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Bocconi University collaboration with Reply Communities of Practices on Business Process Management

Reply has started a collaboration with Bocconi University of Milan: the Company supports the students of the Business Process Management course (coordinated by professor F. Pennarola) to analyze real case studies related to innovation issues that are relevant to Reply.

Pay-per-View System

Case Study

Reply realizes the Pay-per-View management systems for Mediaset Premium’s Digital Terrestrial

Reply worked with Mediaset’s Systems Management to develop the application processes, to create the Pay-per-View systems and the integration architectures on the Digital Terrestrial platform.

Case Study

A procurement hub for Basf from Reply Consulting

Reply Consulting has been engaged to support Basf Italy in designing the organizational and operating model of the Procurement Hub Italy. The project, that was divided into 3 phases - As-Is Assessment, To-Be Model Design and Definition of the Roadmap - allowed Basf to design and implement the Procurement Hub Italy in accordance with the Company’s Group guidelines.

Best Practice

SMART SELLER: Reply’s solution for negotiated offers

Reply has developed SMART SELLER, a software solution based on Oracle and Java technologies designed to support sales campaigns for both gas and electricity suppliers, with a single or dualoffer approach. Energy suppliers can integrate this solution into their existing systems easily so providing their internal sales force or external sales agents with a powerful and secure tool that supports sales campaign planning and tracking.

Best Practice

Reply Smart Grid

Over the last hundred years, utility companies have had to send workers out to gather much of the data needed by them to provide electricity. These workers would read meters, look for broken equipment and measure voltage. Most of the devices used to deliver electricity have not yet been automated and computerised. Today, thanks to ‘smart grids’, utilities can use computer-based remote control and automation to carry out tasks from the power plants and wind farms right through to the electricity consumers in homes and businesses.

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Project Management, People Management, Business Management

Companies need to be vigilant in choosing which project managers to share their plans and aspirations with.

Choosing project managers wisely allows companies to build their next generation of leaders.

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Can you see?

Glue Reply is a business consultancy that strives to help its clients achieve their future potential by developing solutions that often for the first time align IT capability with business goals. Many companies have no blueprint for the future, make decisions using inaccurate data and are constrained by their IT capability. We provide our clients with a clearly defined roadmap, one accurate view of reality and an agile, self sufficient organisation. Glue Reply works with organisations as diverse as Marks and Spencer, UK MOD and AXA UK.

Architecture for retail

Case Study

Debenhams: Service infrastructure implementation

Glue Reply provided Debenhams with a future state architecture and technology infrastructure which has enabled them to incrementally grow the SOA technology capability using the Oracle Fusion platform. Glue Reply augmented the “out of the box” Fusion technology with its exception and audit management framework built upon both Oracle Service Bus and Oracle database.

Debenhams Service infrastructure implementation 0

Best Practice

Event Driven Business Architecture

So, if we accept that events happen; events drive business; and decisions drive value, how can we ensure that we respond to events in the most effective way to derive maximum value for the business?

The way companies respond to events is crucial – and it has a price tag.

Case Study

Cable & Wireless. Single product provisioning platform.

Cable & Wireless provides enterprise and carrier solutions to the largest users of telecoms services across the UK, US, continental Europe and Asia, and wholesale broadband services in the UK.

Glue Reply was engaged to support the architecture and design of a single provisioning IT platform.

Best Practice

Process and Systems Transformation in the Financial Services sector

The financial services sector is emerging from the most significant economic crisis in recent history. In a changed environment financial institutions are starting to take stock of the new challenges and opportunities and are looking beyond survival towards targeted and strategic growth. Greymatters Reply has been able to develop a robust approach to demonstrate the benefits of change whilst also being able to document and assess the potential risks.

Best Practice

Solution Design & Technology Delivery

Glue Reply’s Solution Design and Technology Delivery consulting practice can help the customers to maximise the value derived from their IT spend. Glue Reply consultants can help them to realise the enterprise class IT systems that enable high business performance.


Business Process & Data Management

Work smarter by removing inefficiencies in the processes of your organisation as these will all feed through to the bottom line KPIs. Sytel Reply UK always assist its clients to maximise their RoI by monetising their current system investments and resources as effectively as possible.



Management Control Forum 2010

Reply Consulting, attended the 1st Management Control Forum organized by ANDAF and IPSOA Scuola di formazione, held at the BPM Convention Center in Milan the 18th of November.

Best Practice

Business Change Management

The Glue Reply perspective on organisational change is one where strategic and operational change cycles are fully integrated and coordinated/managed through Portfolio Management and Governance frameworks. Programmes are part of a larger strategic change portfolio that is driven and enabled through the highest level of the business change cycle.

Case Study

Multichannel solutions for Findomestic: BPM and SOA

Blue Reply introduced a thorough evolution of the existing information systems within Findomestic, by developing a multi-channel architectural solution, based on the SOA model, which gives the business process a central role.

Best Practice

SOA, Service Oriented Architecture

Thanks to its experience in the planning of multi-channel architectures, Reply supports clients in the development of a customized solution, extracting the functions that need to be delivered, on the basis of the client’s specific requirements and business strategies.

Best Practice

Shared Services Centre

A Shared Services Centre available for various company functions, such as Finance and Administration, ICT and HR, is the business solution adopted by Groups or enterprises operating in many business areas and/or markets; with a Shared Service Centre companies can effectively manage processes in support to the core business, deploy strategic actions aimed at creating value for the stakeholders and reducing structural costs.

Best Practice

Marketing Resource Management (MRM)

Reply Consulting has gained significant experiences in projects related to business case building, process optimization, Marketing planning and budgeting. Reply Consulting can moreover boast in-depth expertise in data analysis and modeling applied to marketing topics.

Case Study

Amadori downstream traceability for frozen package food

This project implements a different approach by adopting the Oracle BPM methodology used in developing the Oracle AIA (Application Integration Architecture) framework to analyse its real advantages and disadvantages, starting from the basic principles of BPM and reviewing it in a more business oriented way.

Case Study

SOA in Support of Business: S.E.M. Sistema Editoriale Multimediale (Multimedia Editorial System)

The main aim of the project developed by Technology Reply was to replace the previous Editorial Sistems of Seat Pagine Gialle, used to produce advertising on paper-based media, onLine and onVoice, with a new integrated editorial system that would maximize efficiency by sharing and fully reusing editorial contents and that would be capable of guaranteeing further developments in terms of effective support for new business scenarios.

Best Practice

ERP Assessment, Audit, Optimization

By combining the competence of processes typical for business consultancy with a in-depth knowledge about the major ERP systems available on the market, Reply provides customers with the best-of-breed mix to ensure a more effective use of ERP systems and an easier execution of the core business processes.

Best Practice

Risk Management Services

Corporate Governance and Risk Management are therefore cross-company elements that contribute to improving strategic capacities and operation performance.

Case Study

Amplifon: optimization of sales network performances through full integration of business

Updating and simplifying integration procedures through the various available platforms; guaranteeing the maximum reliability of communications between the headquarters and the stores; using a solution that is capable of ensuring an openminded approach towards partners.