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Case Study

1000 Dealers and a Single Digital Programme

The challenge faced by the FCA Group with the Dealer Digital Programme is that of transforming the relationship between the dealer and the end user, utilising digital channels as a lead generation tool.

Immersive Experience

Best Practice

Immersive Experience Area

The Reply Center for next generation Immersive Experiences. You will find a whole set of Extended Reality (XR) tools and use cases, covering Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR) experiences.

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News & Communication

Reply – Digital Experience companies are the new number one in the BVDW Internet Agency Ranking

For the sixth year in a row, the Reply - Digital Experience companies have grown successfully and, for the first time, have achieved the top ranking in the current Internet Agency Ranking of the Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft e.V. (BVDW).

Digital Experience

Best Practice

Human Centered Creativity and Technology Innovation

The aim of the Reply - Digital Experience companies is to provide sustainable Customer Experiences. From end-to-end customer engagement to commerce solutions, the companies of the Reply Group offer a complete range of digital services. Transformation consulting, CRM and service design are further focal points of the services.

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Digital Commerce

Best Practice

The next Business Transformation

Data-driven experimentation is the key to more
growth in digital commerce. Portaltech Reply
knows why testing in the digital age is so

Experimentation The next Business Transformation 0



Omnichannel: the way to go for the B2C retail sector

Four tips on how you can offer your customers the perfect customer experience in a multimodal retail world - Or how I have been trying to buy a new armchair for a year now, but in the end only have an increasing amount of new shoes.

Omnichannel the way to go for the B2C retail sector 0

21.06.2018 / digital experience

News & Communication

Reply creates a Digital App for Costa Crociere

Ready to launch, Costa App is the new smartphone app that combines the magic of Costa Crociere’s cruises, with an unprecedented digital customer journey. The project is the result of a convergence of the creative, management and technological know-how of specialised Reply network companies and the strategic direction of the Costa Crociere digital team.

Human Centered Design The biggest obstacle to customer centricity is your organizational culture 0

Conversational Systems

Best Practice

Human Centered Design: The biggest obstacle to customer centricity is your organizational culture

With the current hype on customer centricity going strong, a lot of companies are asking Reply to help them turn their product and service development towards a more human centered one.

Digital Experience

Case Study

Global Market Research Portal for GfK

Triplesense Reply developed a portal for market research company GfK with special microsites: including Nation Brands Index, TEMAX Report, Connected Consumer Index, GfK Datalab.

3D Digital Experience

Case Study

Protocube Reply creates Poltrona Frau’s new Digital Experience

Protocube Reply has created for Poltrona Frau an innovative 3D configuration platform that makes it possible to customise the icons and new collections offered by the renowned brand through a User Experience based on the most advanced level of realism.

The international digital strategy 0

13.03.2017 / Nivea Q10Plus

News & Communication

The international digital strategy

Bitmama’s skills in the field of social networks reach an international level with anti-wrinkle NIVEA Q10Plus’s global strategy.

3D Printing

Best Practice

Streamlining processes with integrated 3D solutions in an Industrie 4.0 environment

Protocube Reply, a Reply Group company that develops integrated 3D solutions, is a 3D platform whose services enable customers to optimise industrial processes and to provide effective and innovative communication, design and architecture solutions. Protocube Reply explains how to optimise processes using integrated 3D solutions in an Industrie 4.0-ready company.


Best Practice

Chatbot for Automotive

Reply supports customers in the automotive industry by implementing ChatBot applications for Car Configurators, After Sales Services and Customer Interaction Center Support.

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Best Practice

CIC Chatbot

Cluster Reply supports automotive companies in enhancing the customer service experience by the development of chatbot solutions that are connected with CRM and CIC systems and can seamlessly interact with call center agents. Automotive companies benefit from chatbots as cost-effective way to reduce call center times, increase customer satisfaction and create upselling potential.

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Future happens!

What is innovation? How does a new tech trend start? Can you predict the future by looking at the present? With a new year beginning, it’s the perfect time to discover the future together.

01.02.2017 / Bochum


Car Symposium 2017

Reply will participate in the 17th International CAR Symposium on 1 February 2017. The 1,200 top managers and decision-makers attending the symposium have made it a top-tier meeting place in the automotive industry.​

Digital Experience

Case Study

Nutella B-ready’s social media content under Bitmama’s creative control

Ferrero has chosen to entrust Bitmama with the creation of content on its social media channels for the Nutella B-Ready​ product, as part of Nutella’s 2016-2017 strategic communication plan.

Nutella B-ready’s social media content under Bitmama’s creative control 0

Multi-country eCommerce

Case Study

Multi-client, multilingual E-Commerce

Erwin Müller (EM) Group is a global B2B mail order provider of hotel and catering supplies. To meet increased demands in terms of reliability, functionalities, scalability and mobile shopping, EM Group planned a fundamental change of the shop systems and their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. Portaltech Reply accompanied EM Group in this process as technical implementation and consulting partner. With Pulsiva the first brand has already been launched successfully on Shopware basis.

Multi-client, multilingual E-Commerce 0

14.09.2016 - 15.09.2016 / Cologne


dmexco 2016

Profondo Reply and Portaltech Reply participate in dmexco, the world’s leading exposition and conference on digital marketing, taking place in Cologne on 14 – 15 September 2016.

Case Study

B2B platform for KAO, a leading provider of beauty care products worldwide

KAO Germany, the world's leading provider of haircare and cosmetics products, implemented with Triplesense Reply a mobile-optimised B2B portal for the two salon-exclusive haircare brands of Goldwell and KMS California.

KAO Portal

28.07.2016 / MyCustomer

Press Article

Omnichannel and the evolving role of bricks-and-mortar

What role does the bricks-and-mortar shop still play, in a retail sector seemingly enslaved to expectant, impatient consumers who can buy any product online and have it delivered to their doorstep within a couple of days? Jason Stanard, Partner at Retail Reply, explains that the overwhelming majority of shopping experiences include at least one digital element – the phone. Even if a retailer doesn’t have a digital screen in-store, it’s still par​t of an omnichannel shopping experience​.​


News & Communication

Reply strengthens its leadership in the 3D Digital Experience and Additive Manufacturing realms through the acquisition of Protocube.

Reply is strengthening its European presence in the Digital Experience and Industry 4.0 realms, with the acquisition of Protocube, a company specialising in highly innovative content in the 3D technologies field.


News & Communication

Reply’s digital experience takes a step forward with xister

Reply ​is strengthening its presence in the digital experience space with the acquisition of xister, digital creative agency and leader in consulting and in the development of digital branding strategies and solutions.

20.06.2016 / Digital Experience

News & Communication

Reply strengthens its leading position in Digital Experience and Data Driven Marketing through the acquisition of trommsdorff + drüner

Reply has strengthens its presence in Germany through the purchase of 100% of the share capital of trommsdorff + drüner, innovation + marketing consultants GmbH (td). td is a leading international business consultancy for Data-driven innovation and marketing.



Integrating a 3D development platform into company processes enables every stage to be optimised: from the concept to its prototyping, thanks to a 3D configurator equipped with the necessary tools to connect the work of everyone involved. 3D technologies also enable the limitations of mass production to be overcome once and for all in favour of Mass Customisation. The 3D Printer makes Mass Customisation sustainable in terms of production "on demand", without the constraints of economies of scale. ​Welcome to the Industry 4.0 era.


Case Study


A 3D configurator designed to make the e-commerce experience more innovative.

Using the latest technologies to simulate and render fabrics in 3D has enabled Lanieri to break through the realism barrier, and provide its online customers with a perfect preview of the personalised shirt.​



Case Study


The tradition and innovation of the Alfa Romeo brand in a unique gadget.

Creating the merchandising for an exclusive event, the launch of the new Alfa Romeo​ at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, turned out to be a true experience of digital craftsmanship. ​The synergy between a range of different 3D technologies meant that a limited edition of bracelets and pendants could be created and produced with complete freedom.



Case Study


Collaboration with BasicNet enabled the optimisation of all the prototyping processes related to Mass Customisation.

​The custom versions of the Superga 2750 are the result of 360 degree consulting aimed at automating the creative stages of personalisation. From the digital 3D model, through the rendering stage, to the 3D Printer at very high resolution, it provides a perfect preview of the prototype for evaluation.

SUPERGA 2750 0

Digital User Engagement

Case Study

Stellar” results for mobile application in support of the Esselunga Star Wars promotion

The digital “life force” of Esselunga’s recent promotional success, the Star Wars Rollinz app was developed thanks to the creative and technological support offered by Forge Reply, the Reply Group company specialising in gaming and digital user engagement services.

Stellar” results for mobile application in support of the Esselunga Star Wars promotion 0

25.04.2016 / Digital Experience

News & Communication

BVDW Internet Agency Ranking 2016: “Reply – Digital Experience” companies climb to the top 10

In the internet agency ranking of the BVDW the Reply - Digital Experience companies in Germany reach 5th place and are now among the top 10 in the industry. In the year 2015 the companies generated a fee income of EUR 49.8 million. The Digital Experience specialists also took 1st place in the sub-ranking Services / Information / Platform and the 8th place in eCommerce.

Design Thinking

Best Practice

Smart Park

Smart Park is the innovation h​ub set up by Spark Reply, the Reply Group company that focuses on the design of innovative services leveraging on digital experiences and exploiting the potential of the Design Thinking approach.



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VR, the time is now 0

VR, the time is now

It can be virtual, immersive, augmented, mixed, but is it going to be a reality? This time the Reply R20 journey is dedicated to one of the hottest trend around, Virtual Reality, with the tons of new devices and applications developed and ready to face the consumer market.

The time is now, follow us.

01.04.2016 / Digital Experience

News & Communication

Open Reply develops the Bitesize mobile app

Open Reply​, the Reply Group digital Customer Experience agency in UK that uses design and technology to create better, more profitable customer journeys for its clients’ brand, has developed the new Bitesize app for the BBC to complement the hugely popular Bitesize website.

Immersive Experience

Best Practice

Area 360: The Reply Center for Augmented & Virtual Reality

The leading center for augmented and virtual reality – where dedicated technologies are tested and innovative solutions are designed in support of business. From the creation of 3D virtual reality applications to the production of multimedia content, a wide range of solutions and services designed to meet specific customer needs.


R20 Logo

Home, Tech Home

There's no place like home in the world, they say, and the digital revolution is affecting even the simple daily life under the roof.

From interior design to the energy bill passing through the green behaviors, follow us in this Reply’s R20 issue dedicated to the technology that is filling your house.

12.04.2016 - 17.04.2016 / Milan


Reply Smart Park

Reply is actively involved in the Tortona Design Week with its own innovative project entitled Reply Smart Park. Reply Smart Park, thanks to a creative journey built on Design Thinking, is an accelerator of ideas and imagination.

10.03.2016 / Digital Experience

News & Communication

Emotion and Innovation: Alfa Romeo selects Reply as 2016 Partner

Reply consolidates its relationship with the FCA Group, securing a technological, strategic and creative partnership with Alfa Romeo EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), and confirms its position in the Digital Experience global market with the creation of an International Team, coordinated by Associate Partner Niccolò Magnani and Reply Creative Director Francesco Milanesio.

Emotion and Innovation Alfa Romeo selects Reply as 2016 Partner 0

06.06.2016 / Hamburg


relaunch Konferenz

Open Reply participates in the relaunch Konferenz taking place in Hamburg on June 6th, 2016.

14.03.2016 - 18.03.2016 / Hanover


CeBIT 2016 – Digital Marketing & Experience Arena

Profondo Reply participates in the CeBIT 2016 Digital Marketing & Experience Arena, which takes place in Hanover from 14th-18th March 2016.

01.03.2016 - 02.03.2016 / München


CMCX Conference 2016

Triplesense Reply and thyssenkrupp Elevator present their jointly developed story telling paltform URBAN HUB at the CMCX Conference taking place in Munich from 1-2 March 2016.

18.03.2016 / Hanover


CeBIT Digital Marketing & Experience Arena 2016

At CeBIT 2016, on March 18th, in the Digital Marketing & Experience Arena conference, Open Reply talks about the comprehensive changes for marketing driven by digital transformation.

R20 Logo

The talent quest

Millennials and the Generation Z are no longer going to find their jobs in a traditional way. They’re living a different world. Today. And by living it, they’re shaping their future work places.

Join us in this R20 edition of the future of hiring.

Retail Transformation

Best Practice


We’ve never lived in a more exciting era for shopping than we do right now. The combination of better experiences, personalised needs being met, and retailers disrupting the traditional retailer-consumer contract, means that retailers that embrace new ideas and business models with relish, rather than fear and intractability, will be best placed to succeed in the future​.


23.02.2016 / Augmented Reality

News & Communication

Forge Reply partners with Daikin for the Daikin YEAR app

Forge Reply has partnered with Daikin for the development and launch of Daikin YEAR app, an augmented reality calendar that facilitates seamless interaction with its users throughout the year.

09.02.2016 / Digital Experience

News & Communication

Triplesense Reply: New Digital Experience for GfK

New customer for Triplesense Reply: the market research company GfK from Nuremberg commissions the Frankfurt-based experts for digital experience. The first result of this cooperation is the new, global Gf​K website.

22.02.2016 - 24.02.2016 / Wien


etailment Vienna 2016

Open Reply takes part in etailment taking place in Vienna from 22nd - 24th February 2016.

11.02.2016 / Hamburg


Digital Media Conference 2016

Open Reply attends the Digital Media Conference, taking place in Hamburg on 11th February 2016.