Marketing Automation

08.03.2017 / Munich


Cluster Reply Summit 2017 – Autonomous Agents

On March 8, 2017, the Cluster Reply Summit 2017 "Autonomous Agents - the Future of Customer Interaction" takes place in Munich. In an exclusive round, Cluster Reply’s experts explain the latest developments to improve customer interaction with chatbot solutions in which autonomous agents actively communicate with customers.

Customer Experience

Case Study

Panasonic's Marketing Automation for a Hyperconnected World

Reply helped Panasonic in Europe to finalize the integration of Eloqua, the marketing automation tool in place with several source systems from Panasonic. Once the foundation of the solution was finalized, Reply worked together with Panasonic marketing team in Europe to better define the strategy of the Customer Experience. As a result, a Customer Journey has been designed and started to be implemented. Furthermore, Reply assist Panasonic Europe to run product and event campaigns in more than 20 countries.

Panasonic's Marketing Automation for a Hyperconnected World 0