Pay-per-View System

Case Study

Reply realizes the Pay-per-View management systems for Mediaset Premium’s Digital Terrestrial

Reply worked with Mediaset’s Systems Management to develop the application processes, to create the Pay-per-View systems and the integration architectures on the Digital Terrestrial platform.

CRM for Broadcasters

Case Study

Mediaset Premium: the evolution toward a customer-centric model

Reply is one of the the main IT partners of Mediaset for the Premium initiative and is accompanying the growth of new business by contributing to the definition and fulfillment of the plan for the implementation and development of systems to support business.

Mediaset Premium the evolution toward a customer-centric model 0

Case Study

The Infobus project

A leading Italian mobile telephony operator entrusted Sytel Reply with the task of planning and developing an EAI solution able to integrate some best-of-breed technologies and constitute the IT application integration infrastructure.

Best Practice

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) - Reply's skills in multi-channel architectures

Thanks to its experience in the planning of multi-channel architectures, Reply supports clients in the development of a customized solution, extracting the functions that need to be delivered, on the basis of the client’s specific requirements and business strategies.

Case Study

Reply supports Mediaset in the development of Premium offer toward a customer-centric model

Reply supports Mediaset in the introduction of a new model of business and relationship with the customer.

Case Study

Business-Support Information Systems: the Better platform

Lottomatica Italia is one of the major lottery operators worldwide and is the leader in the gaming sector.With the Better project, Lottomatica intends becoming the major player in the betting market in the near future. Through the Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition, Reply has created a Business Intelligence and Datawarehouse system fed through an Enterprise Service Bus.

Case Study

Carabinieri Department Cultural Heritage Supervision: the Leonardo Project

To meet the complex needs of the Carabinieri Department Cultural Heritage Supervision, Technology Reply proposed a solution with a logical and software architecture based on a new computer system called "Leonardo", which introduces new emerging technologies to allow real-time interaction with the database through cutting-edge equipment.

Case Study

Amplifon: optimization of sales network performances through full integration of business

Updating and simplifying integration procedures through the various available platforms; guaranteeing the maximum reliability of communications between the headquarters and the stores; using a solution that is capable of ensuring an openminded approach towards partners.

Best Practice

SOA in the Telco sector

Sytel Reply is able to provide a complete offer, which is the result of its in-depth knowledge of products, technologies, standards and experiences acquired in the Telco sector.

Best Practice

SOA: more than an architectural scenario

The net upgrade needs a services based model. Reply leverages the spread of such architectures, and supports the enterprises in the implementation of service-oriented architectures.

Best Practice

EAI Architecture software and business integration: methodologies and tools

SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) is an architectural approach that makes it possible to “encapsulate” business functionality at a high level in a discrete set of technologically and topologically independent (loosely-coupled) software component, accessible using defined standard interfaces and standard communication protocols.


SOA At Work - Fiat Sava

The reuse of business services can reduce the effort for the design and development of new applications in a consistent functional domain.

Case Study

Leonardo project

With Technology Reply’s help, the General Command of the Italian Carabineer Force launched a process to upgrade, potentiate and enhance the information systems used by Carabinieri Department Cultural Heritage Supervision (Leonardo system), to support processes of investigation and planning of interventions and safeguarding works of art.


News & Communication

Technology Reply wins the Oracle Partner Network (OPN) Innovation Award with its "Leonardo" project

Technology Reply, the Reply Group’s company specialized in Oracle technology, has received the prestigious OPN (Oracle Partner Network) Innovation Awards EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) in Dubai for its "Leonardo" project, developed for the Carabinieri Department Cultural Heritage Supervision (Comando Carabinieri Tutela Patrimonio Culturale, CCTPC).


News & Communication

Reply realizes the Pay-per-View management systems for Mediaset Premium's Digital Terrestrial

Reply worked with Mediaset's Systems Management to develop the application processes, to create the Pay-per-View systems and the integration architectures on the Digital Terrestrial platform.

Case Study

The adoption of a SOA model for SAVA's services

The primary finance holding for car purchase in Italy belongs to the Fidis Retail Group and is present also in Europe -France, Germany, Holland, England, Spain, Greece, Polland, Denmark, Austria and Switzerland-.

Case Study

Process Orchestration to optimize the data and messages exchange

The customer is the European leader in the field of multimedia telephone directories, its success relies on a database constantly updated and upgraded with the newest information, integrated communication and research tools.


News & Communication

Reply awards the tender for the development of the information system used by the Comando Carabinieri Tutela del Patrimonio Culturale

Reply awarded contract for the updating of the information system currently used by the Comando Carabinieri Tutela Patrimonio Culturale (Italian military police’s cultural heritage protection unit) during investigations and planning of activities to safeguard works of art

Case Study

Enterprise Application Integration for Telecom Operators

Fulfilling an EAI project to support Telecom Operators core processes have the main objective to define a reference and integrate structure, by creating a middleware infrastructure that integrates custom application systems (make) and market application systems (buy) with a technical solution, that is congruent with the technology and architecture choices, that by now are mostly made at central level and then applied across all the international subsidiaries.