Microsoft Azure

Case Study

Delivering integration using Microsoft Azure

With investment in frontline patient care as the primary objective for NHS Property Services, a change in mind-set was necessary, and executing a robust digital transformation strategy was vital to improve services and accelerate business growth.

Delivering integration using Microsoft Azure 0

Best Practice

The extension of SOA paradigms

A SOA Web 2.0 based project is not only a technology issue, but also a matter of approach and methodology. Reply is able of supporting customer through all the SOA lifecycle.

Best Practice

Innovation in Assembly - A new architecture is rising

The transition from a construction-based era to an era based on the assembly of software components along with the concept of mashup of feed and/or external services, leads to a substantial re-consideration of the notion of portal, which is no longer a content publication tool but an aggregator of accessible information and services via a Rich Client interface capable of making the most of the potential of tools such as wikies and blogs.