Internet of Things


Axulus: Industrial IoT value scaling accelerator

AXULUS is Reply’s accelerator for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). It is based on a subscription model for users and partners and enables the to definition, design and development of industrial projects that continuously generate value at scale and speed.

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14.11.2019 / ITProPortal

Press Article

The digital twin in the smart factory

Vincent Ohana, Partner at Concept Reply delves into how modern technological concepts like the Digital Twin are driving digital transformation in the manufacturing sector. Find out about the untold opportunities available to those who can harness this exciting new technology.

Supply Chain

Case Study

Driving innovation with autonomous robots

Find out how Logistics Reply helped Nexive, one of the major players in parcel distribution in the Italian market, empower the sorting and shipment of over eight million parcels each year with its next generation supply chain execution platform LEA ReplyTM and the latest automation technology.


Case Study

Oracle ERP cloud solution for Bormioli Pharma
The project “Moving to the Cloud”

The main objective of the "Moving to the Cloud" Project, developed with Business Reply,is to enable Bormioli Pharma to advance the Digital Transformation Strategy path with the Oracle ERP cloud solution.

NetSuite OneWorld

Case Study

NetSuite OneWorld Manufacturing: efficient management of inventory for LAM Industries S.r.l.

Thanks to the NetSuite OneWorld ERP system and its vertical specialisation in manufacturing, Air Reply has developed for LAM Industries an integrated system capable of managing inventory, materials planning and production orders in a secure and efficient manner.

NetSuite OneWorld Manufacturing efficient management of inventory for LAM Industries S.r.l. 0

Best Practice

IAS/IFRS accounting standards: problems and solutions

The necessity to implement the IAS/IFRS standards results from the need to adopt clear rules at European Union level aimed at ensuring comparable and transparent financial information.

Best Practice

Click Reply™

The new frontier of the Supply Chain is to integrate end-to-end solutions, capable of bringing down barriers among suppliers, companies and end-customers, transforming the current models into real Collaborative Networks, where a correct design and implementation of Execution components is becoming more and more important.