04.12.2018 - 05.12.2018 / Frankfurt


Banking as a Platform - Reply at the Annual Banking Technology Forum

Blue Reply and Avantage Reply are exhibiting at the 24. Handelsblatt Jahrestagung Banken-Technologie in Frankfurt from 4 to 5 December 2018. Learn more about Banking as a Platform - technology and ecosystems for the banks' digital initiatives.




Blue Reply, the Reply group company specialising in the design and implementation of solutions based on IBM Technologies, offers an operational model for open banking based on APIs and cybersecurity – aspects that place the focus on cloud-native architectural paradigms.


Best Practice

How to integrate Blockchain into your Change-the-Bank strategy

Blockchain triggers a disruption that resembles the development of the Internet. Blockchain could revolutionise how contracts are concluded, how bank transactions are processed, how rights (copyrights, etc.) are managed or how day books are handled.

06.07.2016 - 07.07.2016 / Bonn


SAP-Forum for Banks and Insurer 2016

Syskoplan Reply and Triplesense Reply participate in the SAP-Forum for Banks and Insurer 2016, which takes place on 6-7 July 2016 in Bonn.

07.04.2016 - 08.04.2016 / Rome


Dimensione Cliente 2016

Reply takes part in Dimensione Cliente, the ABI institutional event on Retail dedicated to the relationship between the Bank and the Retail Customer, now in its tenth edition. Reply holds the speech "Millenials and Banks: “disintermediation” risk or incentive to innovate the sector?".

04.02.2016 / FX-MM

Press Article

Blockchain: Transforming correspondent banking

Blockchain technology’s potential in changing the banking processes has created a dilemma for financial institutions uncertain of how best to use the exciting new technology. The article is focusing on the aspects that will be positively affected by the adoption of the Blockchain technology. The feature displays the voice of the most prominent experts of the field, including Fausto Jori, Partner at e*finance consulting Reply​.​

R20 Logo

Blockchain, from Bitcoins and beyond

This time our 20-links story starts in a mysterious way in 2008, with a research paper written by Satoshi Nakamoto, a pseudonymous for an unknown person (or a group of) dedicated to a "purely peer-to-peer version of electronic cash", AKA the Bitcoins.

07.11.2015 - 08.11.2015 / Milan


Appathon 2015

Reply supports UniCredit for Appathon 2015, a 24 hour hackathon dedicated to App Developer, a Web Designer or a Marketing Specialist with the aim of developing a mobile app for financial services. The event is held on November 7th-8th, 2015 at the UniCredit Pavilion in Milan.

07.10.2015 - 08.10.2015 / Mainz


SAP-Forum for Banks

Syskoplan Reply and Xuccess Reply participate in the SAP-Forum for Banks, taking place on 7th - 8th October 2015 in the Rheingoldhalle in Mainz. The focus of this year’s event lies on Digitalization of Banking as well as Regulations & Compliance.

R20 Logo

Banks in Millennials' age

Do you know it? Millennials prefer to go to the dentist for a root canal then entering in a bank. That’s why Reply organizes the Student Bank Clash, an idea generation challenge for students from Bocconi and Politecnico di Milano universities at the annual Reply Xchange event on June 17th.

So let’s go deep in this field, banks are probably the industry most likely to be transformed by Millennials.

14.04.2015 / Milan


How to write a malware: a practical tutorial for Executives on how to attack your Bank

Communication Valley Reply organizes the event "How to write a malware: a practical tutorial for Executives on how to attack your Bank" focused on the Cyber Security topic in the financial sector, with the collaboration of the Politecnico di Milano. The event will take place at the new Reply's Cyber Security Command Center in Milan.

09.04.2015 - 10.04.2015 / Rome


Dimensione Cliente 2015

Reply will be taking part in the IX edition of Dimensione Cliente, the event dedicated to the relationship between Bank and Retail Client.

R20 Logo

The future of payments

R20, edition number 3, September 2014. Back from the summer holidays, this edition is dedicated to the future of payments: cryptocurrencies, peer-to-peer banking and in-store purchases.

Let’s start with the services that support web transactions and purchases. Are you ready?

Banking System Solidity

Briefing Note

Capital adequacy, cost of the risk and profitability: during a crisis, a real puzzle for Banks

Source: Avantage Reply Observatory
Following the burst of the real estate bubble on the US sub-prime lending market and following the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers, the worst economic crisis since 80 years has now passed through, and in some cases overcome, different stages, both from a real and from a financial point of view. In such a context, the banking industry is still facing several and complex challenges.

08.04.2014 - 09.04.2014 / Rome


Dimensione Cliente 2014

Reply participated in Dimensione Cliente 2014, the retail banking event organised by ABI eventi, from 8 to 9 April 2014 in Rome.

18.03.2014 - 19.03.2014


ABI Lab Forum 2014

Reply took part in the 10th edition of the ABI Lab Forum, an opportunity for banks and companies to meet and discuss the role of ICT in the banking sector. The event was held from 18 to 19 March 2014 in Milan.



"Garante 2" measure: the Data Protection Authority’s clarifications

Spike Reply organised, in collaboration with IBM and with the participation of Gabriele Faggioli (Lawyer and Adjunct Professor at MIP-Politecnico di Milano), a workshop titled "Garante 2" measure: the Data Protection Authority’s clarifications. Provisions on the subject of traceability of banking operations. The event was held in Milan on 25 September 2013.



Forum Banca 2013

Blue Reply and Iriscube Reply took part in Forum Banca 2013, an event dedicated to presenting systems, solutions and technologies for Banks and Financial Institutions. The event was held on 24 September 2013 in Milan.

03.04.2013 / Amsterdam


Avantage Reply Systemic Risk Breakfast Session

Avantage Reply together with the Dutch Banking Association (NVB) organised a knowledge sharing breakfast session on Systemic Risk on 3 April 2013 in Amsterdam.

10.04.2013 - 11.04.2013


Dimensione Cliente 2013

Reply participated in the retail banking event organised by ABI eventi, from 10 to 11 April 2013 in Rome.

27.03.2013 - 28.03.2013


ABI Lab Forum 2013

Reply took part in the 9th edition of the ABI Lab Forum, the event where banks and companies received detailed information on the role of ICT in the banking sector, that was held in from 27 to 28 March 2013 in Milan.

26.06.2012 - 27.06.2012


Basilea 3 2012

Avantage Reply attended the annual event organised by ABIEventi focused on the themes of Basel 3 which was held in Rome from 26 to 27 June 2012.



Private Banking

e*finance consulting Reply participated in the conference organised by AziendaBanca and in collaboration with AIPB. The event was held in Milan on 30 May 2012.

11.04.2012 - 12.04.2012


Dimensione Cliente 2012

e*finance consulting Reply participated in the retail banking event organised by ABI eventi, from 11 to 12 April 2012 in Rome.

28.03.2012 - 29.03.2012


ABI Lab Forum 2012

e*finance consulting Reply took part in the 8th edition of the ABI Lab Forum, the event where banks and companies received detailed information on the role of ICT in the banking sector. The conference was held in Milan from 28 to 29 March 2012.

01.12.2011 - 02.12.2011


Credit Processes of the Future - 2011

Reply will participate in the event dedicated to integrated solutions, optimised credit processes and streamlined credit handling, that will be in Düsseldorf from 1 to 2 December 2011.

07.12.2011 - 08.12.2011


17th Handelsblatt Annual Conference: Banking Technology 2011

Reply will take part in the Banking Technology Conference in Frankfurt am Main from 7 to 8 December 2011. The event is taking place for the 17th time and provides the setting for a dialogue of experts about challenges and opportunities for the year ahead.



Banking Forum 2011

Aktive Reply joined the Banking Forum, the event dedicated to the new technological solutions for banking management e to the innovation of commercial process and business models. The event took place in Milan on 27 September 2011.

23.03.2010 - 24.03.2010


ABI Lab 2010

Reply participated at the 6th edition of the ABI Lab Forum, which took place in  Milan on 23 and 24 March. The event was dedicated to the topics concerning the role of ICT in the banking field.


News & Communication

Definio Reply – the Reply platform for Risk Management and Wealth Management

Reply [REY.MI], a leader in the design and implementation of solutions based on new communications channels and digital media, has made available the Definio Reply platform to enhance its offering to companies operating in the field of Finance.

Best Practice

Definio Reply Financial Platform

Definio Reply is a technological platform capable of directing the demands of management, analysis and reporting on portfolios of financial instruments (managed, administered and owned).

Best Practice

Definio Reply Wealth Management

Definio Reply offers a concrete and efficient response to increasingly pressing demands from the managed funds market, in terms of analytical tools and support for the management of customer relations and the delivery of financial consultancy services.

Best Practice

Definio Reply Risk Analyzer

Definio Reply Risk Analyzer has been created to process and develop new advanced models of evaluation of financial risks and, using these, to help investors formulate consistent risk management policies.

Best Practice

Definio Reply Backtesting

The Definio Reply platform can be used as a support tool for the implementation of the Backtesting process, understood as a methodology for measuring the predictive character of market risk evaluation models.

Case Study

Definio Reply Financial Platform for Fondaco SGR

Definio Reply is the platform used by Fondaco SGR to gather, calculate and verify data and financial measures for managed funds and management mandates.

Case Study

Data Warehouse and analysis to drive business choice in banking industry

In 9 months, Technology Reply created a Data Warehouse solution for an important foreign bank. The solution represents a single source of integrated information, aimed at guiding the Bank’s analytical and operational processes (reporting).



Predictive Banking 2006

Reply was present at the event promoted by SPSS, that took place on 11 April 2006 in Milan.

Best Practice

Basel II - An evolutionary model based on Services Oriented Architectures

Reply proposes strategic approaches based on services oriented architectures to optimize the business logic through process automation and system integration, aiming to aggregate services provided by heterogeneous applications that do not match with the employed technologies and platforms.

Case Study

Customer communication infrastructures in the financial service sector

The use of telephone as a channel for customers to access banking and financial services spreaded during the "new economy" hype.