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Customising Android to new levels: the creation of the Hudl tablet for Tesco

Reply has been working with Tesco as one of the key partners in the creation of the Hudl Tablet, which marks another significant step towards the retailer’s vision of the future – to be an outstanding international retailer in stores and online.

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Proximity Commerce

Proximity Commerce is the vision of Reply of how purchases will be made in the future, with a solution that supports a personalized and innovative purchasing experience: from contextualized marketing communications and the ability to ‘virtualize’ and manage loyalty cards, to mobile payments, using networked devices and objects; this is the full deal.

Mobile Website

Case Study

Reply makes BASF mobile

More and more visitors access the internet website of BASF via smartphones. On the BASF’s new mobile website, smartphone users should be able to access relevant information everywhere on the go in the days to come. Reply developed a field and design concept for the bilingual mobile company website advised BASF during the technical implementation.

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News & Communication

Joe Dever's Lone Wolf is the best Italian videogame

Lone Wolf - Blood on the Snow, the roleplay videogame for tablets and smartphones, based on Joe Dever’s fantasy saga and realised by Forge Reply, has won the prestigious Drago D’Oro prize in two important categories: "best Italian videogame" and "best game design".

05.03.2014 /

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Hudl enables Tesco to engage with customers away from supermarket

Open Reply supported Tesco as a key development partner in the creation of Hudl, Tesco’s new 7 inch HD tablet.


News & Communication

Tesco's Hudl Delivers Ground Breaking Android Customisation with Open Reply

Open Reply, the Reply company that specialises in the delivery of creative and technologically innovative mobile brand and commerce solutions, today announced that it has been working as a key development partner in the creation of Hudl, Tesco’s new 7 inch HD tablet.

Social Media


Arlanis Reply Social Media Command Center

Social Media plays a powerful role in growing your business. It is effectively now an additional customer communication channel, alongside call centres, stores and phones. With the opening of the first Social Media Command Center in Continental Europe running on technology, Arlanis Reply is enabling companies to listen to global communications across the social web in real-time and in a completely new way.


News & Communication

Arlanis Reply opens the first Social Media Command Center in Germany powered by Salesforce Radian6™

Arlanis Reply, the Reply Group’s company specialising in Salesforce solutions, opens in Munich its first Social Media Command Center powered by Salesforce Radian6. The Center is a dedicated area where brands can listen and engage in social conversations.


News & Communication

Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf - Blood on The Snow is available on smartphones and tablets

The studio Forge Reply in partnership with Atlantyca Lab, the digital division of Atlantyca Entertainment, and the publisher and video game developer BulkyPix are happy to announce that Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf - Blood on The Snow is available today on iOS and Android.


News & Communication

App and Gaming: the development of game books on smartphones and tablets

BulkyPix, game publisher and developer for smartphones and tablets is proud to announce its partnership with Forge Reply studio and Atlantyca Lab, the digital division of Atlantyca Entertainment, to showcase the launch of: Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf - Blood on the Snow for tablets and smartphones.

24.09.2013 - 26.09.2013


CRM Expo 2013

Cluster Reply and Syskoplan Reply took part in the CRM Expo 2013, the leading Trade Fair for Customer Relationship Management, that was held in Stuttgart from 24 to 26 September 2013.

17.09.2013 - 19.09.2013


14th DSAG Annual Congress

Syskoplan Reply, 4brands Reply, Xpress Reply and Power Reply participate in the 14th DSAG-Jahreskongress (DSAG Annual Congress) as a Platinum Sponsor in Nürnberg from September 17-19, 2013. The biggest and most important event of the German-speaking SAP user group unifies again this year all working teams and groups under one roof and offers information and exchange of ideas around SAP topics.



GAIA Reply™ offers a full range of services across the Mobile spectrum: SMS and MMS (Push and Pull); Mobile Portals & VAS; Client Applications.


Press Article

The boom in mobile usage is transforming the corporate world

The trend is clear and irreversible: the mobile phone will become, or already is, the main device for accessing the Internet, especially social media platforms. This means companies have to find out how users use their mobile phones and social media channels and thus seize new business opportunities and adjust their strategies for maintaining their customer relationships.

Case Study

Apps Assembly Line - Live Reply develops applications in the "Reply Apps Factory"

Is it possible to produce large volumes as well as individual applications as quickly, cheaply and reliably as in industrial manufacturing? Impossible? In fact it is possible – as demonstrated by Live Reply, a consulting, development and system integration services provider, with their “application forge” the Reply Apps Factory. Live Reply develops applications for companies in the telecommunications, media and trade, as well as mobile equipment manufacturers – from creating design ideas, development and testing all the way to releasing them onto the market. Live Reply clients include companies such as Vodafone Deutschland and Samsung.

Case Study

Samsung and Live Reply cooperate in the development of applications

The IT company Live Reply develops entertaining, informative and graphically pleasing information, entertainment and fun applications for the Bada operating system. Samsung Germany now also profits from Live Reply’s global presence. After all, Live Reply had already been developing applications for the Bada operating system in Italy. These have now been adapted to the German market.

Case Study

Volkswagen Financial Services United Kingdom: a mobile solution for auditors

With the support of Syskoplan Reply and BlackBerry, Volkswagen Financial Services (UK) Ltd. is equipping employees with BlackBerrys that have an innovative application: Employees can audit vehicles from their BlackBerrys for over 750 dealers and transfer the results remotely to a SAP-based back-end system. This makes the data recording more exact and reliable than before. The company increases its transparency, maintains more control of the financed vehicles and, therefore, minimizes its credit risks.

08.11.2011 - 10.11.2011



Syskoplan Reply participates in the SAPPHIRE NOW from 8 to 10 November in Madrid. At its stand Syskoplan Reply presents new technological developments in areas like: mobile CRM, Business Intelligence with SAP Business Objects and the Reply-Solution SQM (Supplier Qualification Management).

19.10.2011 - 21.10.2011


Media Days in Munich

Cluster Reply will join the Fair that features the most important companies, associations and institutions of the Media sector, in Munich from 19 to 21 October 2011. This year motto will be "Mobile – Local – Social: Triad of the Networked Society".

Best Practice

Xpress Bonus Collector - Customer loyalty with mobile phones

The xpress Bonus Collector extends the scope of SAP-CRM Loyalty Management to include mobile phone scenarios. Customers of retail companies can earn bonus points via mobile phones and credit them to their customer account. This allows your company to specifically guide customers to locations offering greater marketing potential.

Best Practice

Live Reply: innovative services in the Telco and Media sector

Reply provides Telecommunications and Media companies with solutions tailored for their needs. Reply is able to create services that can take advantage of media convergence by maximising the potential of the new generation of consumer electronics and the ever growing user experience customisation options available on the web today.

Case Study

Sky Germany - First Live Streaming solution for iPad users

New devices like TouchPCs and Smartphones offer their users exciting new functionalities. Integrated in its Innovation Campaign German’s Pay TV Channel Sky invites his clients to a Live Sport Experience on iPhone and iPad (in future other devices): important sport events online – wherever you are. The applications which enable these features, have been developed by Reply/syskoplan and can be downloaded in Apple’s App Store since 2010. The applications are designed for Apple’s iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. All Sky subscribers can use these applications with their complete functionality for free until February 28, 2011.


Value Added Services (VAS) - Enablers Business Cases

Reply has been working on E2E Telco & Media solutions for 10 years. Uses cases vary from high complex device management solutions to IPTV MAM applications.


Value Added Services (VAS) - Mobile Applications Business Cases

Reply can offer a factory approach to application development needs: more than 1.000 mobile applications developed, idea generation from concept through to development, aggressive time to market, competitive solutions using a nearshore approach, experience on all major platforms and stores.