23.03.2021 - 25.03.2021 / Live Event


Finovate Europe 2021

Data Reply participates in “Finovate Europe 2021”, a digital event dedicated to the Financial Services Industry. Register for the event now and meet our experts to discover the latest Fintech solutions!

Green Economy

Briefing Note

Sustainable Finance - Transitioning to a green economy

During 2019/2020, the UK and EU introduced multiple climate documents to embed sustainable finance into financial systems to assist in the transition to a climate-neutral economic area. The objective of this short paper is to summarise key current documents, followed by an overview of upcoming guidance.


White Paper

The New Normal: how Capital Markets can turn the Coronavirus threat into an opportunity

This unexpected crisis raises questions about the effectiveness and agility of banking models and existing risk management frameworks.


Climate Change

White Paper

Beyond Green Banking, Climate Change is changing Prudential Supervisory Expectations for Banks

Climate change is an important and growing trend for the financial sector. The rapidly developing supervisory, investor and customer expectations are presenting new challenges to the financial services sector. As a consequence of the changing risk profile, supervisors in the EU and UK are setting new expectations to ensure banks pro-actively manage their climate-related financial risk.



The Cloud and the future of finance

A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of co-authoring a short article on the adoption of the Cloud in Financial Services with Professor Nelson Phillips of the Imperial College Business School. We conducted several interviews with senior leaders in financial services about their experiences of moving to the Cloud. It turned out to be such a captivating journey that Nelson and I are planning to continue along this path and turn it into a much more comprehensive piece of research.


White Paper

A practical guide for independent directors, executives and heads of regulatory reporting

This Practical Guide will share insights regarding typical root causes for the issues raised by the ECB, the FCA and the PRA — as well as potential ways these issues can be addressed.

A practical guide for independent directors, executives and heads of regulatory reporting 0

04.12.2019 - 05.12.2019 / Frankfurt


Handelsblatt Annual Conference on Banking Technology 2019

Win the competition at the customer interface through Operational Excellence and Cloud - this is the motto of the 25th Handelsblatt Jahrestagung Banken-Technologie on 4 and 5 December 2019 in Frankfurt. Meet Blue Reply among the exhibitors.

29.05.2019 / finance derivative

Press Article

Caught between global economic trends and technology change

The financial services industry has been, and still is, in a process of transformation. The Reply Financial Services Outlook 2019 gives a 360° overview from Risk Management to Digital Transformation.

27.09.2018 / Luxembourg


Anacredit Workshop with ECB

Avantage Reply will be hosting a Anacredit Workshop with ECB in Luxembourg. The workshop will provide an opportunity to share the experience on Anacredit implementation for institutions, take a look at functional requirements and IT architecture and learn from industry practices and solutions.


White Paper

AnaCredit: Analytical Credit Dataset of the ECB - Implementation Challenges and Approaches

Availability of sufficiently granular and reliable data is a major priority of the Single Supervisory Mechanism (‘SSM’). To this end, the ECB is demanding additional and more granular reporting from banks under its supervisory remit by introducing its new reporting requirement: the Analytical Credit Dataset – also known as AnaCredit.

AnaCredit Analytical Credit Dataset of the ECB - Implementation Challenges and Approaches 0

Risk & Compliance

Briefing Note

EDTF guidelines for IFRS 9 impairment-related disclosures

In 2012, the Financial Stability Board set up the Enhanced Disclosure Task Force (”EDTF”), which focused on the quality, comparability and transparency of these disclosures, particularly those flowing from IFRS 9 and US GAAP changes in Expected Credit Loss (“ECL”) approaches. In December 2015, the EDTF issued detailed guidance, including templates, for the requirements relating to changes in disclosures under the IFRS's new ECL regime. 

Risk & Compliance

Briefing Note

The Leverage Ratio

'Leverage' means the relative size of an institution's assets, offbalance sheet obligations and contingent obligations to pay or to deliver or to provide collateral, including obligations from received funding, made commitments, derivatives or repurchase agreements, but excluding obligations which can only be enforced during the liquidation of an institution, compared to that institution's own funds.


Briefing Note

IFRS 9 - The novel paradigm for credit loss: implementation challenges and market updates

This publication offers valuable commentary from a broad spectrum of stakeholders including the standard setter, regulators and market participants. It targets C-Level Officers through the IFRS 9 Primer section, which outlines upcoming regulatory impacts and a case study. The remainder of the paper covers more technical topics and is appropriate for Accounting and Risk management staff.

IFRS 9 - The novel paradigm for credit loss implementation challenges and market updates 0

Financial Sector

Best Practice

Craft The Right Financial Services Strategy

Financial Institutions are facing a great number of challenges to be tackled at the same time. They have to operate with a new wave of regulations to strengthen their balance sheet structure, to beat the burden of a negative credit cycle and to deeply rethink their ‘go to market’ model.
Reply offers a 360 degrees of support in mission critical areas where relevant innovation is a must.



BtoB Business day

Reply Consulting participated in BtoB Business day, a unique opportunity for bringing together supply and demand as well as getting in touch with high-profile companies. The event was held in Monza on 12 March 2013.



Profitability and Advanced Costing models

Reply Consulting joined the seminar Profitability and Advanced Costing models organized by Club Finance at the CUOA Foundation, Villa Valmarana Morosini, Altavilla Vicentina (VI) on 20 February 2013.


News & Communication

Definio Reply – the Reply platform for Risk Management and Wealth Management

Reply [REY.MI], a leader in the design and implementation of solutions based on new communications channels and digital media, has made available the Definio Reply platform to enhance its offering to companies operating in the field of Finance.

Best Practice

Definio Reply Financial Platform

Definio Reply is a technological platform capable of directing the demands of management, analysis and reporting on portfolios of financial instruments (managed, administered and owned).

Best Practice

Definio Reply Wealth Management

Definio Reply offers a concrete and efficient response to increasingly pressing demands from the managed funds market, in terms of analytical tools and support for the management of customer relations and the delivery of financial consultancy services.

Best Practice

Definio Reply Risk Analyzer

Definio Reply Risk Analyzer has been created to process and develop new advanced models of evaluation of financial risks and, using these, to help investors formulate consistent risk management policies.

Best Practice

Definio Reply Backtesting

The Definio Reply platform can be used as a support tool for the implementation of the Backtesting process, understood as a methodology for measuring the predictive character of market risk evaluation models.

Case Study

Definio Reply Financial Platform for Fondaco SGR

Definio Reply is the platform used by Fondaco SGR to gather, calculate and verify data and financial measures for managed funds and management mandates.

Best Practice

Banking, Financial Services and Insurance - White Paper

The Reply Group cooperates with the main banking and insurance groups, as well as with the main financial companies (specialized in asset management, Private Banking, and consumer credit, etc.) in order to offer and develop complete solutions for performance enhancement, by combining the different business consulting, organization, process development, planning and technological development components.

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Corporate Finance

Within the Corporate Finance scope, the services offered by Reply mainly include activities related to ’due diligence’ and business plan drafting, applications /requests of businesses on the occasion of extraordinary transactions or in case of audits related to any value loss of business assets (impairment) linked to the introduction of the IFRS (International Financial Implementation Standards).