offer integrated services based on 2.0 content mash-up, available on Web, Mobile and Interactive TV channels.

Case Study

Multichannel solutions for Findomestic: BPM and SOA

Blue Reply introduced a thorough evolution of the existing information systems within Findomestic, by developing a multi-channel architectural solution, based on the SOA model, which gives the business process a central role.

Best Practice

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) - Reply's skills in multi-channel architectures

Thanks to its experience in the planning of multi-channel architectures, Reply supports clients in the development of a customized solution, extracting the functions that need to be delivered, on the basis of the client’s specific requirements and business strategies.

Case Study

Reply supports Mediaset in the development of Premium offer toward a customer-centric model

Reply supports Mediaset in the introduction of a new model of business and relationship with the customer.

Case Study

SOA in Support of Business: S.E.M. Sistema Editoriale Multimediale (Multimedia Editorial System)

The approach of service-oriented architectures that enable the deployment of flexible and fast solutions and the use of basic services as ?business process components?, was the key foundation in developing Seat PagineGialle Sistema Editoriale Multimediale.

Best Practice

Multichannel CRM: design and implementation

Reply is an expert partner in the design and implementation of communications infrastructures supporting a multichannel approach.

Best Practice

Customer Relationship Management

Reply provides its integrated vision of processes and organization to create the right level of effective integration between the framework of a given CRM solution and the company’s existing Back-Office structures.

Case Study

Valentino Historical Archive - white paper

Thanks to the Discovery Reply’s solution, Valentino S.p.A. reaches the goal to preserve and make the company Historical Archive more accessible: drawings, pictures, press reviews, fabric and accessories.