Cloud Adoption Framework


Executing your Cloud Adoption Strategy with Cluster Reply's Cloud Adoption Framework

When embarking on cloud migration, it’s vital to consider the best approach for your business needs. Whether you’ve taken that initial step into cloud, or are further along in your adoption journey, there are many considerations to ensure that you optimise the flexibility and cost models available.

Executing your Cloud Adoption Strategy with Cluster Reply's Cloud Adoption Framework  0

17.09.2020 / Online


App in a Day

Cluster Reply, WM Reply and Solidsoft Reply, in collaboration with Microsoft, will be providing an all-day interactive training session to learn how to create custom business applications without writing code, leveraging the Microsoft Power Platform technologies - Power Apps and Power Automate.



Case Study

Atlantic challengers use Microsoft technology to communicate

A sister and brother rowing team are using the latest communications solutions from Microsoft while involved in a competition to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a 3,000-mile-long race. Experts in Microsoft collaborative tools, at WM Reply, we can assist you with bespoke solutions for your business needs.


News & Communication

New Microsoft acquisition helps customer cloud migration

Many companies are now choosing to make the move from on-premises storage to cloud-based platforms to house data, as they offer both lower energy costs and improved scalability. As experts in Microsoft technology like O365 and SharePoint WM Reply is ideally placed to assist you.

05.06.2019 / Award

News & Communication

Cluster Reply delighted to be named Partner of the Year Award Winner for 2019

Over the years, Cluster Reply has developed a strong partnership with Microsoft, offering integration solutions on premises, hybrid or fully in the Azure cloud with QuickConnect, our Azure integration accelerator.

05.06.2019 / Munich


Microsoft Innovation Summit for Automotive 2019

Visit the Microsoft Innovation Summit for Automotive 2019 to learn how Artificial Intelligence will impact the automotive industry and how Microsoft technologies - especially Microsoft AI - are helping your business succeed. Microsoft and Cluster Reply would like to invite you to this exclusive event on 5 June 2019 at Microsoft Germany in Munich.

06.02.2019 / Milan


IoT in Action Emea Solution Builder Conference

Connect Reply takes part at the IoT in Action EMEA Solution Builder Conference, event organized by Microsoft in Milan on 6th February.

Microsoft Azure

Case Study

Delivering integration using Microsoft Azure

With investment in frontline patient care as the primary objective for NHS Property Services, a change in mind-set was necessary, and executing a robust digital transformation strategy was vital to improve services and accelerate business growth.

Delivering integration using Microsoft Azure 0

05.09.2018 / Cologne


Meetup: Reaching the Clouds on the AI Rocket

Marek Matuszewski, AI Team Manager at Cluster Reply and Microsoft MVP, will host the Meetup "Reaching the clouds on the AI Rocket" on September 5, 2018. Get to know the MS AI Platform and learn in live demos how Microsoft AI can move your business rocket forward quickly.


News & Communication

Take-up of collaboration tools a focus for Microsoft

In several key moves which may come as good news for administrators of enterprise social network collaboration platforms, Microsoft has chosen to add a free version of its Teams workplace communications tool, as well as boost cross-platform support for its popular Whiteboard app. Get in touch with WM Reply!

07.06.2018 / AWARD

News & Communication

Solidsoft Reply recognized as winner for 2018 Microsoft Health Partner of the Year

Solidsoft Reply today announced it has won the 2018 Microsoft Health Award. The company was honored among a global field of top Microsoft partners for demonstrating excellence in innovation and implementation of customer solutions based on Microsoft technology.


Best Practice

SAP on Azure

Many blue chip businesses have chosen to migrate their SAP workloads to Azure. Here we’ll set out the incredible benefits this will deliver. SAP is a powerful tool, but often an on-premises infrastructure is not suitable for hosting such workloads and will often cause major problems for the proprietary business. The solution is SAP on Azure.

26.06.2017 - 28.06.2017 / London


Integrate 2017

Solidsoft Reply takes part in Integrate 2017. The event, organised by BizTalk360, is the largest integration conference for those who work with Microsoft integration technologies.

16.05.2017 / Virtual Conference


Revolution Blockchain

Cluster Reply takes part in the virtual conference about „Revolution Blockchain“ , hosted by Microsoft on 16 May 2017 at 9-15h. At this conference Microsoft explains, why due to the Blockchain in many industries not one stone will be left upon another. Blockchain solutions promise secure transactions in finance, logistics, public administration and industry.

21.02.2017 / London


Increase customer value with the agility & scale of the cloud

Attend Solidsoft Reply's up-coming roundtable event at Microsoft’s London Headquarters, where we will explore how to improve the value you deliver to your customers.

Customer Experience

Case Study

Improving operational efficiency to provide a superior passenger experience for Gatwick Airport London

The airport's fixed size presents an ongoing challenge for London Gatwick’s Business Systems team as it looks to increase revenue and grow business. This is only achieved by making better use of existing resources. It's about making operations as efficient as possible, whilst still delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Improving operational efficiency to provide a superior passenger experience for Gatwick Airport London 0

28.09.2016 - 02.11.2016 / Cologne, Munich, Hamburg


Blockchain Business Summit 2016

Cluster Reply and Leadvise Reply in cooperation with Microsoft organize the Blockchain Business Summits 2016 at the Microsoft Offices in Cologne (28 Sep), Munich (6 Oct) and Hamburg (2 Nov), offering the opportunity to get in contact with leading Blockchain strategists, architects and developers and to discuss topics of individual interest.

Microsoft Technology Solutions

Case Study

Solidsoft Reply supports Glasswall Solutions Ltd in the development of an email gateway

By deploying Microsoft Technology Solutions in partnership with Solidsoft Reply, Glasswall's innovative cyber security solution gives typical customers ROI within four months while growing its business by 250% in year 1. Solidsoft Reply's collaborative approach and expert Microsoft knowledge has saved time, money and resources while delivering a service that keeps enterprise organisations safer, every day.​

Solidsoft Reply supports Glasswall Solutions Ltd in the development of an email gateway 0

19.04.2016 / Milan


Microsoft Forum 2016

Cluster Reply, the Reply Group company specialising in the development of solutions based on Microsoft technologies and Microsoft Gold Partner, takes part in Microsoft Forum 2016 with two speeches: "The Illumia case - Data Analytics Tools for CxO" and "From multi-channel loyalty card the assignment: Dynamics AX and CRM to the center of innovation in the Retail".

11.02.2016 / Turin


Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

Cluster Reply and Microsoft host an event to present a dynamic, collaborative and agile approach for sales within the Manufacturing market, based on the Dynamics CRM platform.

Largest Data Cube in Europe

Case Study

Reply implements Web Analytics for Otto with Microsoft

OTTO is redefining the idea of web analytics with the introduction of a high-performance, Microsoft-based BI solution. Cluster Reply is supporting the project by the OTTO divisions in the form of Europe’s greatest cube for the analysis of online purchasing behaviour and the optimisation of the range and campaigns. For the very first time, up-to-the-minute information can react to the high-volume online business.

What We Do

Solidsoft Reply specialise in developing tailored digital applications & clinical integrations for the healthcare & pharma industries using Microsoft’s Azure suite. The benefits of our award winning solutions has enabled our customers to be more efficient, increase medicines safety and provide better insight at the point of care.

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24.09.2014 / Beilngries


23rd CRM/BI Forum

Cluster Reply participates in the 23rd CRM/BI Symposium on 24 September 2014 in Hirschberg Castle, Beilngries.


News & Communication

Cluster Reply is nominated as one of Microsoft Dynamics' worldwide strategic partners

Cluster Reply has been nominated Microsoft Dynamics' strategic partner by Microsoft. This places Cluster Reply in the Microsoft Dynamics Inner Circle, a restricted group of highly-specialised international partners for Microsoft Dynamics technology.


Case Study

Activity Tracking for increased business efficiency

Activity Tracking is the application designed by Fiat Group Automobiles (FGA) and developed by Cluster Reply in order to manage events tracking mostly concerning requests for evolutive, corrective and support activities between the IT departments and the Client and/or the Help Desk teams managed by third parties.

10.03.2014 - 14.03.2014


CeBIT 2014

Reply will participate at the CeBIT, the biggest global event of the IT-industry, from 10 to 14 March 2014, in Hannover.



Manufacturing Innovation Summit 2014

Cluster Reply attends the Manufacturing Innovation Summit in Stuttgart on February 26, 2014. The Manufacturing Innovation Summit 2014 focuses on the interaction of customers of the high-tech, automobile and manufacturing industry.



Microsoft Symposium 2013

Cluster Reply joined Microsoft Symposium 2013, the event where market experts and influential actors of the new digital economy had dealt with the Digital Transformation. The event was held on 11 December 2013 in Milan.


Financial News

Reply S.p.A. acquires Solidsoft and strengthens its presence in UK

Reply S.p.A. strengthens its presence in UK through the purchase of 100% of the share capital of Solidsoft Ltd., a company specialised in the consultancy and development of Microsoft cloud architectures and solutions.


News & Communication

Cluster Reply wins Microsoft best Windows 8 Partner award

Cluster Reply, a Reply Group company specialising in consulting and systems integration services on Microsoft technologies, has won the Microsoft best Partner award for the skills and abilities demonstrated in the implementation of Desktop Deployment projects on Windows 8.



“Recognize – implement – realize“

Cluster Reply, together with Microsoft, invites you to an information event in the office of Microsoft in Munich-Unterschleißheim on October 29, 2013 with the topic: “Recognize – implement – realize“: Identify potentials in sales activities, take actions and elevate your potential together with your team!

24.09.2013 - 26.09.2013


CRM Expo 2013

Cluster Reply and Syskoplan Reply took part in the CRM Expo 2013, the leading Trade Fair for Customer Relationship Management, that was held in Stuttgart from 24 to 26 September 2013.

17.06.2013 - 19.06.2013


13th European TDWI Conference with BARC@TDWI Track

The 13th European TDWI Conference with BARC@TDWI Track takes place from 17-19 of June 2013 at the MOC in Munich. Cluster Reply presents the innovative BI 3.0 solution Panorama Necto at its Microsoft Partner booth (No 4.3). Visit our Demos at our booth or join the presentation of Ursula Kahan and Dr. Katja Mallmann "Towards an Analytics-Driven Enterprise" on June 19th, 2013.

10.04.2013 - 11.04.2013


Microsoft Synopsis

Cluster Reply is taking part as an exhibitor in the Microsoft Synopsis 2013 from 10 to 11 April in Darmstadt. The Microsoft Synopsis, where Microsoft Partners will present Consulting Services and Expert Customer Projects on Server and Cloud, will be held for the first time in Darmstadt.



Manufacturing Innovation Day

Cluster Reply is taking part in the Manufacturing Innovation Day, an event organized by Microsoft, on the 19 of March in Stuttgart.



Visio2013: simplify information

Cluster Reply, a Microsoft National System Integrator and Microsoft Certified Partner, in collaboration with Microsoft, organised a workshop for the presentation of Microsoft Visio Solution, with a look at the new 2013 version. The event was held on 13 March 2013 in Milan.

22.11.2012 - 23.11.2012


Microsoft Symposium 2012

Cluster Reply joined the Microsoft Symposium 2012 - Reimagine the InnovaTion, the event aimed at IT Managers of public and private organizations of medium and large sizes. The event was held in Peschiera Borromeo (MI) from 22 to 23 November 2012.

13.11.2012 - 14.11.2012


BARC-Conference Business Intelligence

Cluster Reply will take part in the BARC – Conference “Business Intelligence - Software for Reporting, Analysis and OLAP in direct comparison” taking place in Würzburg from 13 to 14 November 2012. A total of 19 exhibitors will present their business intelligence solutions in LIVE demos and will highlight the advantages of their own tools.


News & Communication

Microsoft and Cluster Reply back Hybrid Cloud to support flexible growth

A strategic partnership to guide Italian companies through a process of innovation in line with business priorities. At the Italian launch of Windows Server 2012, Microsoft and Cluster Reply announced an international partnership for Hybrid Cloud, so extending the existing relationship, which has seen the companies collaborate over many years to offer strategic consultancy and advanced technology solutions that meet the business needs of companies of all sizes and in all sectors.



From Virtualization to Hybrid Cloud - Windows Server 2012 launch event

Cluster Reply participated in the launch event of Windows Server 2012. Virtualization, Private Cloud and Hybrid Cloud were the principle issue discussed. The event, dedicated to CIO and IT manager of private and public organizations, was held in Milan on 20 September 2012.

16.05.2012 - 25.05.2012


Microsoft und SAP: DUET Enterprise – the best of both worlds

Reply Deutschland organizes on Wednesday 16 May and Friday 25 May the event Microsoft und SAP: DUET Enterprise – the best of both worlds together with SAP und Microsoft. With Duet Enterprise data from SAP Business Suite applications are usable in a Microsoft SharePoint environment and vice versa.

27.02.2012 - 29.02.2012


SQL Server Conference 2012

Microsoft is launching the next SQL Server Release in Germany. At the first German SQL Server Conference Microsoft will present the new SQL Server 2012 together with PASS. Reply Deutschland and Panorama Software present the BI Solution Necto for SQL 2012 at the SQL Server Conference in Cologne, Odysseum, Feb 27th-29th, 2012.

19.04.2011 - 21.04.2011


Microsoft SharePoint & Office Conference 2011

Cluster Reply took part in the Microsoft SharePoint & Office Conference 2011, an event dedicated to IT professionals, developers, site builders and decision makers to talk about SharePoint 2010 on premise, SharePoint Online and the Microsoft Office 365 products held from 19th to 21th April 2011 in Milan.


Reply on Cloud Computing with Microsoft

Within the new scenarios created by Cloud Computing, Cluster Reply’s mission is to build innovative solutions and value added services on Microsoft Technology.

09.03.2010 - 11.03.2010


Microsoft SharePoint & Office Conference 2010

Cluster Reply and TamTamy were present at the Microsoft Office Share Point & Conference 2010, took place in Milan from 9 to 11 March 2010, a unique opportunity to share a deep technical training dedicated to IT Professionals, Developers, Site Builders and Decision Makers who wish to increase their knowledge the upcoming versions.


Officine Panerai and Bitmama

Officine Panerai attends "Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève" making use of Microsoft Surface and supported by Bitmama
(Officine Panerai sceglie di affidarsi a Microsoft Surface e a Bitmama per partecipare al Salone dell’alta orologeria di Ginevra).

Best Practice

Microsoft Surface for interactive contact points

Reply knows how to support its clients during the whole planning and developing process of projects linked to innovative relationship modalities with a specific target: from the planning of communication strategies, to the development of single messages and contact tools, up to the system performance measurement.