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12.02.2015 / Peschiera Borromeo (MI)


Microsoft Symposium 2015

Cluster Reply and Solidsoft Reply take part in the Microsoft Symposium 2015. The event is open just to a selected number of Executives of the largest Italian companies and is focussed on the Internet of Things​.


News & Communication

’i-Kandinsky’ is a new smartphone solution that creates an innovative and personalized experience for visitors to the Pisa Wassily Kandinsky exhibition

i-Kandinsky the solution developed by Reply for Giunti Arte in partnership with the Fondazione Palazzo Blu that allows who downloades it free of charge from Apple Store and Android Market, to have on his own smartphone the companion to the show that is much more than an ordinary guide. With i-Kandinsky, Giunti Arte has opened up a compelling new dimension to the exhibition and enabled visitors to ’customise’ their experience.


News & Communication

“HI SHOP” is the new contextual marketing application developed by Concept Reply, Reply’s research and development centre for the Internet of Things

HI SHOP is based on the technologies and components made available by HI REPLY, Reply’s platform for the Internet of Things. It delivers new multichannel shopping solutions via smartphones.