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Communication Valley Reply partners with the European Union

Communication Valley Reply has partnered with the European Union on a research project aimed at improving the security of the European digital ecosystem with the addition of an advanced and immediate user control process designed to prevent online fraud.

28.04.2016 / Milan


SAS Forum Milan 2016

Target Reply and Santer Reply take part in the SAS Forum Milan 2016, the forum organised by SAS in order to present the Analytics' power in many areas of application: from Customer Intelligence to Risk Management, from Fraud Management to Business Transformation.


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Communication Valley Reply is the "Top EMEA Partner of the year for 2010" of RSA, the security division of EMC2

During the recent RSA EMEA Partner Council held in Barcelona on October 4th and 5th, 2010, Communication Valley Reply, the Reply Group business unit specialising in managed security services, was awarded the prize for the best EMEA partner for 2010 by RSA, the security division of EMC2.

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Fraud Management

Reply can face the criminal activity aimed at stealing the user identity and its mimicking in order to steal information or defraud both the user and the company.

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Fraud Management. How to detect frauds and act against them before they occur

Reply provides innovative solutions for Fraud Management based on Business Rules Management Systems (BRMS). With a BRMS-based approach, organizations can analyze their own data in order to prevent and fight against fraud, ensuring the business profitability.

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Reply’s offer for business security

Reply has an integrated, consistent and complete offer to support its Clients in the development of suitable strategies and in the implementation of adequate solutions for the effective management of Business Security & Data Protection.

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Fraud Management. The Reply’s approach

The Communication Valley response to online frauds is carried out on two main aspects: anti-phishing to minimize the identity theft risk; transaction monitoring to block fraudulent activities with identity data obtained in an illegal way.

Communication Valley Reply

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Security Operation Center (SOC)

The Security Operation Center is the place where the trust relationship between Communication Valley Reply and Customer takes place. It is characterized by competences, updates, continuous training and experience.