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30.11.2021 - 27.01.2022 / Webinar Series



Reply relies on innovative technologies, data-driven insights and hands-on creativity to create a compelling digital experience that involves brands, customers and employees alike. In these sessions with the Reply Digital Experience Experts, you can get exciting insights and practical examples in direct exchange with digital leaders and experience enthusiasts.


News & Communication

Reply Creative Challenge 2021: with an idea developed for easyJet, a team of young students from Politecnico of Milan wins the competition

With the project “easyDream”, team Watermelon won the 2021 edition of the Creative Challenge, the largest team-based competition in Europe for students and young creatives and part of the Reply Challenges program.

CRM & Customer Experience

Best Practice

CRM and CX with Reply

Reply's approach to the CX journey is based on a “symphony orchestra” which ensures that every element is connected and optimised – from the CX architecture, to digital design and UX. This approach allows Reply to understand, design and implement complex CRM and Customer Experience solutions.

Reply is a Leader in 2021 Magic Quadrant for CRM and Customer Experience Implementation Services Worldwide

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Best Practice


Thanks to the extensive experience acquired in the B2C field, with the development of popular video games, as well as in the B2B domain, with the creation of learning software strongly specialised in the XR field, Infinity Reply designs and develops advergames and interactive 3D applications that integrate augmented and virtual reality, leveraging the latest technologies to create innovative digital experiences.





The goal of this research is to share some insights into how marketers are tackling the different challenges coming from Coronavirus and the strategies they are using to thrive.

An overview on the growing dominance of Big Tech, the market response to MarTech, the importance of Data and Ethics



Case Study

Positioning the health insurance company AOK Bayern as a crisis-proof partner

Elbkind Reply designed a digital education campaign on the subject of the Coronavirus for AOK Bayern. The campaign positions the health insurance company as a reliable source of vital information about COVID-19 for the Bavarian region.


Case Study

Martech and big data: Vodafone strengthens omnichannel for B2B

Vodafone Business Italia has, thanks to Reply’s consultancy, implemented the use of martech solutions by introducing the application of data science methodologies to adopt machine learning and artificial intelligence models with the aim of better understanding its customers and optimising journeys.


Case Study

WINDTRE Business is partnering with its Sales Network to boost B2B marketing

A digital sales network dedicated to business telephony services, enhanced by lead generation tools and customized online advertising campaigns: this was the project carried out by the Business division of WINDTRE in collaboration with Like Reply, a Reply group company specialized in Data-Driven Digital Marketing.


Case Study

Costa Crociere: personalised digital experiences to attract new customers by retaining the customer base

Today, Costa Crociere, thanks to the technical consultancy of Aktive Reply - the Reply Group company specialized in design, development and implementation of Digital Experience Management solutions - is able to manage all websites in 13 different languages in the 19 markets in which it operates - as well as a proprietary app and various interactive monitors on board the Costa Smeralda flagship.


Case Study

An analytic platform combining data science and marketing intelligence processes for BMW

Thanks to the support of TD Reply, BMW Group has created an interactive dashboard that incorporates insights serving diverse purposes: from measuring and understanding BMW’s digital brand and product perception, to observing and identifying relevant trending topics, and monitoring the brand’s channel, campaign and touchpoint performances.


Case Study

ECB, The cricket goes social: a winning marketing campaign with the Facebook Conversion API

Thanks to Threepipe Reply support - the Reply Group’s UK brand-performance agency with specialists across data, search, media, PR, creative and technology - ECB has recently started a new project in order to adapt the brand to Facebook’s new tool ‘The Conversion API’.

Digital Experience

News & Communication


The Event’s Way communication agency and Infinity Reply joined Toyota, the official car company of the famous 2020 Giro d’Italia cycling grand tour, in the launch of the new Toyota Yaris Hybrid, entertaining users for the various stages of the race. Infinity Reply developed two advergames to support the initiative: Find the right key, an advergame that allowed users to potentially win prizes on the spot, and Drive safe, a racing game designed to present the features of the new Toyota Yaris Hybrid to users, in a non-intrusive way. To play and win the gadgets, users had to provide certain pieces of personal data or to book a test drive.

Digital Experience

Best Practice

Number one in Digital Experience

Based on the renowned Internet Agency Ranking of the German Association for the Digital Economy (BVDW) Reply - Digital Experience is the largest company group for the third time in a row. Providing full-service in the field of Digital Experience Reply was able to provide the right answers to the complex questions of this time and help brands to adapt quickly to the new normal and remain truly relevant to their customers.

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Case Study


Xister Reply engaged users by leveraging on what they love the most: music. For the “Extra Match” activity, Xister Reply involved a few Italian singers and asked them to share their passion for music by making a cover of the other’s song. In the meantime, famous DJs were entertaining younger fans through live DJ sets on Instagram.

Lifestyle App

Case Study

The new Pam Experience

As one of the biggest German influencers in the field of fitness, health and beauty, Pamela Reif wants to make contact with her fans as genuinely and intimately as possible – and independently from the algorithms of the social media feeds. In collaboration with Open Reply she has found the right way to achieve this: with a dedicated app that allows fans and followers to interact with Pamela exclusively.

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customer-centric design

Case Study

Sweet experiences on every screen

Krispy Kreme is reaching a bigger audience than ever by bringing joy to every step along the customer journey. Sagepath Reply developed a plan to align with each business stakeholder and progressing with a collaborative and iterative process to define and develop a digital ecosystem with a fun, easy-to-use path to purchase.

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user experience

Case Study

Navigating a smoother user experience

The new online destination for MarineMax, the nation’s largest publicly traded recreational boat and yacht retailer, created a hub to unite people through a shared love of the boating lifestyle. Leveraging Sitecore, Sagepath Reply focused on creating a more engaging experience that simplified the selection process through enhanced search tools.

Digital Experience


Leader in Digital Experience services

Reply is one of the leading full-service providers of Digital Experience Services (DXS), according to the first-ever industry survey of “Digital Experience Services providers in Germany” by the market research company Lünendonk.

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Best Practice

post-pandemic marketing: towards new automation strategies

While there are still many important open questions about the Covid-19 pandemic, it is clear human behaviours have changed extraordinarily. In a time when some countries are trying to ease the restrictions, while being fully aware that new waves of the virus might occur, Brands are questioning how to re-establish interrupted relationships with customers in this perceived new normal.

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Restart your Business

Best Practice

Reshape customer experiences for the new normal

Now is the time to redefine your Customer Experience by designing new products and services to be distributed across all channels, with communication plans that are aligned with the business after a challenge like COVID-19.

Digital Branding

White Paper

How to future-proof brands in times of crisis - and beyond

A crisis brings many questions. But where are the answers? 5 (timeless) actions for successful communication that go beyond the obvious.

We do not know all the answers. Instead, we want to help companies prepare their brands for a time after this (or the next) crisis, regardless of how customers or society might change.

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Digital Marketing


The Customer Experience Conductor

Pure communication specialists clear the desk for tech-savvy customer experience conductors. Along the customer journey they orchestrate communication and experiences across all touchpoints and offer the customer an all-embracing experience with a brand, product or service – customer-centric, data-based and supported by tools that employ machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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Case Study

XME Dindi Intesa Sanpaolo

The new electronic piggy bank to teach children the value of money and savings. In the educational toy culture, XME dindi offers a game-based experience to actively inspire children’s education. Three Reply Group companies partnered with Quercetti, a leading manufacturer of Made in Turin educational toys, to design XME dindi.

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Case Study

1000 Dealers and a Single Digital Programme

The challenge faced by the FCA Group with the Dealer Digital Programme is that of transforming the relationship between the dealer and the end user, utilising digital channels as a lead generation tool.