Data Mining

22.05.2018 - 24.05.2018 / London


Strata Data Conference 2018

Data Reply takes part in the Strata Data Conference in London, with a speech presenting a case study from the automotive industry.

Best Practice

Financial Services - Customer Insight

The objective of Customer Insight is to acquire, develop and retain customers using data and information from a customer’s dealings with the organisation to offer the ‘right’ products and services at the most appropriate time. Expert knowledge is required to develop and support a Customer Insight programme. Greymatters Reply has extensive expertise in this area and also partners with specialist providers of applications and systems that support these initiatives.

Best Practice

Marketing Value Management: process and methodology optimization

How can IT and marketing departments jointly increase business productivity and strengthen high-value areas? The response lies in a strategic approach involving an integrated vision of all activities related to analysis, evaluation, planning and budgeting of marketing.

Best Practice

Business Intelligence - intelligent and effective management of data and processes

The intelligent and effective management of data and processes is a strategic factor of crucial importance which enables to drive and control each single business area: from Sales to Customer Care, from Marketing to Production.

Case Study

A supply chain intelligence system to monitor and control distribution times and costs

For a large enterprise operating in the Automotive industry Technology Reply has implemented a new Business Intelligence system aimed at monitoring the Key Performance Indicators of the Logistics area.