Enterprise Architecture & SOA

Cornwall Council

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Cornwall Council was looking to transform their IT capability after years of underutilisation. Glue Reply has helped drive this transformation, envisioning and architecting the creation of a modern, digitally-enabled organisation with technology at its heart.


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Enterprise Architecture Blueprint Management - Solutions for the IT sector

It’s clear that the world of technology is becoming critical to nearly all organisations, whilst it is changing at a pace never seen before. Should the CIO invest in sophisticated infrastructure when consumers are now carrying it around in their pockets, employees would prefer to use their own device and there is connectivity all around us?

Architecture Design

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Enterprise Architecture & Solution Design

Reply enterprise architecture has been created and continually developed to create a best practice capability based planning. Reply offers a range of solution architecture, IT system design and delivery services which will help you to ensure that all new projects and programmes remain in alignment with your business, IT, and Enterprise Architecture (EA) strategy.

Enterprise Architecture

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Capability Architecture: Connecting the Dots!

A capability based planning approach to driving IT delivery from business goals. It is not difficult to find instances of business and IT projects failing to achieve their goals. The reason (or is it excuse?) frequently cited is misalignment or disconnection to organisational strategy.

Architecture Enablement

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Reply helps John Lewis' IT move forward at pace

John Lewis relied on Reply to support them in identifying and implementing the new capabilities needed to support its growth strategy, following the newly defined roadmap and providing solution architecture support on the many subsequent IT projects.

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John Lewis


Case Study

Reply works with Sainsbury's to achieve the Holy Grail in Business Driven IT

Retail Reply has helped Sainsbury’s fully integrate its IT strategy with its business growth strategy. This is of huge significance, as it creates an ongoing process by which Sainsbury’s can make informed and accurate IT investment decisions that support and enable the company’s growth and future success.

Reply works with Sainsbury's to achieve the Holy Grail in Business Driven IT 0

Financial Services

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Enterprise Architecture for Financial Institutions

The explosive impact of Mobile, Social, Big Data and the Cloud as they pervade our daily lives is prompting a rethink of enterprise architectures. In the finance world, too, concepts like Digital Banking and Mobile Payments have been around for some time. But what does rethinking enterprise architectures for financial institutions mean?

13.05.2014 / London


The Public Sector Show 2014

Glue Reply will take part in The Public Sector Show 2014, the only event of its kind dedicated to showcasing how to improve service delivery, efficiency and value for money in the public sector, which will be held in London on 13 May 2014. This event is the best opportunity this year to discover and explore public sector innovation and best practice initiatives across key areas including, among others, ICT & Digital.

25.02.2014 - 26.02.2014


Integrated EA Conference 2014

Glue Reply will participate in Integrated EA Conference 2014, which will take place on 25 - 26th February at One Great George Street, London.
Now in its 7th year, Integrated EA is a conference on enterprise architecture in government, defence and the industries that support them. It is aimed at enterprise architects, systems engineers, CTOs and CIOs who want discuss ideas and stay up to date with progress on EA issues.



Public Cloud Solutions with Amazon Web Services

Storm Reply, in collaboration with Amazon Web Services, organised the event Public Cloud Solutions with Amazon Web Services. The event was held on 20 November 2012 in Milan. Storm Reply together with Amazon Web Services shared the experience and expertise they have developed in the application of the Cloud Computing paradigm.

06.03.2012 - 07.03.2012


Integrated EA Conference 2012

Glue Reply joined the Integrated EA Conference, on 1 and 2 March 2012 at One Great George Street in London.

The event was aimed at professional enterprise architects, systems engineers, CTOs and CIOs who seek to “discuss ideas, challenges and stay up to date with progress on EA issues”.

Best Practice

Can you see?

Glue Reply is a business consultancy that strives to help its clients achieve their future potential by developing solutions that often for the first time align IT capability with business goals. Many companies have no blueprint for the future, make decisions using inaccurate data and are constrained by their IT capability. We provide our clients with a clearly defined roadmap, one accurate view of reality and an agile, self sufficient organisation. Glue Reply works with organisations as diverse as Marks and Spencer, UK MOD and AXA UK.

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Data, Information and Business Intelligence

Glue Reply’s consulting practice covers all aspects of data, information and business intelligence architecture, organisation, governance and execution. The company’s consultants have completed numerous engagements in the retail, defence and telecoms sectors. Glue Reply understand how data issues impact on other domains within your organisation and will help you to identify these and resolve them, with practical help.

Architecture for retail

Case Study

Debenhams: Service infrastructure implementation

Glue Reply provided Debenhams with a future state architecture and technology infrastructure which has enabled them to incrementally grow the SOA technology capability using the Oracle Fusion platform. Glue Reply augmented the “out of the box” Fusion technology with its exception and audit management framework built upon both Oracle Service Bus and Oracle database.

Debenhams Service infrastructure implementation 0


Case Study

AXA UK: SOA Approach & Roadmap

Glue Reply was engaged by AXA UK to support the definition of a SOA approach and roadmap. AXA UK wished to move to a SOA model in an incremental, iterative manner and therefore required from Glue Reply an incremental phased approach as they progressed towards SOA.
Glue Reply were engaged in the early stage of the project to provide an assessment of SOA maturity and a roadmap for achieving the required maturity.

AXA UK SOA Approach & Roadmap 0

18.05.2011 - 21.05.2011


IT Director's Forum 2011

Glue Reply joined the IT Director’s Forum 2011, the exclusive event taking place on board the luxury P&O Cruises liner, MV Aurora for 2 days and 3 nights sailing from Southampton to the Channel Islands from 18 to 21 May 2011.
The theme of this year edition was “Smart Working”, focusing on key business and strategy issues. The conferences highlighted the important aspects of the IT director’s role in a series of debates and featured round tables.

Best Practice

Event Driven Business Architecture

So, if we accept that events happen; events drive business; and decisions drive value, how can we ensure that we respond to events in the most effective way to derive maximum value for the business?

The way companies respond to events is crucial – and it has a price tag.

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Enterprise Security

Improving or maintaining the enterprise security posture is a continuous process, that must be based on a robust, enterprise-level security architecture.

Reply has a wealth of experience in all of the fields needed to help you to move to a mature enterprise security posture and to operate your security more effectively.

Case Study

Cable & Wireless. Single product provisioning platform.

Cable & Wireless provides enterprise and carrier solutions to the largest users of telecoms services across the UK, US, continental Europe and Asia, and wholesale broadband services in the UK.

Glue Reply was engaged to support the architecture and design of a single provisioning IT platform.

Best Practice

Solution Design & Technology Delivery

Glue Reply’s Solution Design and Technology Delivery consulting practice can help the customers to maximise the value derived from their IT spend. Glue Reply consultants can help them to realise the enterprise class IT systems that enable high business performance.

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IT Excellence

A competency centre or centre of excellence is a highly effective way of implementing and sustaining specialist capabilities where a consistent, expert and value added service is required across enterprise boundaries.
Glue Reply has worked with organisations which want to introduce the concept as a means of helping them to manage the IT function more effectively, as well as with companies which have tried to ‘go it alone’ in setting up this capability, but have failed. Glue Reply consultants deliver benefit in both scenarios.

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Enterprise Architecture

The operating environments of businesses in all industries have always been in a state of evolution. Today, however, the pace of that change is increasing to meet the needs of the modern business world. Ensuring that IT is proactively responding to business change, whilst also driving technical innovation, is a challenge that faces every CIO and is one that Enterprise Architecture (EA) addresses.

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Mobile Computing Architecture

Glue Reply is always striving to bring the future to life for the clients. The Enterprise Architecture practice specialises in providing clients with a clear blueprint which maps out the future of their enterprise computing and aligns the goals of their business with the capabilities of IT systems and people.
Glue Reply has created a consulting practice to help UK clients investigate the potential of mobile computing as a means of improving their business and extending their reach!

01.03.2011 - 02.03.2011


Integrated EA Conference 2011

Glue Reply attended the Integrated EA Conference, on 1 and 2 March 2011 at One Great George Street in London.