Business Intelligence & Data Services

08.06.2016 - 09.06.2016 / Bonn


DOAG Business Intelligence 2016

Riverland Reply participates in the DOAG BI 2016 taking place in Bonn, 8th-9th June 2016.

Business Intelligence

Best Practice

Goal-oriented Planning and Management

The global environment and digital transformation are putting established industries under increasing pressure. Maintaining competitiveness requires an acceleration of processes at all levels as well as a general increase in innovative potential. Of fundamental importance, however, is the securing of effective processes and applications for managing and planning in an environment marked by exponentially increasing volumes of data and information.

Consumption-based Approach

Best Practice

The valuation of data as an asset

There is a case to argue that if companies managed their finances as badly as they manage their data, they would probably be out of business by now. Data used to be confined within firewalls and systems but in the digital age, it is ’happening’ everywhere.

In this world of ’Big Data’, having the right data available at the right time is crucial; and it is an imperative that has moved far beyond the remit of IT alone.

CRM and BI for Banks

Case Study

DAB Bank focuses on optimization in the CRM and BI upgrade

Especially in banking, BI solutions are important management tools that enable decision making and the preparation of marketing campaigns based on facts. DAB Bank chose Riverland Reply for upgrading Siebel Customer Relationship Management (Siebel CRM) with Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) as well as to integrate Oracle Business Intelligence 11g (OBI).

Best Practice

Total Data™

Data is everywhere, it proliferates everything in the modern enterprise. Yet the treatment of data can be far from consistent. Big Data has been little more than the characterisation of a particular problem type with a number of point solutions to quite specific problems.

03.12.2012 - 05.12.2012


UK Oracle User Group Annual Conference

Technology Reply took part in the UKOUG 2012, the UK’s largest independent Oracle Technology & E-Business Suite conference. The event was held from 3rd to 5th December 2012 in Birmingham.

05.11.2012 - 07.11.2012


Data Management & Information Quality Conference Europe 2012

Glue Reply took part in the co-located conferences Data Management & Information Quality Conference Europe 2012 and Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence Conference Europe 2012. The event was held in London from 5 to 7 November 2012.



SAS Forum Italy 2012

Target Reply and Santer Reply took part in the SAS Forum Italia 2012, the Italian forum on Business Intelligence and Business Analytics, which was held in Milan on 17 April 2012.

Best Practice

Using unstructured data as an annotation of structured to improve retieval, interpretation and reuse

The ability to communicate efficiently and effectively across the extended enterprise has led to great advances in the way we conduct business. Information can be shared almost instantaneously with colleagues in distant locations and can be compiled and collated from a wide variety of sources to provide a detailed analysis of operations, markets and opportunities. Approaches such as Business Intelligence and Data Mining allow us to monitor the performance of organisations and infer fresh insight from stores of operational data and information. Despite these advances, however, there is a fundamental flaw in the way we store and retrieve information; one which is preventing organisations from gaining as much value as they could from the data they hold.

Best Practice

The rise and rise of Data empire: How to prevent the Fall!

Data ‘happens’. It used to be confined within our firewalls and systems but now it is ‘happening’ everywhere. Data is ubiquitous, but not glorious. It is a small word with big ramifications; the visible tip of a sprawling, submerged iceberg. It is an area which has been complicated in the past by too many words and unhelpful definitions. Data management has always been problematical, but if it was difficult before, it is perceived as nigh on impossible now. Most organisations are in a mess with data and no amount of bottom-up initiatives in data governance, data management, regulatory compliance or information exploitation are going to fix this. Yet, at the end of the day, data is a corporate asset. Why not adopt a simpler approach and treat it like any other corporate asset?

Best Practice

Big data -it’s just data, isn’t it?

The whole point of data is to form the basis for decision making. In business, decisions are instrumental in achieving the business goals. Managing data is a ‘big’ problem; but does giving it the new ‘big data’ name help today’s CIO to understand and deal with it? Or does it obfuscate an already complex area?

Best Practice

Data, Information and Business Intelligence

Glue Reply’s consulting practice covers all aspects of data, information and business intelligence architecture, organisation, governance and execution. The company’s consultants have completed numerous engagements in the retail, defence and telecoms sectors. Glue Reply understand how data issues impact on other domains within your organisation and will help you to identify these and resolve them, with practical help.

Best Practice

Exalab - Oracle Exadata in action

Reply Exalab is a laboratory where you can see the Oracle Exadata Database Machine and the Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud in action! This is a demonstrator of the Oracle ExaCloud with preinstalled best practice applications for Telco, Retail and Finance sectors. Reply Exalab is available for Proof of Concepts and benchmarks in order to evaluate the real benefits of performance, reliability and manageability of bespoke or highly customized legacy applications. The combination of Exadata and Exalogic is the landmark for Exacloud, Oracle’s response to the demands of 21th century data center.

Best Practice

Technology Reply - Oracle Platinum Partner

Technology Reply is a Reply Company specialising in the design, implementation and management of custom-built solutions based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), using Oracle technologies (DB Technologies, Middleware). For us, Partnership excellence means not only obtaining Platinum Level certification but also an in-depth knowledge of Oracle Technology.

Best Practice

Exalab is the first skills centre in Italy arising from the partnership between Technology Reply and Oracle, for supporting the Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud.Both belong to the Enterprise category of the Oracle family of products for the consolidation of grids and private clouds..


Data Foundation

Data is the key to business advantage and should therefore be viewed and managed as a corporate asset.

10.11.2011 - 11.11.2011


Oracle Enterprise Innovation Days 2011

Business Reply, Oracle Platinum Partner, and Reply Consulting joined the annual event Oracle dedicates to Clients, leveraging the power of innovation for competitive advantage. The two-day event took place in Bologna, on 10 and 11 October 2011.



MicroStrategy Business Intelligence Symposium 2011

Target Reply took part in the Symposium in Rome and had a dedicated booth, where its Business Intelligence offering and solutions were presented. The event was in Rome, on 20 October 2011.


News & Communication

syskoplan Partners with Panorama for Joint Go-to-Market BI Strategy in Germany

syskoplan AG, a Reply’s Group company specializing in the development and implementation of innovative IT solutions based on adaptable and agile IT platforms, announced it is the preferred German market partner of Panorama Software and is one of the first to launch Necto, Panorama’s latest socially-enabled Business Intelligence (BI) solution, in the European region. With this new partnership syskoplan AG, Gold certified Microsoft Partner in several categories, strengthens its wide range of Microsoft BI solutions.



SAS Forum Italia 2011

Reply participated in the SAS Forum Italia 2011, the Italian forum on Business Intelligence and Business Analytics, which was held in Milan on 17 May 2011.


Business Intelligence & Analytics as a Service

Common analytic applications include the study of data using statistical analysis techniques in order to reveal and understand historical models intended to predict and improve future performance.Target Reply can provide integration with SaaS/Cloud architecture to enable the data extraction from client’s remote operating systems, the conversion of extracted information and the population of the data model, uploaded to structures suitable to user reporting and analysis.


Analytics as a Service for the Financial Sector

Owing to the growing complexity of financial markets in recent years, it is essential that specialist investment companies equip themselves with powerful and flexible technological tools overseeing data management, organisation and analysis. Definio Reply is a technological platform capable of directing the demands relative to the management, analysis and reporting of financial instrument portfolios. Definio Reply SaaS is a web hosted portfolio analytical tool that wraps sophisticated functions.


News & Communication

Exalab inauguration, the first skills centre in Italy for the Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud

Technology Reply, a Reply Group company specialising in Oracle technologies, inaugurates Exalab, the first skills centre in Italy for Oracle Exadata Database Machine, and Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud solutions, the Enterprise category of the Oracle product family for the consolidation of grids and private clouds.