IT Governance

23.04.2012 - 25.04.2012


Master Data Management Summit Europe 2012

Glue Reply took part in the Master Data Management Summit Europe 2012, Europe’s only co-located conference on MDM and Data Governance, from 23 to 25 April 2012 in London.

Glue Reply had its booth and held a speech titled "Bringing Master Data Management to life – A New Approach".

Best Practice

Data, Information and Business Intelligence

Glue Reply’s consulting practice covers all aspects of data, information and business intelligence architecture, organisation, governance and execution. The company’s consultants have completed numerous engagements in the retail, defence and telecoms sectors. Glue Reply understand how data issues impact on other domains within your organisation and will help you to identify these and resolve them, with practical help.


Case Study

AXA UK: SOA Approach & Roadmap

Glue Reply was engaged by AXA UK to support the definition of a SOA approach and roadmap. AXA UK wished to move to a SOA model in an incremental, iterative manner and therefore required from Glue Reply an incremental phased approach as they progressed towards SOA.
Glue Reply were engaged in the early stage of the project to provide an assessment of SOA maturity and a roadmap for achieving the required maturity.

AXA UK SOA Approach & Roadmap 0

18.05.2011 - 21.05.2011


IT Director's Forum 2011

Glue Reply joined the IT Director’s Forum 2011, the exclusive event taking place on board the luxury P&O Cruises liner, MV Aurora for 2 days and 3 nights sailing from Southampton to the Channel Islands from 18 to 21 May 2011.
The theme of this year edition was “Smart Working”, focusing on key business and strategy issues. The conferences highlighted the important aspects of the IT director’s role in a series of debates and featured round tables.

Best Practice

Enterprise Security

Improving or maintaining the enterprise security posture is a continuous process, that must be based on a robust, enterprise-level security architecture.

Reply has a wealth of experience in all of the fields needed to help you to move to a mature enterprise security posture and to operate your security more effectively.

Best Practice

Effective Enterprise Architecture Capability

Glue Reply can also help put in place the governance framework to ensure the EA is used effectively in the design of solutions that meet immediate business needs and enable agility and rapid response to business change.
Glue Reply works with its clients to help them on the journey to full EA capability and value realisation by establishing a pragmatic approach to EA best practice.

21.03.2011 - 23.03.2011


Master Data Management Summit Europe 2011

Glue Reply took part in the Master Data Management Summit Europe 2011, the Europe’s only co-located conferences on MDM and Data Governance, from 21 to 23 of March in London.

Best Practice

Data Centre of Excellence

A Data Centre of Excellence (CoE) can bring focus and coherence to the management of data across the extended enterprise. Glue Reply’s proven framework and method accelerate the implementation of a coherent set of services, encompassing all aspects of data management including, Data Architecture, Data Quality Management, Master Data Management and Data Migration.

Best Practice

Competency Centres & Centres of Excellence

The combination of a predefined framework and method, practical implementation experience, domain specific expertise and the ability to provide expert resources through implementation and transition means Glue Reply is well positioned to provide a comprehensive Competency Centre Development service.

Best Practice

Design Authority Method

Governance is of paramount importance to the successful delivery of business benefit. Glue Reply has a pre-packaged governance method, gDAM, which is focused on the realisation of a number of continuums.

Best Practice

Data Quality Management

Data underpins every strategic and operational business decision you make. If your data is wrong, then your decisions will be wrong. Glue Reply’s Data Quality Management locates anomalies in your data, decides which are worth fixing, follows through to ensure that they are fixed and monitors to keep it that way.

Best Practice

Data Governance Framework

The collection, organisation and exploitation of data is becoming an accepted method for gaining competitive advantage and commercial success. Data Governance seeks to define the behaviours of staff within an enterprise such that high quality data is acquired and exploited for the benefit of the staff and the objectives of the enterprise.

Best Practice

Business Change Management

The Glue Reply perspective on organisational change is one where strategic and operational change cycles are fully integrated and coordinated/managed through Portfolio Management and Governance frameworks. Programmes are part of a larger strategic change portfolio that is driven and enabled through the highest level of the business change cycle.

Best Practice

Security Method and Programme Architect’s Toolkit

Security architecture is a key area of overall enterprise architecture and of significant importance to organisations.