Enterprise Architecture

Digital Transformation

Case Study

Helvetia Austria: more productivity through digitization

The Austrian Helvetia Versicherungen AG has extensively digitized their case processes. Whether by post, fax or e–mail - the upstream post scanning, electronic files and mailboxes enable identical processing regardless of media. The transformation was completed in a two-year project based on the Macros eWorkplace software. The special procedure followed by Helvetia for tendering and implementation is to be regarded as best practice.

Helvetia Austria more productivity through digitization 0

CRM for Finance

Case Study

"Enabling the order flow" at DEUTSCHE Börse

Implementation of marketing campaign management and stock exchange specific business partner structures; significant involvement in coordinating development and in realizing functional extensions and system integration have been realised by Reply.

10.04.2014 / Businesscomputingworld

Press Article

Agility Is Capability Architecture

This article, by Daren Ward, partner at Glue Reply explores how IT teams can better provide solutions to business requirements, where there is often a gap between what the business wants and what the business actually gets. The approach, known as capability-led architecture is all about identifying where existing business and technology systems could be exploited.

25.02.2014 - 26.02.2014


Integrated EA Conference 2014

Glue Reply will participate in Integrated EA Conference 2014, which will take place on 25 - 26th February at One Great George Street, London.
Now in its 7th year, Integrated EA is a conference on enterprise architecture in government, defence and the industries that support them. It is aimed at enterprise architects, systems engineers, CTOs and CIOs who want discuss ideas and stay up to date with progress on EA issues.

06.03.2012 - 07.03.2012


Integrated EA Conference 2012

Glue Reply joined the Integrated EA Conference, on 1 and 2 March 2012 at One Great George Street in London.

The event was aimed at professional enterprise architects, systems engineers, CTOs and CIOs who seek to “discuss ideas, challenges and stay up to date with progress on EA issues”.


Best Practice

xpressPSA: integrated planning processes for consumer goods manufacturers

Due to media discontinuity, consolidating single-item planning is time-consuming and difficult. Problems arise especially when marketing and business planning is coordinated because planning is generally done with different key figures and at varying levels of granularity.


Best Practice

xpressBPI: Business Process Integration

Mid-sized companies in particular often encounter the situation that for projects a tailor-made solution is completely unfeasible and would never meet budget.

As a rule, standard solutions developed for large companies are not suitable and too complex for SMEs. Department resources are only available for the projects to a limited extent.


Press Article

Driving Improvements in Defence Logistics

The UK MoD has embarked on a new approach to the delivery of end-to-end logistics information and processes across defence. The Logistics Network Enabled Capability Programme (Log NEC) is based on the assumption that in the future all elements of the military, together with the industrial and other partners upon which it relies, will be connected to a single coherent communications network.

Best Practice

Effective Enterprise Architecture Capability

Glue Reply can also help put in place the governance framework to ensure the EA is used effectively in the design of solutions that meet immediate business needs and enable agility and rapid response to business change.
Glue Reply works with its clients to help them on the journey to full EA capability and value realisation by establishing a pragmatic approach to EA best practice.

01.03.2011 - 02.03.2011


Integrated EA Conference 2011

Glue Reply attended the Integrated EA Conference, on 1 and 2 March 2011 at One Great George Street in London.

Best Practice

Xpress Reply: IT Solutions for the trade industry

Xpress Reply GmbH & Co. KG specialises in supporting customer centric processes in the B2C environment. It supports trade and mail order companies with the implementation of integrated software solutions for multi-channel business.

Case Study

HSE24: Home shopping company integrates its service processes with SAP CRM

Home Shopping Europe GmbH (HSE24) was Germany’s first TV shopping channel. Twelve years on, the Munich-based company offers both TV and Internet shopping services, broadcasting nationwide via cable and satellite on its own channel and reaching 40 million households in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. HSE24 implemented with the help of cm4 and syskoplan a new platform for service and sales processes to achieve an integrated view of the enterprise, manage high-performance call centers, services, and sales processes in real time and enable multichannel capabilities (Internet, telephone, fax).

Case Study

Multi-Brand CRM at Volkswagen Financial Services AG

Customer care with SAP® CRM and SAP NetWeaver™.

Case Study

Volkswagen Financial Services AG: Innovative platform for holistic customer relationship management

Driving Sales and Service by Integrating People, Information and Processes

Case Study

PUTTING THE CUSTOMER IN THE FRONT SEAT: VOLKSWAGEN drives customer satisfaction with SAP CRM implemented by syskoplan

Quality customer service means the many parts of Volkswagen need to collaborate and share information through an integrated application architecture. SAP CRM fits neatly into that concept.

Case Study

AUDI: Innovating the Customer Experience and amplifying the Return on Investment

Audi believed redefining the customer experience through Customer Relationship Management (CRM) would unlock customer retention.The company’s vision is to recast Audi’s face to the customer by creating a more holistic relationship among manufacturer, dealer and customer. The result: a premium ownership experience that boosts customer satisfaction and repurchase.

Case Study

Volkswagen Financial Services - Driving Sales and Service by integrating People, Information and Processes

Volkswagen Financial Services AG is Europe’s largest automobile financial services provider and a major consumer bank. The company needed to replace the customer facing process to provide full visibility of customer data. Volkswagen Financial Services chose SAP CRM, SAP NetWeaver and syskoplan for the integration.

Best Practice

Glue Reply - What we do at a glance

Glue Reply is a business consultancy that strives to help its clients achieve their future potential by developing solutions that often for the first time align IT capability with business goals.

27.09.2010 - 31.12.2010


Integrated EA Conference 2010

Integrated EA is a two-day enterprise architecture conference primarily focussed on government and defence but that also draws experiences from other industries.

Case Study

MoD Logistics - Transforming Logistics for Networked Enabled Capability

The vision for UK Defence Logistics is the transformation of the current complex web of processes and systems into a streamlined, optimised, agile and effective ‘end to end’ logistics support chain fully integrated with the front line and industry.

Best Practice

Data Management Assessment

Glue Reply has extensive experience of data management in both design and delivery of architectural solutions. As UK specialists in Enterprise Architecture we understand how data impacts on other domains of concern for clients in public and private sectors.

Best Practice

Data Governance Framework

The collection, organisation and exploitation of data is becoming an accepted method for gaining competitive advantage and commercial success. Data Governance seeks to define the behaviours of staff within an enterprise such that high quality data is acquired and exploited for the benefit of the staff and the objectives of the enterprise.

Best Practice

Business Change Management

The Glue Reply perspective on organisational change is one where strategic and operational change cycles are fully integrated and coordinated/managed through Portfolio Management and Governance frameworks. Programmes are part of a larger strategic change portfolio that is driven and enabled through the highest level of the business change cycle.

Case Study

Multinational Food Manufacturer. SOA & Integration Competency Centre.

Glue Reply was engaged by a multinational food manufacturer, who is widely known for cheese and chocolate products, to provide global integration services within the organisation’s Integration Competence Centre (ICC). The global ICC Services include application support, maintenance, small enhancements, and project engagements.

14.09.2009 - 15.09.2009


Gartner EA Summit

Glue Reply took part to the 2009 Gartner EA Summit in London on 14th and 15th September 2009.

08.06.2009 - 10.06.2009


EAC Enterprise Architecture Conference Europe 2009

Glue Reply was present at the EAC Enterprise Architecture Conference Europe 2009 and there to meet and discuss EA consultancy services from 8 to 10 June 2009 in London.



Service Oriented Architecture Conference 2009

On 12 March 2009 in London, Glue Reply participated to the IDC Service Oriented Architecture Conference 2009, an occasion that enabled end users to make knowledgeable decisions about where and when to use SOA.